My brother died from covid on July 30 this year after being on a ventilator for 3 weeks and something super weird happened to me the night he died.

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  1. I am just deeply confused how an Indian can be shocked by racism when India is a society of casteism. For those reading this who don't know why I bring it up, here's a link;

  2. I am a proud American 🇺🇸 but reports do matter. I do understand that not all Ukrainians are racist. But discrimination is to be condemned nevertheless.

  3. I've already read the reports and I wasn't denying or defending it. I'm saying that to assign a character to an entire nation and leave them to their fate because of the actions of some border guards during a war evacuation is... retarded. Agree to disagree sure I just wanted to also voice my opinion.

  4. Metashape versions 1.7.3 and 1.7.4 and maybe some others have a texel density bug, It usually looks like a perfect square of blurriness in your texture map, not like that what you showed in your example.

  5. Thanks for mentioning the bug. For a while, I was questioning my image quality, thinking the issue was with me. You mentioning this and the results I've gotten with RC and 3DF Zephyr suggest otherwise. And as of Metashape 1.8, it doesn't seem that Agisoft has addressed this issue.

  6. Yeah jpg is fine if you have a quick way to convert it, I can do tiff will be like 900mb for 89 images, I don't care though if you want to upload that, and

  7. lol sorry i didnt have an update. i didnt really continue with the process, didnt have much free time, but now i do, and i even made a quick tutorial on it so here ya go

  8. How the heck did you remember this comment, that feels like an eternity ago.

  9. thanks for your reply! how would you go about greating roughness using normal and height since those maps do not really have to do much with roughness. and about the max intensity method, that seems really interesting, do you have a link or something for that? thanks!

  10. I don't have a link no, but I explained the entire idea, there isn't more to it.

  11. I had a dream where bitcoin went from 50k to 50 cents, and I bought. 😛

  12. Not possible to make a model from teeth in someone’s mouth using photos.

  13. Was it normal? Or just a one time generational thing after WW2 when America was at its peak?

  14. Is it very hot in your room now? Could be overheating memory causing that kind of artifacting. I had a card do that exact thing if I remember correctly and it was overheating vram.

  15. My landlord kept the exact amount of money it would cost me to sue them. It’s a game to them.

  16. I used a USB port on a bus to charge my travel camera battery and it corrupted my memory card. Lost about 500 images. Still not sure why that happened exactly.

  17. Oh I did, I had like 3000 on that card but 500 were toast after recovery

  18. I did a medical trial where they woke me up at 6:45 every morning for two weeks and since then (it’s only been 2 months though) I’ve kept the schedule and it’s been really difficult to put myself to bed but I’m loving the energy I have now.

  19. After few years it loses its magic and you start looking at the picture in a different way:

  20. For me it wasn’t a few years but the first winter, I knew I needed to move and soon. On my 4th year now and we’re close to being able to relocate, and I couldn’t imagine staying for 20+ years here. Spain, Italy, Southern France, Portugal… or Costa Rica. Those are our potential new places to live. I just need the sun… seasonal affected disorder fucks me up so hard.

  21. With the right equipment and software it’s hard, with a cellphone and no idea about photography and what you’re doing, crazy hard.


  23. Trying to mark their territory, probably because they feel insecure about their place in the hierarchy.

  24. I've found that the best way to deal with these people is to fight fire with fire. I find the most annoying music like werid AL or polka music and blast it just as loud. I've found that they will get annoyed and either turn down thier music or put in headphones because they can't stand your music. And no one can say anything because you're just doing what he is already doing.

  25. I was sitting at the water one day and this guy rolls up with his boombox blasting some real garbage electro hip hop I don’t even know. He’s sitting there all smug with himself trying to stake out his terrority when two girls come up with a real ghetto blaster and completely drown out his trash music with their trash music.

  26. Unreal engine suggest changing the specular value. You can check it's pbr documentation

  27. Haha yes, I have to tell you I make PBR materials for my job, and like I said you end up with non physically correct materials, which if you like the way that looks then go ahead.

  28. I think the answers to all your questions can be found by experimenting.

  29. Ph.D student who doesn’t want to do their own research, I just gotta laugh at that idea.

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