1. I've tried the jump with every German Coupe I could find, stock and modded. It never moves to the next step. I've tried resetting my Xbox and still nothing. Anybody else have this issue?

  2. You need the Mercedes-AMG C 63 S Coupé 2016 and have to get at least one star

  3. I've done that with it stock, and modded, still won't work

  4. So they'll kick you out for an offensive joke, but promote you for committing war crimes? Why would you want to be a part of that?

  5. Uh oh, seems like I hurt your feelings. Looks like my career in murdering civilians is over too.

  6. I'll go with empty outrage. Mean tweets, and scathing comments, but zero action. Kinda the MO of the masses these days.

  7. I've always been baffled at why we as humans, almost always assume aliens will be on approximately the same scale as us. Why are they not larger than dinosaurs? Why are they not the size of a mouse? Why are they almost always bipedal?

  8. I'm not sure but I do have a question. Where do we get cargo and oversized cargo. I've been looking forever and I can't seem to find it. Can't make cabins.

  9. I've figured some of it out. Rail yard had unlimited steel coils. The factory can take those, and make steel beams, and from them make the cabin. Only issue now is the update broke the mod 😡

  10. Government. There's no way for it to not become corrupted. Do away with it. Erase the imaginary lines on maps. When you think about it, it's pretty silly that we still do this.

  11. Nice one.....You sir win the internet for today.

  12. Nothing going on? Spawn back instantly. Getting krackened, 10 low deck holes, 2 reaper galleys circling, whole deck on fire, 2 boarders tucked, and a storm? ....... loading....... loading..... ⬛️....... hear the interior of a tavern.

  13. I would be dead.... oh you mean 100 Fahrenheit. I don't know, probably not much change to normal summer nights here.

  14. I was thinking the same thing. If it was 100°C, I'd be dead. But, if by some miracle I was still alive, my standards would be 3AM after 1.25 L of cheap, shitty vodka low. And brother, it don't get lower than that.

  15. Everybody feels inadequate, if they can fake confidence, so can you.

  16. I live in Canada, so I suppose the answer is get on reddit and answer questions about what I would do in my current situation.

  17. Pimpdaddy is saying that it requires the same amount of trust to simply get into the vehicle awake or not because what can you do other than say “hey watch our we’re about to be flattened by that truck”

  18. If you, and your driver were to get into a serious car crash, how exactly would you being asleep make that any worse?

  19. Take the year she was born, and subtract it from the year it is.

  20. There was one season on Netflix. Unfortunately the series was canceled just a few weeks after it launched.

  21. Manhattan, ice, cherry. Or Olde Fashioned, ice, orange zest.

  22. If a vehicle with an automatic transmission is pushed hard enough, and it had decent traction, the park pall could be broken, or where the park pall rests on the case could break. Usually the vehicle just slides, but it is possible to damage the transmission internally from an impact.

  23. Oh that sounds bad. I was just thinking about the park pall not about a manual transmission.

  24. Manual transmission would have to be in gear of course.

  25. They are advertising for several positions at the same time. This doesn't mean definitely stay away, but just be aware. They are always looking to hire. If their ads have been up for months, and never been updated. No mention of salary.

  26. If you have thought about it, someone else has already done it, and made a video of it. Basically saying there is nothing original anymore.

  27. Who the hell is going to Taco Hell for coffee? They are probably just as shocked that somebody went there and ordered a coffee, as Arby's is when somebody orders straight fries.

  28. Cool! I saw they had to shut it down a few days ago due to massive chunks of ice falling off. I've crossed that bridge many times. A couple of times by motorcycle. As you can see from the pic, the outside lanes are paved, but the two inside lanes are grates. Ya. As you are going across the bridge, you can look straight down to the water. Cross winds come up through the grate, and are enough to unsettle semi trucks, they are more than enough to pick up you, and your bike and place you down on the other side of your lane. Couple that with the grates not quite lining up with each other and it makes for a wiggly, terrifying ride 😳

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