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  1. Did they borrow the “taco artisan” my university hired to change up the taco menu? They pushed crap like this.

  2. They are taken on a different route every day and I'm sure there are decoy cars as well. Security for the SCOTUS is among the best in the world and has been for a long time.

  3. I think McConnell should be protested daily as well, he’s a big reason how this horrible SCROTUS was able to exist.

  4. Peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches, sloppy joes sandwiches, spam and rice, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and finally burnt hotdogs just like mom just to make.

  5. The Godfather movies. Never had a chance, too lazy to buy them or seek them out and not interested in watching them.

  6. I also avoid cling wrap. Largely because every time I try to use it, it becomes a moment of weird and awkward interpretive dance.

  7. Like the brief mastery of kung fu everyone gains when walking into a spider’s web.

  8. A chefs knife. I cut the tip of my thumb almost completely off, like 75%, while making pico de gallo. I had rolled the cilantro into a tight cigar and was chopping them finely and I cut myself. The jalapeño juices still on the board and knife stung like hell. I wrapped up my thumb went to the minute clinic, the first one said they couldn’t help me and wouldn’t even look at the cut and I need to go to the ER. The one down the street from them said I’d be fine and cleaned the wound andjust taped my thumb up and sent me on my way. My thumb healed up fine, except it’s now slightly pointy at the top where the cut thumb flesh reattached itself and I have dulled feeling in the top of my thumb.

  9. We didn't have to sing anything but the song played was "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" by Green Day.

  10. That's not how this works, the answer to lethal pregnancies, are early delivery, not abortion. And things like ectopic pregnancies, aren't solved with abortions, they're solved with other procedures

  11. But the problem some states are wording their abortion bans so vague that anything that terminates a pregnancy(ectopic pregnancy in this case) is outlawed. Even IVF can be banned due to the doctor having to destroy the fetuses not implanted.

  12. Okay? How is that their fault? Just because you can't understand a legal document doesn't invalidate it.

  13. It’s vague by design. It’s like in TN where they tried to ban “offensive books” in the library but they didn’t specify what was offensive. So any book they (lawmakers) think is offensive is banned.

  14. you think the people complaining about inflation and supply chain issues have the capacity to think about that stuff? All they know is that there used to be a seemingly unlimited supply of goods on shelves that were for the most part pretty affordable, and now the shelves are empty and the costs are outrageous. They don’t understand or care to understand why or how, they just want the president to wave his hand and make everything the way it used to be, like magic.

  15. Despite evidence and two family members who work protecting the environment and breaking down climate change, my Dad and Stepmom still don’t believe it’s happening, they’re like “how arrogant it is that people think that we humans can impact something as big as the world to cause this. This is all just BS to pass “green things” which is the reason our electric bills are so high! That AOC new deal thing she passed.” When I tell them it never passed they ignore me.

  16. Wait since when have the Taliban taken control of the us government?

  17. Look at the current Republican Party. They’re all in lock step with these talbangelicals, yeehawdist kooks. The conservative SCOTUS is currently eroding the wall of separation between church and state and hading everything to the Christians.

  18. Ever since that Orange guy took Office you guys are steadily getting worse it seems...

  19. I don’t place all the blame on the orange guy. It’s been the Republicans and the federalist society’s end goal for decades. The only I really blame for allowing the orange guy to put in place these SCOTUS judges to cause this mess is McConnell. He delayed the seating of a SCOTUS judge for a year under Obama because he made up some thing that it was too close to an election and the people should decide. But when RGB died and people had already done early voting in the election and it was a few weeks until the election he crammed in that Amy Colby Barret woman and just laughed when his hypocrisy was pointed out.

  20. I think pro lifers love to claim they’re protecting life only when it’s in the womb, because in their mind the woman’s body is doing everything to care for the “life” and they don’t have to do anything actually. It’s like thoughts and prayers. Just mental masturbation and having the feeling they’ve actually done something, when they haven’t.

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