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  1. Going IMC should never even be taught as an option, IMO. Unless you plan to go IFR, don't even think about it.

  2. Finally someone with some sense. “Get low and slow” has been made into a taboo because of fixed wing guys. Getting low and slow is literally what has been keeping heli guys alive for years. We taught a whole generation of guys going IIMC is a valid option and we start getting mile long debris fields across the globe and blame pilot decision making cuz its easy. Get slow and survive. Land and live.

  3. I don’t understand this? Mile long debris fields may be true for VFR pilots without IFR proficiency.

  4. The vast majority of the civilian world doesnt have stability systems or autopilot. Id make an argument to say heli guys a year after their instrument rating have lost IFR proficiency. Guys go their entire careers practicing unusual attitude once during recurrent and thats it. If it came down to punching into the unknown or getting low and slow to maintain reference its an easy call. Never accept losing reference it what keeps guys alive without autopilot and stability systems.

  5. Lol op i love u. Im gonna keep that “this is more profitable” line in my back pocket in the future for those pesky reps when they open their big dumb mouth. Its my investment, do wtf i tell ya and fuck off!

  6. Will this be on the Golf channel or YouTube?

  7. Dont worry you be able to catch all the highlights (putts from 5’) on the youtube channel

  8. Lets just put the 100k on a bofa credit card and go in.

  9. I remember when i started making enough money to afford paper towels. Now i spend money on those and GME. lol

  10. For thr love of god roll that shit. More juicy prems than waiting till exp

  11. Why is that? I’m genuinely curious cuz i let mine expired every week.

  12. Typically you can make more on a daily theta than holding till the last day. Set a limit buy to close for 1 or 2 bucks, sometimes you can get filled a few days before expiration. Then you can use that extra time to burn more theta on a further out expiration.

  13. Wow this is actually really great. Job well done op!

  14. Thanks for the reply! While I do enjoy the improvements that have been made such as directed routing, I feel the mobile app is cumbersome placing orders, especially when it comes to options. Basically i want more specific power over my securities. I want the specific power to utilize spreads, which require margin + options approval. Whenever i place a buy order, id like my account to default cash. Ive already disabled auto-journalling in my account since I dont want to allow securities i own to be lent out.

  15. Not to be the asshole, but healers habbit > heartlands. HH is 13% + 9% powered resto. Actually 22% v heartlands 18%

  16. Yeah ur right. Was totally smokin dope on that one. Thanks bruh🙏🏻

  17. People do talk crap about sanctuary, but when you find someone who uses it, they swear by it and just freaking love it. It’s hilarious. Did someone say magsorc? I’ve heard good things on it as well. It would go well with my snow treaders. I may have to take a looksee.

  18. Yeah i run 1pc earthgore, 1pc troll king to stack the % heal modifiers instead of a mythic. Streak is op. I also run restraining prison. Nobody runs this skill but its loaded as shit. Immobilizes AND gives you major vitality. In bgs, under pressure u can RP, heavy attack flappybird for like a 20k heal

  19. Gotta call fidelity for cashless excersiey. Big dick energy to do it friday. Lol

  20. There's a reason I said two, and you are the one who said many lawsuits.

  21. Shares, even in a cash account have been lent in the past. Many brokers, including fidelity have been found guilty in numerous court cases of doing this. Also, even if shares in a cash account arnt “lent” they can still be used as locates for short sellers. The only way to ensure you shares value isnt being cut out from beneath you is to direct register your shares with the company’s transfer agent. Fidelity provides this service free of charge currently.

  22. Coke n strippers. (Male strippers since he’s a Sikorsky guy)

  23. This is why i que as fake tank. Fawking plebs the lot of em.

  24. Considering they're meant to be the highest rarity I think most are pretty bad. Oakenssoul on the other hand it amazing. Good buffs but a big drawback. Actually feels like a mythic. All they need to do now is make 2 separate buff for pvp and one rather than trying to balance for both

  25. Lol @ “big drawback” when the buffs it gives provide whatever skill you needed to press 100% uptime, thats not a drawback. Thats a superbuff

  26. Body shot. splat Body shot splat “alright he’s programed. Lead hook *where am i?”

  27. Crapillion. Mavs all the way. Lets get real, saftey culture is just a buzzword to keep the feds off heli company’s backs. Spinny side up, dont fuck up.

  28. Remember, when you think you are fucked, its actually the hedgies that are truly fucked. -Nims Purja

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