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[OC] Irreligion in Canada

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  1. You think gender studies degrees have a use in the economy?

  2. My degree (History) has a component in it that analyses gender and it's a perfectly valid way to develop the same skills you can develop in most other humanity's degrees, so yeah.

  3. I learned today the name and idea came from a classic sci-fi novel from 1992, Snow Crash. So Zuck isn't even being the slightest bit original.

  4. Yes. And if my body wasn't wired to make me crave salt, fat and sugar all the time, that would be a huge help. Energy spent on fighting thode urges day in and day out could be used to.write a novel or hike across china.

  5. At the same time those urges are entirely natural and necessarily for a human to function.

  6. You can make good food in the microwave? I usually eat baked beans, veggie soup, mushrooms spinach and eggs on toast, or salad and a Lidl pastry - all cheap, quick, and decently healthy. I also frequently eat in the canteen. I’m not spending 2 hours cooking a meal when other people need space there, it’s kind of like an unspoken agreement

  7. You can make eggs in a microwave? Please share some of your microwave recipes the kitchen is lke across my campus and taking all my stuff over there every time I need to cook is pita but I have a microwave like right next to my dorm

  8. U can get poached eggs containers - 2 mins in microwave should be fine :)

  9. I have to do the login to our library website like 4 times a day with the SMS that texts you a code process. It's so. god. damn. annoying.

  10. I recently read “The Neuroscience Of Intelligence” by Haier.

  11. If they're second gen it's very reasonable for them to be Irish, though.

  12. Oh yeah I'm Eastern European and it's all cool until you bring up Roma and then suddenly I very acutely understand why I don't enjoy living where I used to haha

  13. Tale as old as time, the English nicking our fucking things

  14. Depending on the period there may not have been a distinction between English and Welsh yet, for much of the pre-historic period the residents of Great Britain were Brittonic speaking Britons (i.e. ancestors of the modern Welsh, if you want to look at it that way)

  15. Stonehenge was built long before Brythonic speakers would have arrived. There were two other distinct groups before that, the Bell Beaker Culture and the Neolithic Farmers.

  16. If it isn't in the DSM-5 it doesn't exist.

  17. Existence precedes precedence. The DSM-5 isn't an all-comprehensive bible of mental illness categories.

  18. Reddit ‘doctors’ chiming in again

  19. Unsure if you're referring to me, but it's not me predenting to be a doctor the DSM-5 literally wasn't made to be all-encompasing and obviously doesn't every mental issue known to man

  20. This got that "We Should Improve Society Somewhat" meme feeling to it and I like that.

  21. You believe that saying a magic phrase made all these horny ass pieces of shit in a club (that are already willing to fight off bouncers to grab someone's ass) will keep you from being assaulted better than security would, yeah okay.

  22. People have jumped out of planes 50,000 feet in the air and survived and you're skeptical that changing a rhetorical device may reduce the amount of harassment someone gets is this where we're going here

  23. When you stop seeking God and start seeking the Northwest Passage.

  24. Right?! Like I always hated mine, but after a few years out and on HRT... I actually kind of like mine? We still have our disagreements, but we can coexist.

  25. Judging by the conductor being seen not dying, and Superman seemingly skidding through the ground, that is probably not a dead stop, and the train was probably already trying to stop.

  26. Could you elaborate on the last paragraph? I've noticed something like this but I can't really put it into proper description/words.

  27. Entire books and long video essays have been written on the topic in depth, but a grossly condensed and oversimplified summary that doesn't go into all the historical factors that collided to create these circumstances is that online negativity has for well over a decade now been a primary driver of clicks and engagement. People wanting to profit off of that thus ended up in an arms race of competing for clicks by one-upping on negativity. The result was entire genres of "criticism" rooted in nitpicking stories for content, regardless of the validity of it.

  28. Very interesting, what are these books and essays you mention I'd like to take a read

  29. Any child on Disney Channel. They all just do whatever they want, ignoring authority figures, and it always works out for them. That isn't how life works.

  30. It'd be a fairly boring show if the kids were like actually I'm gonna follow the advice of this responsible adult and let the authorities sort out my haunting issue like cmon

  31. This is who I thought of when I clicked on the thread. Possibly one of the most divisive sitcom characters, along with, I don't know, Pierce Hawthorne.

  32. I was annoyed at how much Community tended to just..tolerate him, despite him being a racist, toxic, douche.

  33. I couldn't finish it. I started it, read a bit every day while on the train, and started to have awful nightmares full of anguish and impotence. My anxiety skyrocketed. I read like half and I had to stop. It didn't feel like I would get any closure, and I just couldn't subject myself to any more of that crushing despair.

  34. I haven't read the trial but your experience reminds me of mine with 1984. I hated it. 10/10 everyone should read it.

  35. We like to think the world would've been different if the axis won WW2. Unfortunately it would've been the same except with different masters

  36. The Nazis wanted to cull the population of the majority of Eurasia and Eastern Europe, and institute a racially based class system everywhere else. Seriously, they were much worse than even the Soviets and the British Empire.

  37. That's a completely disingenuous comparison. The UKs immigrant population is treated totally differently, has rights and many pathways to citizenship and various statuses of residency. They're also not used to slave labour the vast majority of the time.

  38. Lol oh man wait until you see college

  39. It's a real phenomenon to see something along the lines of a guy functioning for 48 hours off of a redbull and a pack of crisps while doing several extracurriculars and doing all their work

  40. You're kinda missing the forest for the trees here I think

  41. Yeah I'm considering being a teacher but I don't like the idea of raising my voice at kids and being like "WORK YE LIL' SHITS" it's just not my thing, and I definitely would have a hard time getting along with colleagues who like my teachers of old were fine with shouting at students.

  42. Same mate. I’ve been at my new job for a bit more than half a year, and I actually enjoy not being part of drama and not having to put up with bs.

  43. Similar position at university here. It's nice going from being involved in a lot of personal business to just...not. I'm the eighth wheel in every group, but that's fine.

  44. Yes, gender is a social construction to enforce capitalist norms.

  45. I mean it is a social construct in lots of ways but I don't think its explicitly about capitalist norms, rather its just a result of how culture developed in most areas

  46. Isn't it more offensive to use the word "girl" in Girl Guides of Canada?

  47. I assume you're joking but that does raise a good point as to why there's a boys and a girls organization like why not just have one for both

  48. I even saw people claim that none of these Asian countries can realistically support billions of people and these numbers are like x2 from reality and they need those to visually dominate every Western country.

  49. he's wrong. christians would have burned any knowledge in those books a long time ago. They only contain stories about an incel god in need of worship that could have chosen anyone to mother his child but chose a 14yr old virgin.

  50. To the contrary Christian institutions have preserved a lot of works. Currently studying the post-Roman British Isles and a lot of our main sources come from monasteries that copied and preserved them, as well as charters that may have been stored there as well (actually not too sure where charters are found but it's likely some kind of ecclesiastical institution). Lots of very useful artefacts as well.

  51. Every time one of these finds are announced we never hear anything about it.

  52. It likely takes a while to read them, catalogue them, translate them, restore the books, scan them if applicable, and then it'd take a while for historians to get around to reading and analysing them in depth. Dunno the exam timescale but that's definitely more than a year's worth of work!

  53. So, basically no correlation... Why bother posting this data with a useless trend line?

  54. Showing two things don't have a correlation is also quite useful tbf

  55. Same, I kept scrolling and scrolling. Fairly proud of how much it's been reduced, I think Britain is also making great progress in reducing meat consumption.

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