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  1. None of my friends relate, somehow I'm the only one who does now. Which is great for my friends, less so for me.

  2. I honestly wish my mum would occasionally send random stuff. This doesn't apply to mums either, dads can often fail to connect. I know me and mine only ever talked about politics, and that's about it.

  3. There were probably always trans people. Our brains are similar enough to those of homo erectus that diversity of gender and sexuality probably predate anatomically modern humans. At this point in history it seems otherwise - that there is a recent surge in such diversity - but that's because we're still recovering socially from the oppressive supremacy of Abrahamic religion - a couple thousand years of social regression.

  4. I'd argue our view of history has always been somewhat reductive. It's not until recently that we've began messing with schools of historical thought that go against the grain of what the social elite would like to portray.

  5. There’s not such thing as criticism on the internet. It’s just a bunch loser dweebs regurgitating the latest RLM video and bitching about “writing” while not having any idea what that means.

  6. Oh that's a name I haven't heard in a long, long time.

  7. Breath of the Wild, Minecraft and Hearts of Iron IV. All great games with lots of possibilities.

  8. I took this photo while out with some friends so I actually have no clue where this is. We accidentally wandered over to Buckingham palace at some point so yes we were VERY lost.

  9. To be fair, there's some considerate drummers out there. But to my pianist ears, anything is too loud.

  10. Ugh, I was chatting with a male workmate about what a pain makeup could be, and he told that I’d look “so much better without makeup”.

  11. FWIW I prefer no makeup because the face with all it's 'imperfections' looks much more interesting without it. Like makeup looks great and all, but the natural human body is just fascinating.

  12. Not me thinking Milsims was a misspelling of Muslims

  13. No bro we are in a economic war bro europe is jealous of us bro believe me bro outside forces are trying to stop us bro

  14. As we in Bulgaria seem to always think- Everything bad comes from America, everything good comes from us. It's never our fault for things going wrong, it's always someone else.

  15. They're good for camping, but you really only want the boat basic titanium spork. None of those dumb forky-knifey-spoony things. Plus if you're camping you probably have a extra knife or two anyway.

  16. My foldable spork that came with my thermos came in really handy for camping, because you could essentially use it to cut anything on a plate, stir the pasta, and eat the pasta.

  17. I live in Sydney and a lot of takeaway places in the area have replaced the disposable plastic cutlery that they used to hand out with the more environmentally friendly disposable wooden cutlery

  18. Not from Sydney, but all the disposable wooden forks I've used have never really been sharp enough, I end up having to use them closer to the way I'd use a spoon than a fork. It's worth the environmental bonus of not using a ton of plastic, but it's probably more practical to carry around a wrapped up spork or something.

  19. Didn't expect a positive post in a non trans community. Thanks bro

  20. f(x) is notation for, the result of the function f, when x is used as input.

  21. Okay, makes sense. My confusion stems from modulus functions, where a modulus graph is transformed. I wish I could attack images.

  22. Ignoring problems and saying to “toughen up” always makes them go away, right guys?????

  23. Right! I've been doing it since I was 5 and I'm doing great!

  24. It's like german and all the weird prefixes for verbs that dramatically change the meaning, which is similar to what we have but also different grammatically.

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