The last photo of Queen Elizabeth II, September 6th 2022, by Jane Barlow

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  1. Michelle O Neill needs to go full Longshanks now and introduce Prima Nocte

  2. Never mind your Champions League money, Wait till all the sales from the watches start to show in the figures.

  3. This just in, Graeme Souness is still a prick. More at 2

  4. Couldn't even finish getting the sniff up his nose before hitting us with this belter.

  5. There was a sketch in a show called Chewing the Fat years ago in Scotland and the character said "I smell shite"...... this is the time

  6. Was there not stories that he was laundering money for the RA and that how he was able to afford all the mad shit there?

  7. If we get back into the champions league I can see us approaching someone like him next summer.

  8. Where is he going to go earlier than next summer? He won't go to the States and knocked back the mega bucks from Saudi.

  9. What you can't see are the 2 housemaids behind her propping her up with poles.

  10. Well that bit makes sense. There will be very little happening that day and it's far enough away just now that games can be moved back or forward a day

  11. Peak Nordyball here. To be fair, can't see a minutes silence at Cliftonville going down too well.

  12. Who could have seen Scottish people not being the biggest fan of the queen

  13. That has to be the best observed minutes silence I've ever witnessed

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