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  1. Can I just get a coffee without all this corporate bs. I'll support anything independent over this cooked, acidic junk with my name on the waxed cup

  2. The best Ralph moment is when he declines to lend money to Artie. Ralph very quickly sized up the situation that 1) Artie was going to bungle it and 2) Artie's friendship with Tony made him untouchable.

  3. It also showed how intelligent he was and why he was so successful. Probably the smartest criminal on the show.

  4. Seems to have handled Ukraine like a virtuoso. Arming our allies while avoiding directly engaging Russia.

  5. Isn’t it funny how many of your Republican contemporaries voted against allowing baby formula to be imported?

  6. One more. During the last home stand, Gary Sanchez was at the plate in a tight spot and the fans start chanting "Gary, Gary, Gary."

  7. Except for the fact that they are both wealthy, professional athletes who sexually abuse(d) multiple women and deserve to be punished for it. Other than that you're right - no similarities at all.

  8. A) They play different sports with different commissioners, B) unless I’m mistaken, I’ve heard nothing coming close to accusing Deshaun Watson of forcibly having sex with any woman. If you think violently (allegedly) raping someone is the same as what Deshaun Watson is accused of, you’re off your rocker

  9. Two woman have come out and say Watson forced them to perform oral sex on him. I’d say that counts, no?

  10. I know nothing of these women or their level of credibility. Assuming they are in fact credible, that’s a terrible accusation, and while still not to the level of what Trevor Bauer has been accused of, troubling.

  11. Resolving it diplomatically would mean concessions to Russia, and the only concession they really wanted was a Ukrainian government that did what the Kremlin told it to do.

  12. That was the real impetus behind the war, Ukraine stopped being 100% submissive and they didn’t like it. Ultimately Russia doesn’t function in the realm of soft power, they only know force.

  13. Yes, but some idiots here seem intent on putting 50% of the blame on the U.S somehow.

  14. They are desperate to use this to shit on the US.

  15. Ive been following this for years. Sounds like most of you think this began a few months ago.

  16. If you’re pro Putin and Pro Russia, you won’t find a lot of friends here bc Putin is a monster and Russia is the worlds worst foreign actor

  17. Im not pro putin or pro russia. But i do think alot of very important information has been deliberately glossed over by the press.

  18. So it is your belief THIS justifies the invasion of Ukraine or are we still rolling with the made up bullshit about Nazis?

  19. For me it’s every time she says ‘you think you’re better than me’ and he swiftly replies ‘I am’ lmaoo

  20. He’s right too. Who the hell leaves their carts? I’m not the most considerate guy in the world but I’d never do that

  21. AJ does have a better shot at a normal life. Unless he went on to produce Cleaver 2.

  22. In his defense there were a lot of questions unanswered in the first one

  23. I love when people randomly get downvoted into oblivion for making a joke. Reddit loves to gangbang people at random. It can be a fun ride.

  24. lol thank god I don’t give a shit about “karma”. I love to stir the pot sometimes and getting downvotes is how you know you got into someone’s head. But this time I was just making a joke lol. But it’s group mentality. When there’s a comment with a lot of downvotes, people wanna fit in and also downvote it

  25. I kind of do the opposite and like to lurk in the gutters. Sometimes that’s where you find the best content on this beautiful platform.

  26. Believe it or not, the lawyers and judges are really very good at their jobs. They're definitely smarter and more knowledgable than you. You dont get to disagree.

  27. The judges and lawyers don’t decide what goes before the court. Are you familiar with and grand juries? I’m gonna guess no.

  28. Thanks, pussflaps69, but I'm actually 100% correct, and in fact, YOU are a terrible combination of arrogant and misinformed.

  29. If you read as much as you spew stupid opinions, you’d become informed in no time

  30. Pete is a weird case. Where, he was famous for being bad at comedy, bow he has gotten super famous for fucking a really hot lady whi got famous for fucking

  31. He’s fucked a lot of really hot ladies. Before Kim Kardashian

  32. Quick reminder: Big Ben was never criminally charged. Are you prepared to defend Ben Roethlisberher's innocence? Were we all wrong to make jokes and comments about the Steelers and their "rapist QB"?

  33. How did relying almost exclusively on Trump-phobia work out for Democrats in 2016 and 2020?

  34. I'm saying that any electability argument that invokes "how much worse the other guy is" is empirically proven to not be a good argument.

  35. Who said it was? Unfortunately it’s how we’ve chosen presidents for most of the last 2 decades

  36. I mean it was a big mistake, sure, but I’d hardly call it tragic. Tragic would be more like driving impaired and killing someone.

  37. Any one in particular? You don't follow instructions well, cite sources

  38. 3 million Indians and 1 million Irish. Those aren't mistakes. It's like saying Hitler just made a mistake let's focus on his love of animals and art instead

  39. How many human lives were saved by defeating the Nazis? That’s the worst false equivalency ever.

  40. That isn’t my point. I appreciate that Churchill was the best option for the country in 1940. Though without the Labour Party forcing the no confidence vote Chamberlain would have still been PM. I’m against the ridiculous notion that Churchill needs to thanked like he’s the only person who stopped Hitler and that you can’t criticise him for any other actions.

  41. No shit he didn’t personally save Britain himself, however he was the most prominent voice against appeasement in a country with no taste for war. Without him, the Allies most certainly lose.

  42. just came to say as a Reds fan that imo y’all’s rebrand is maybe the best (if not, one of the best) sports rebrands OAT

  43. If they could come up with a logo that wasn’t a dumpster fire. That flying G is…not ideal

  44. do y’all really not like the flying g like that? I didn’t mind it at first but once I learned about the Guardians of Traffic I think it’s sick asf

  45. I’m getting downvoted so someone likes it. To each their own. I prefer mascot logos, I much prefer the block C as far as unracist logos for hats go

  46. Reddit is completely composed of people screwing off at work, on the can, or blowing off high school.

  47. Anything short of Bauer’s 2 year ban will be seen as going light. For a good many people, anything less than a lifetime ban is going light. Also, given their track record for suspensions against abusers, throwing the book at Watson this close to the MLB throwing the book at Bauer would come across as them just trying to appease. Because their history shows how they really feel.

  48. Trevor Bauer was credibly accused of rape and violent assault by multiple women. I can’t figure out how the two issues keep getting conflated. They are NOT the same thing.

  49. These people are never one time offenders. Ever. If this was a one time - can't believe I'm gonna type this - "lapse in judgement" then there wouldn't be a pattern of searching for more victims and importing them from all over the country.

  50. You’re arguing against yourself. Nobody said it was only one victim. I said I’ve seen one credible victim that has a credible story with evidence. There may well be more.

  51. Right, you aren’t entitled to a presumption of guilt just because someone says something.

  52. I figure it’s more of a wash, but I hope you’re right. Ben was really bad last year tho.

  53. No doubt that he was bad, but its worth thinking about it this way - he basically put up 95% of Baker's 2020 season statistically last year, which was either the best or second-best Browns QB season since the move. Going from that to the QB carousel is almost certainly a downgrade.

  54. My favorite theory is that he made up the orgy to score points, but unwittingly describe actual cocaine sex orgies that Republicans do have that he just wasn't invited to. Now the Republican leadership is crashing down on him and he can't even name names because he wasn't cool enough to get an invite.

  55. I’ve been drinking but that actually makes a lot of sense to me

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