1. Shouldn’t this make your job easier? Especially since you already have a platform, audience and you know how to work (hopefully) the Adobe suite? How has this broken you? You should be right by the finish line of a marathon as it’s just starting! You have a leg up on EVERYONE. Shit, I wish I knew Adobe better. I’m not trying to be a hater but I think you need to change your outlook.

  2. I'm going to be completely honest, After using this program for a few minutes, the only job many of us will have will be to edit what this program churns out because that's how I would use it for my own purposes. While the tool isn't perfect it gets you 90% of the way there.

  3. For now, I see only prices drop. I cannot compete with guys who make AI illustrations for almost free... I have to live from sth. I am alone, have no family, and have to earn money to survive. Of course, I learn AI and I am following it all, but I cannot get any job lately somehow. I am seriously thinking about ending this all, I am exhausted. Well - maybe because I was really hit by the Covid situation and the war in Ukraine... I was before earning decent money and then after those things, I started again from the beginning, climbing slowly. But now I am broken, I spent my savings long ago, and now I am heavy in debt, I am working so hard, no free day ever. And I am broken financially. This is so fucking sad.

  4. I know art is a passion, of mine as well, however I had to switch careers into something lucrative and I've switched so many times...4 is really not too much. You seem young at heart, I'm in my 40s and my significant other who is 61was a book designer by trade who is now customer support at a golf resort. He has worked DOZENS of jobs to stay alive and he doesn't think anything of it. He grieves like anyone else, but he is happy. He does it to stay alive because life is filled with so much fun!

  5. These posts always attract the worst people. Those that think China is some kind of socialist Utopia who start screaming about "the West", and those who think China is a communist dictatorship.

  6. Crazy begets crazy, especially when you have a crazy person screaming the CCP is killing children left and right.

  7. Agreed, this notion that China is the "good guys" is such a sickening left wing take that only exists because of the sheer anti-american stance of leftists, which is understandable but China is only minimally better than America and in some areas they are still worse, too.

  8. China is as much a good/bad guy as America is. Which frankly isn't saying much.

  9. This isn't a minority rights issue. It might be if the religious exception issue was taken up, but that question wasn't granted cert.

  10. Right... but who's forcing who here? As far as I know, this is an imaginary problem, at least for the graphic design industry, created only for publicity.

  11. China is not paradise but it's not hell either, sans those who lived there during Quarantine. That is an arguable forced hell from what I heard from insiders and that should have been handled so much better.

  12. I've been sexually harassed by a classmate in compsci and have had a slew of inappropriate comments and questions from do you have a younger sister, to your boyfriend must be lucky you can work on computers. I've had misogynistic borderline views in the workplace as well but I stopped keeping track.

  13. As a former graphic designer/illustrator who had to jump into programming it took me about 100-200 applications before I found interviews and people who wanted to hire me.

  14. Not sure if it's related, but as a customer I can't even buy something from their store and take advantage of their coupon offer. Shopping cart is totally messed up.

  15. Apply to a larger company like Apple or Goldman Sachs who is mandating a return to office. Your managers will love you and you will thrive in those corporate situations. There are many companies like that so you will find an opportunity if you look hard enough.

  16. Lucky! I'd be tempted to completely buy it out but would save some if there were more than 2

  17. Can confirm didn't shrink just more expensive. My area is almost 16 :*(

  18. Is it me or do cotton candy grapes taste like watery grapes after eating a few?

  19. They absolutely do but if you freeze them your taste buds don't acclimate in the same way. Give it a try!

  20. Actually this is how I prefer my fried rice, sans one pea.

  21. This. I go to the mom and pop's korean store where I live and buy their legit tteokbokki sauce, rice cakes and fish cakes. So much better.

  22. A customer not an employee but seriously I almost asked for my tried and true honey mustard instead. Then I kept it as I can just use it for stir fry or something as it's like gelatinized soy sauce.

  23. The trade off for public sector is generally very good WLB, good job security, and a pension. In exchange, you’re compensated far lower than you could get in the private sector.

  24. What about looking for another job where you can keep your CALPERS? I don’t work for or live in California but I’m a public sector worker in Az and I have a higher salary than you, work 8-4:30 M-F with no weekend or on call, mostly work from home, qualify for retirement at 52. FAANG can pay a lot more but will be insanely competitive, will ask leetcode and brain teasers, and from what I understand teams vary greatly in work life balance.

  25. Appreciate that suggestion burnt toast. If there's a way to find a remote calpers job that would be ideal since I can keep my benefits.

  26. OP you're in the majority and I, the minority but I like funyons better only because this *reminds* me of funyons and makes me feel I'm missing out.

  27. If they still had the dark chocolate speculoos cups I'd weigh 600 pounds and also regret nothing lol.

  28. Anyone who's had the authentic stuff feel it does it justice or is it only meh? I get my tteokbokki from my local korean store but am curious about this one.

  29. I saw them yesterday in the store. I’m in California.

  30. I'm actually in California and have not seen it in a while. Are you in norcal or socal? Will look again. This is also one of my favorite cheeses.

  31. Need this in Cali!!! Post haste! Had no idea they made them, but if these TJ versions do justice to authentic portuguese egg tarts just like other TJ versions do to other ethnic dishes (ie soup dumplings ie xiao long bao, indian curries, etc.) this will be devoured in our house.

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