I told my wife i would pick the kids over her any day

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  1. You weren't wrong. No one is entitled to go in front of anyone especially after you've unloaded 10-15 items already.

  2. Also, someone with a sandwich and a drink is likely on their lunch break and needs to get back to their workplace. Someone with a full basket is doing their shop that they're going to take home.

  3. I have no real idea but if i had to guess:



  6. One thing I wondered when that happened: were Maeve and Elena still together? At the end of season 2, Maeve shows Homelander the flight video and says "you're gonna stop hunting Starlight and you're gonna leave me and Elena alone". But then I don't think Elena was seen or mentioned again until the season 3 finale. Did they split up and then Maeve got with Butcher? Or was Elena just being kept private for her own protection?

  7. No, Elena went "I can't do this" and ghosted Maeve, I think.

  8. I remember her saying that after Vought tried to remake her look for her and Maeve to be a "public couple" and also she got upset about the flight video on Maeve's phone, I just never remember anything being said about the state of their situation until she appeared again at the end. Her dropping touch with Maeve to digest it all between season 2 and 3 makes sense.

  9. Doesn't the original commenter mean that their energy bills will be massive because they'll have to put the heating on because of cold weather?

  10. She explicitly says so in Season 2...I don't remember the exact episode (Ep 4 maybe?)...used to have a timestamp for the people who adamantly argued that it wasn't.

  11. I think it was when she left the house in her car and met up with Butcher. He says something about what they could have done and she says "Billy, he raped me" and then something else about why she had to take Ryan and go into hiding away from her husband.

  12. What do you mean by lights are mostly for cars? It’s for everyone on the road / crossing a road. That includes cyclists. The lights stop cars and cyclists come from the same direction for the same reason: so you don’t collide with a car or another cyclist coming from the perpendicular direction. Unless you’d like to cycle through all red lights and force everyone around you to jam on when they see you illegally and unexpectedly blowing through a red light not a care in the world.

  13. A lot of people seem to forget as well that red lights are also for pedestrians. Sure, you're far more likely to kill someone if you hit them with your car than with your bike, but that doesn't mean that cyclists deserve a free pass to sail through red lights and "get a head start" when pedestrians have the right of way.

  14. It's not quite the same but they probably consider themselves to be more like pedestrains than cars, and as a pedestrian the green man just means it's safe to go but you only ever really wait for it to go green if there isn't a very clear obviously safe gap that you can cross in beforehand.

  15. Bikes definitely have different capabilities than cars, but ultimately when they're ridden on the roads they are equivalent because both are operating as vehicles. Someone walking their bike along beside them on the pavement is equivalent to a pedestrian because they are on foot.

  16. You’re awfully confident in yourself. Is there a particular reason why you think your wife wouldn’t leave you?

  17. Because he's clearly dad of the year and that's all women want, of course! No such thing as being more than one thing in his world. Apparently taking his wife along for walks with the baby is inpossible. It's HIS kid, not theirs.

  18. Ok yes I’m being pedantic but did he actually come here for advice? This is explicitly not an advice sub and i don’t see a question anywhere.

  19. Most people seem to come here to brag. All the top posts are about how they're apparently such amazing parents, spouses, friends etc and then everyone gives them the validation that they want.

  20. Someone asked if the seat beside me in a cafe was free. It was, so I said “yeah, go away” instead of “go ahead”.

  21. Ahh I see, calling me a "guy" because I'm actually a woman? Hysterical.

  22. Self-deprecation isn't the best but I'm glad you can acknowledge that about yourself :)

  23. could have been. worse... those huge toilets with the slow semi circular retracting door that reveal you sitting down, but they can't be closed while they are opening!

  24. I always make sure to lock the door but I then stare at the lock the entire time just in case it randomly starts to open by itself and reveal me like the lift on the Paddy McGuinness dating show with the girls pressing lights (can't remember what it's called).

  25. I was once on a very late train home from Glasgow and the train door opened on some chick (thankfully after she had finished) exactly as you described.

  26. Honestly, if it did happen to me I think somebody doing the Take Me Out bit would lessen my embarrassment at being caught on the loo!

  27. That ones bad, but the stupid robot one wearing clogs is far worse. 30 seconds of an annoying tune and Instagram attention seekers. Constantly, every time there's an ad on YouTube.

  28. Yes, when you've already got copies of the books but then get told you need to buy whole new copies because they MUST be a specific edition. Otherwise, when you cite something as "page 5" and it's on "page 6" of another edition, the marker's brain malfunctions and the entire academic system crumbles to dust, even if you've accurately cited the edition that you used in your biblio.

  29. Oof that hasn’t happened to me so far thankfully but I’m not in classes that require textbook citations like that so

  30. I had several university modules like that where they'd say you had to have an exact edition for the seminars just because those were the editions that the convenor had. So if they wanted to read a passage, they only wanted to say what page it was on rather than just direct you to the appropriate heading/section so that you could find it in your own book. Not all are like that luckily but many seem to be :/

  31. From my understanding it was the dress she wore during the HAH tour

  32. Yeah I agree! The Gods We Can Touch is a really great album. Cure for me, Blood in the Wine, and This Could be a Dream are some of my favourites

  33. Or "my husband is so sweet and I'm head over heels for him even after x years"

  34. Or "my wife is so hot and I just had to share this with someone".

  35. Patch from Hush Hush. You don't realize the kind of things Twilight allowed because of the wave of clones until you actually read the clones.

  36. Thats some hary potter death eater type shit right there

  37. All these Covid-denying second-rate Draco Malfoys: "Just you wait until my unvaccinated father hears about this!"

  38. Dance Fever was never meant to make people want to dance. The reference to the dancing plague—a disease/social phenomenon/mass psychogenic illness—is a critique and allusion to what Florence and the world was going through these past couple of years. It’s an affective experience that led to exhaustion not to enjoyable dance

  39. You're exactly right. I've copied and pasted this from the Dance Fever album's wikipedia page:

  40. “Yeah lick it up ya big brown bear” poor MM that was all sorts of heinousness

  41. Annie's shocked reaction to that made the scene even more hysterical. I do enjoy MM and Annie as a double act, they're wholesome and hilarious, depending on the mood.

  42. I may take some heat for this but I think they know they're significantly less likely to be clocked by somebody like this. Not to detract from the courage it took to get in his face.

  43. He did throw a table at her about 15 seconds in though. The throw was clumsy (presumably because he's drunk) and she ducks down, but if he was more precise or if she wasn't so quick, it could have really caught her around the face. Maybe he didn't punch her square in the nose but he did attempt to inflict physical harm and likely would have done more damage if he was more with it. I imagine the outcome would have been the same for any man or woman who intervened; he's just a scumbag who doesn't care about damaging people or property.

  44. It didn't seem "at" her as much as she was in the heave path/arch of his throw.

  45. Either way, he doesn't seem to show any care for any of the people around him who could end up injured by him throwing sizeable objects around. He could also have thrown that table across the deck but chose to aim it towards her head because she interrupted his rampage. Whether she got in his "path" or not, he was obviously riled up and, unfortunately, it doesn't look like he's the kind to act all chivalrous about which gender he assaults. Some people are just awful.

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