1. Amazing! I also really love the stock pot behind it. I’ve been looking for something similar, who made that one?

  2. It’s absolutely ridiculous. But it takes me back to 11 years old. Really cool thing about getting older is remembering the time and place of life experiences. Like chapters in a book

  3. I have been working with mine for nearly two years. This is my first cat and they are completely different than dogs. I have really had to check myself with petting because she doesn’t particularly like it. We have made incredible progress: we sleep together, she will sit on my lap outside and purr only when we go up the stairs. She literally just started letting me pet her gently while she makes her biscuits at bedtime. It has taken incredible patience and time. But the bond of trust and love that we have developed is so deep and unlike anything I have ever felt.

  4. Align your mind with your heart. The heart tells Truth but the mind will lie. That discrepancy is why you feel ‘off.’ Pay attention to your body, it is trying to tell you something. When I get anxiety like this, it means that I need to open myself and my heart to vulnerability in some way, shape or form. The solution is already there, you just have to look hard for it. And / or, you can try increasing empathy by taking the position that others are coming from.

  5. This is the third time that this stuff has found me in the last 5-6 months. All from different sources, and all seemingly unrelated instances. Thank you for posting.

  6. Nothing is more important than our mental and emotional well-being. You made the hard choice, but it will be worth more than anything. Everything is about to unfold for you.

  7. You’re welcome. It is a hard life when you are somewhere that you cannot leave but cannot stay.

  8. Anger is a completely natural and valid emotional response. That said, we easily stay angry and form resentments. This is from conditioning and we alone can, and must, break that habit. Two hard truths of acceptance:

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  10. All fragrance free, they feel fine and I use it on the rest of my body so I would know if I reacted badly. Likely due to stupid mistake of stretching quickly with acrylic tapers though😪 :(

  11. Using tapers and going too fast. I did this as well and my ears look the same.

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