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  1. I press cotton rounds with micellar water on my eyes to clean up my make-up before I wash my face. This is the result if you don't rub.

  2. Is this a repost of an older poll? Having some deja vu rn

  3. Seems like you really wanted to give us a glimpse of nipple but wasn't exactly sure where the nipples started...looks "off".

  4. I want to say thank you for standing up for your female friend. Wish more guys would when they see something not right happening.

  5. My roommate was at the party, she wasn’t hit but she got shrapnel/glass in her foot from the shot(?) and had to go to the hospital. Her friends were pounding at our dorm at around 1am to get her keys, I figure so they can go to the hospital.

  6. There’s a pretty decent Jaws ripoff about an Orca whale seeking revenge

  7. My favorite take from her about this photo was that she was sorry it was taken in the first place as it wasn’t consensually shared. Like… I need this kind of energy from our reps in the US.

  8. I wish the most “scandalous” thing our reps did was shit like this

  9. I stole this directly from the upcoming sequel to Don't Look Up about climate change. It's called Don't Look Down. Or, in the marine community, "AR'F ARF ARF."

  10. You are beyond salvation. Now perish, you filthy pore!

  11. It’s funny how when your wanted baby dies they don’t show it to you, but when the baby’s alive and you don’t want it, they’ll show you.

  12. It’s always so baffling that they want you to continue a pregnancy that is UNVIABLE. “Are you sure?” Such cruelty is unfathomable

  13. Mine wasn’t ectopic, his heart stopped beating in the 16th week. But I know ectopic pregnancies the heart is sometimes still beating, so there’s that argument that you can’t “end the life” even though it’s outside the uterus so it’s super deadly and also not viable…

  14. Ok, I’ll edit my comment then. I’m sorry that this happened to you

  15. Boyfie goals 😍😍 this is so impressive!! my hubby wont even wash his ass 😘😘

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