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  1. I have been running an m340d for over a year and I honestly can't fault jt. Ex works, 20000 miles covered, and I've averaged 54mpg covering a mix of motorway and town driving. Most of my driving is a 60mile commute from Ipswich to Cambridge and on a clear day sticking at approx 70mph I can average 60mpg door to door. You obviously won't get that if you constantly boot it, but I am pretty quick coming off slip roads etc.

  2. It seems great. I’ll get a quick car that can also be efficient if I want it to be. I’m hoping prices drop to £35-38k.

  3. Was that the British judge the one who gave the win for AJ?

  4. Meanwhile his tiger and pigeons are happy at his huge mansion in a gated community in 7 Hills Las Vegas. Used to be friends with his neighbor and we could hear the pigeons

  5. She went to school in paisley for like a day. Impeccable credentials. That's her won my heart. Fuck indy now.

  6. I feel her entire politics is to get back at her “left wing” parents. One white girl is taking her mummy and daddy issues too far it seems.

  7. When she first met staff in Defra someone asked if she was passionate about rural affairs...

  8. On one hand I’ve been seeing this crisis and thinking it’s deserved after the country voted that twat in, particularly for their electorate.

  9. “The tories are still the best option by a long shot. God knows what Corbyn would have done x”

  10. The Nimby folks would rather freeze to death than have their skylines ruined by wind turbines. Let's hope the pretty views keep them warm this winter.

  11. Sorry but that’s laughable, a far right government? 😂

  12. Leaving a union is not far right, Jesus christ. You truly are spoilt if that’s what you consider far right.

  13. The decision making behind that decision was fully fucking far right.

  14. Fuckwits on twitter (boomers obviously, the scourge of modern times) are claiming it’s fake as their houses in east Scotland can visualise rivers and green grass.

  15. The inaction towards climate change must be blamed on the tories. I don’t blame them for covid.

  16. That's what I don't get. Huge swathes of businesses are going to see their customers disappear practically overnight because everyone's disposable income is going to be swallowed by the rising costs of essentials.

  17. The thing with these cunts is they’re not even pro business. They’ve harmed uk businesses arguably more than other financial crisis. They’re fucking clueless by Tory standards.

  18. I think we're already seeing the messaging of the next Tory election campaign.

  19. Surely it’s a platform only the unemployed uneducated typesand pensioners believe in?

  20. My father in law is here again, such joy. He was just bitching about water again after his usual bitch about Scotland (he’s a real life boomer from Surrey!) and how bad the investment levels are etc etc. It gave me no end of pleasure explaining we didn’t privatise water here!!!!

  21. Oh had to read that again. Thankfully he doesn’t stay in Scotland.

  22. The bizarre thing about the current tories, is they’re so fucking stupid. They don’t even know how to make money by conventional capitalist means. They’re fucking idiots even by their own party’s standards.

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