Thai women beat American tourist for groping one of them

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  1. Early on Michael was always a negative example. It's designed to laugh at not with. And when it's cringe, it's because the audience has the context to know just how wrong that behavior is. It got muddled as everyone one unironically fell in love with the characters. But this skit should be totally acceptable provided that Michael is judged negatively... as he should be in so many Early episodes.

  2. Exactly!!!! Many people don't understand this. They say 'The Office' wouldn't have worked if it was introduced in today's political climate but the point is the show never glorified negative behaviour. It was poking fun at people like Michael who has very little self-awareness. Later on he became better.

  3. So what? Does that justify the misbehaviour of Indians? I agree that there is a little bit of racism involved in comments against Indians but can we deny that are Indians are in dire need of sex education and we seriously need to revamp our public behaviour and social attitudes?

  4. What’s wrong with taking pictures? You see something out of the ordinary, you take pictures. Where man see slum in India, they take pictures. White man see topless tribal women in Africa, they take video and air it all over the world. Someone else does it to them and suddenly they need education?

  5. Not all women. My man knows if I’m done I don’t want his shit, I’m out. Not the house, not his retirement, nothin! Which ironically is why he loves me 🙃

  6. Amen sister. I wouldn't even wanna cross paths with the person who hurt me let alone his money. I can take care of myself. Don't want to be at anyone's mercy.

  7. I prefer lighter skin too, they are easy to skin because they have thinner skin. Also, the reason why lighter skin shows early signs of aging, darker skin have melanin and are more thicker, so don't show aging signs fast.

  8. Someone wise once said, "As your pale skin and severe bone structure imply, you'll age swiftly and poorly."

  9. ഇവന്മാരെ അറസ്റ്റ് ചെയ്യാനുള്ള വകുപ്പില്ലേ? I mean if they really replaced the national flag. All the chaddis were out of their goddamn mind when something similar happened at Red Fort.

  10. Illa because on the day this happened, the National Flag was not furled on the post.

  11. Yeah, the footage doesn't show the flag on the post. So I guess there is no legal ground to sue them.

  12. I would be extremely happy. Unnecessary social interaction avoided. But I would feel bad if it's my best friend. Otherwise, I don't give a flying fuck.

  13. Omg! So true. I was cringing hard when he said that. I even texted my friend that it is the cringiest part of that trailer.

  14. Who else is reminded of the scene in "The Mummy" when the scarab gets under the skin? 😖😩

  15. Let it go. This is the same guy whom I have seen defending CL Sudheer in Mofiya Praveen case on this sub. I don't think he is arguing with you in good faith. He is not going to change his stance.

  16. I am assuming you wanted ci sudheer to beat up the husband of Mofiya Parveen, while the husband was being assaulted by his then wife. Come on seriously

  17. I am the sorry Aliya. I have no sympathy for a known unprofessional verbally abusive officer with multiple accusations of dereliction of duty against him.

  18. Hey i have no issues with slangs...every place has its own slang...but my personal experience with people down south is they are outright ... They say stuff to your face no nonsense...

  19. So based on your anecdotal experience you decided that all the people from these two districts are "chori"? How is this different from arguments like " all the lower caste people I have met are unhygienic and less intelligent", "People from Kerala are all anti-nationals" or "All muslims I have met are religious fanatics"?

  20. "If you wanna stop me you're gonna have to fucking KILL MEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

  21. Ah! The pain in her voice when she yelled that! How I wish Javi somehow magically appeared in that room and she got to blow his brains out with that shotgun! But again, I don't want Javi to die quickly. I want a slow death for him after he gets outsmarted by Marty. I want to see his hubris perishing before he dies.

  22. She seems to be one of those people who wants to be intentionally disabled. In her case, she wants to be blind.

  23. Because she is perfect as she is

  24. Yes. Sometimes you want to be around people that get what trauma and mental illness does to people. You want to be around people that aren’t going to blame you for things outside of your control. So many of the people here give Jinx absolutely no slack for the situation she’s in and it’s so exhausting dealing with people that don’t get it.

  25. As in you would enable the behaviour or try to fix her like some other people said?

  26. There are a couple of movies in which Urvashi plays double role but none of them have both Jayaram n Manoj k Jayan. Closest one was Ithu Manjukalam but it's Suresh Gopi n Manoj k Jayan

  27. What are the other movies in which she plays double role? I cannot recall any.

  28. They lost the print for that movie. The producer himself. The director or writer told this in an interview recently. The Kiriyath guy. You'll never find it again.

  29. If dating apps are not working, try matrimonial.

  30. True. It's not a bad idea. Just insist that they give you the girl's personal number if the response is positive from their side. Otherwise, no point.

  31. What is your current job and how well does it pay. Also how is your family. You shouldn't think much about girls much I'd say but you should definitely be in situations where you can meet and talk to girls in a non dating atmosphere. Only use dating apps if you look good and are looking for sex. Its never good for a serious relationship. Good relationships start with a friendship.

  32. What do you mean non-dating atmosphere? Good relationships start with a friendship ennokke parayunnathu enthu cliché aanu! Appo angane allathathu good relationship Alle?

  33. I see where your confused ..That’s not Ryan Kanavaugh ..that’s Harvey Weinstein. They look very much alike there’s actually a site DoesRyanKavanaughlooklikeHarvetWeinstein.com to help with the confusion

  34. That makes it even worse! I want to tell her to step on his toes with her heel.

  35. Bruh! Who are the women frowning upon this? Lol. You must be attracting women left and right if you are like this.

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