1. 'Heroic' is usually held to be the proper difficulty for Halo games, at least in terms of balancing and the hard numerical values.

  2. Halo difficulty is hard because in canon, at least from the Halo CE era which is Mark V days, Chief was pound for pound weaker than the average Elite and way weaker than the average Brute. Spartan II's are just ridiculously skilled and have nonsense reaction time and even faster with Cortana for Chief.

  3. To be honest I was thinking more about damage values. You die fast on Legendary, despite all that fancy armor and enhanced physique.

  4. For the missile thing, Cortana focused everything they had for it and Chief remarks that time slows down more than ever before. I consider that a special occasion thing like her overclocking the suit and ripping his tendons.

  5. My theory is that more transformations mean you can sell more toys.

  6. Villain might be a strong word, but Archer in Fate UBW is desperately trying to kill the main character and maybe let sex crimes occur to his girlfriend who he betrayed and kidnapped.

  7. if blazblue is for straights then why do i start hootin and hollerin like an ape when amane's on screen

  8. I swear Nigel (Gavin's friend) is a parallel for Dutch. He starts off suave and charming and increasingly desperately searching for something in America. Something that may have never been there, and even if it was he has lost it forever.

  9. As personally embarrassing as Unova was, I wouldn't have wanted Ash to win that one.

  10. It sucks big Batarian balls. I beat it on Insanity first time (110 hours in this to soak up all the content I could), but the game is boring as schlock. It feels like you are playing an MMO by yourself and not in a good way at all. Some people like the car and the maps but fuck that there is nothing interesting to find. Game also looks like it was made in 2023 or worse. People like the combat but to me it's worse than 2 and 3.

  11. I never got the appeal of cat girls in anime since they seemed so cartoonish, but Kat from SPD proved to me that we really do need to fund irl catgirl research..

  12. I mean Josuke saved Josuke by using Crazy Diamond to not let Josuke die.

  13. Yo dawg, I heard you like cups, I put cups in your cups so you can fill them with cum.

  14. "Unlike Serena, Dawn and May never had the potential to be coordinators."

  15. There are baby orcs??? There are orc females?!?

  16. Of course that makes sense, that was the point. The possibility of Gollum’s redemption was there, but the ring had too strong of a hold on him. Even if by every moral accounting we have, he deserved to die, it was still tragic that for a moment, he could have embraced love and kindness again, and he didn’t.

  17. As a bisexual I’m gonna say no, y’all are just prey… I don’t need friends, I need ass.

  18. What was she going to do? Put a sock over it’s head?

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