what should women be allowed to do without being judged?

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  1. What an insane country the US is at times.

  2. She has a point, it's a community, act like you're in one. If it is inside the door, sure, your domain. Do what the fuck you want.

  3. If the child wasn't there, I'd have tried to get a consensus that everyone put their phones away and that the door be locked. Just for five minutes.

  4. Judy Garland says, "Get the fuck over the rainbow girl!"

  5. What a beautiful dinosaur. Stunning. "Hi" right back at you Beaker!

  6. Stupid is stupid does. Probably haven't got a fucking clue as to why that's inappropriate.

  7. Say "What" one more time. I DOUBLE dare you.

  8. Just the name, come on. Fried Bank Man. Well, that and dissolved. In a vat. Whole thing is a joke but deadly serious for those who lost money. This is why exchanges are absolute bullshit, they are totally against the entire ethos, philosophy of what BTC -- for example -- is. What a POS he is. Hime and our Korean POS. Two POS together. Same old. Same old.

  9. LocalBitcoins to buy. Ledger to be my own bank.

  10. Does localbitcoins offer deposits/withdrawals directly to and from your bank account? Thanks for your comment.

  11. Behavior like this is a lot more prevalent in poorer neighborhoods, and usually the poorer neighborhoods have a high percentage of their population being black, because, well, USA.

  12. The guy was WORKING! And they do that? POS. Ruining a couples special day as well. WTF. Man, Phfffff.

  13. Where's the adult stepping up/in to instruct this idiot to be taking that off or covering it up if anywhere near children or outside?

  14. "Hi, thanks for the note, but I am hitched."

  15. But, hey WTF. Leave the cops doing their job out of it.

  16. With more turbulence than ever, stay buckled up when not needing the washroom a bit of a stretch.

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