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  1. Don't try to police how people speak or type.

  2. I always wanted to become a mechanic. I've been obsessed with cars for most of my life and always wanted to spend all day working on them. A few years ago I was trying to get my mechanics license but had to quit due to mental health garbo.

  3. It's my emotional support slur and I need it to survive! /s

  4. Is it really that fucking hard to just not use slurs?

  5. I’m not saying we can say it too, I’m saying is accurate portrayal of these types. The slur is necessary here showing the superiority complex these people have. Everyone they think is beneath them being viewed as the slur is exactly how they think.

  6. People not affected by a slur and defending the use of said slur, name a more iconic duo.

  7. My dream is to be a biblically accurate CT scanner

  8. Am I the only ace who’s wholly unbothered by this nonsense? First, it’s clearly an ironic post meant to mock the idea of queer cafes/bookstores as a non-sexual alternative to queer bars. And second, she means “not valid for entry into the sex cafe/bookstore,” not “not valid as queer.”

  9. That person's account has quite a few aphobic takes. I'm almost certain the 'not valid' bit meant more than just not being allowed in the hypothetical sex cafe.

  10. I went to her twitter and read stuff she said in her replies and garlic bread in heaven she really doesnt like ace people.

  11. I'm stealing the "garlic bread in heaven" line and you can't stop me

  12. to be fair they want to make a fuck dungeon. fuck library? they are an asshole, but this place kinda exclude sex-repulsed people by definition. it is not like you are going to go to a prostitute and complain that she doesn't offer to do your laundry or something. kinda sounds like a gay club for book warms though. it is not a bad idea all in all

  13. But not all ace people are sex repulsed. Also, tacking on the 'not valid' bit at the end is just straight up aphobia

  14. I'm not remotely ace but I'm genuinely curious, if the purpose of the cafe/bar is to BE explicitly sexual how would it be exclusionary? That'd be like going for vegan food to a Memphis BBQ pit.

  15. Because being ace just means you don't experience sexual attraction. Some ace people still enjoy having sex for a variety of reasons, they just wouldn't be sexually attracted to whoever they're having sex with.

  16. “It’s not satirical”, followed shortly after by “it’s obviously a joke”.

  17. Go look at the account of the person who made the tweet. They're being openly aphobic. It's just straight up bigotry my dude.

  18. My cat loves to sleep like that, it always looks so uncomfortable!

  19. Holy shit dude, for the love of the gods, please turn off your phone and go outside

  20. I adore the mushroom one! Do you sell these?

  21. You think on a sub meant to point out dumb stuff that sarcasm would be easy to read. Then again on Reddit without the /s everyone is terminally stupid

  22. Do you also get irrationally upset at people for using punctuation?

  23. It's never been established in the show, but Dana said on a posthoot (an Instagram live thing that some of the crew does after new episodes) that she uses he/him.

  24. I'm still calling the last scene of the show being the egg beginning to hatch, as in we won't see what it's going to be. It's just going to be.

  25. I will genuinely be so upset if this happens

  26. Their car is still totalled, give it a few weeks for the rust to set in lmao

  27. I respect the amount of work that's been done but holy shit is that thing ugly

  28. Why the fuck is it so hard for some people to not say slurs?

  29. Also do they know that they have a cult?

  30. Looks very interesting and it’d be great if this could be made, but the body generally dislikes things that aren’t supposed to be there (debris, bones, etc.) sticking out of skin. Obviously, there are different biomedical implants which stick out of the body, but they aren’t made for long-term use. I could imagine that instead of some kind of synthetic material to replace skin, you use some kind of gene therapy to make the skin more elastic in certain areas.

  31. As someone with naturally elastic skin, that doesn't sound like a good idea. It can cause a lot of issues you normally wouldn't have. Although if you could localize it to just a couple small areas it probably wouldn't be as much of a problem

  32. The best position I've found so far is on my stomach with a typical teddy bear sized stuffed animal under the shoulder my head is pointing towards. It props up my body a little so there's less strain on my neck and ribs

  33. I sleep with my arms straight down too lol. It definitely looks funny but it's sooo comfy!

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