My brother died from covid on July 30 this year after being on a ventilator for 3 weeks and something super weird happened to me the night he died.

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  1. I'm using this monitor on the latest firmware, and I don't have any problem setting custom user color values with HDR on. It was disabled on the original firmware, but has been available on every revision since then.

  2. Did you get a fix for this? I still can’t change colour values when in hdr

  3. No sorry, I gave up on it. I just accept the white temp shift when switching into HDR mode.

  4. I also got charged for a card that should be covered in my plan. I think they made some kind of administrative screwup...

  5. Didn’t you just post that weird air quality monitor screenshot and try to blame it on wood-burning smoke like a day ago?

  6. Yes I posted that, yes the wood burning affects the air quality. Yes it happened to be mentioned in the news so I posted it here since some are apparently living in denial.

  7. India is so polluted, it’s actually unreal. When I landed in Delhi I thought there was some accident at the airport with fuel bc of the smell. I quickly realized that it’s just the air that smells like gasoline.

  8. I visited Hanoi, where there are 12 million motorbikes supposedly, I didn't count, but I havd flu like symptoms after 2 days of walking around outside. So rough.

  9. Almost all houseboats, I think. Which is ironic because there's a milieu zone, but you can keep burning wood if you live in an old boat

  10. Yeah, when I walk around my neighborhood I see several houseboats with wood fires.

  11. Auto ISO relies on the camera metering, so perhaps changing the metering mode to something else like center weighted will solve your issue.

  12. Nice one. Thanks for the quick tip. I will have to try that one. I think most of the mobo manufacturers these days is using the same approach: default bios=cpu you can go nuts with power usage. I do wonder what will be the performance hit with that limit applied. I'm still looking for good undervolting guide for beginners:) But thanks anyway! For now if that will help with lowering the temps, that will be 👍

  13. Kombustor also has a CPU stress test built in, I run both to heat up my room.

  14. Appreciate the effort, I just wish any of these were in non-Asian markets (I'm in the EU personally).

  15. At the end of the article, the author says it looks like Intel has the potential to win back the multi-threaded performance battle, is he talking the over the next few generations or with Raptor Lake? Cause it looks like 7950x is still beating 13900k unless it wasn't fully maxed out.

  16. I also found that confusing, I thought maybe he meant overall win averaging many benchmarks together, but yeah it’s not so clear.

  17. This phenomenon is called the foehn effect. The windward side of a mountain has rising, cooling and condensation of the airmass. The leeward side has descending, warm and dry air.

  18. It's also called a Rain Shadow, and I've heard it called the Orographic effect.

  19. Haha you are so wrong man, you can measure microns with photogrammetry. Literally talking about your butt.

  20. I am just deeply confused how an Indian can be shocked by racism when India is a society of casteism. For those reading this who don't know why I bring it up, here's a link;

  21. I am a proud American 🇺🇸 but reports do matter. I do understand that not all Ukrainians are racist. But discrimination is to be condemned nevertheless.

  22. I've already read the reports and I wasn't denying or defending it. I'm saying that to assign a character to an entire nation and leave them to their fate because of the actions of some border guards during a war evacuation is... retarded. Agree to disagree sure I just wanted to also voice my opinion.

  23. Metashape versions 1.7.3 and 1.7.4 and maybe some others have a texel density bug, It usually looks like a perfect square of blurriness in your texture map, not like that what you showed in your example.

  24. Thanks for mentioning the bug. For a while, I was questioning my image quality, thinking the issue was with me. You mentioning this and the results I've gotten with RC and 3DF Zephyr suggest otherwise. And as of Metashape 1.8, it doesn't seem that Agisoft has addressed this issue.

  25. Yeah jpg is fine if you have a quick way to convert it, I can do tiff will be like 900mb for 89 images, I don't care though if you want to upload that, and

  26. lol sorry i didnt have an update. i didnt really continue with the process, didnt have much free time, but now i do, and i even made a quick tutorial on it so here ya go

  27. How the heck did you remember this comment, that feels like an eternity ago.

  28. thanks for your reply! how would you go about greating roughness using normal and height since those maps do not really have to do much with roughness. and about the max intensity method, that seems really interesting, do you have a link or something for that? thanks!

  29. I don't have a link no, but I explained the entire idea, there isn't more to it.

  30. I had a dream where bitcoin went from 50k to 50 cents, and I bought. 😛

  31. Not possible to make a model from teeth in someone’s mouth using photos.

  32. Was it normal? Or just a one time generational thing after WW2 when America was at its peak?

  33. Is it very hot in your room now? Could be overheating memory causing that kind of artifacting. I had a card do that exact thing if I remember correctly and it was overheating vram.

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