1. I need a LOT. I've finished the game but my pokemon caught is only 74. I'm working in the fields now to find the common spawns but I don't know how I'm gonna get exclusives or legendaries without spending hours on it

  2. Yeah. I had a load I could chew once. Literally did not contact him again. I just didn't know what to say.

  3. I have a few of these, only thing I need is a goodra, have one?

  4. I do have a goodra! I only need stunky, larvitar, and stonjourner now. Do you want the falinks as well?

  5. I’ll take the falniks :) I can trade ya the stonejourner and a Tyranitar if that works for you.

  6. I always bought them from the pokemart, not sure how far you need to progress before they unlock.

  7. I’m constantly afraid that I’m going to miss a shiny Pokémon because they removed the little animation that made shiny hunting in PLA so satisfying. Having to check each tiny little Sunkern individually to see if it’s a slightly different color is really exhausting and strenuous, and even when you do find a shiny it’s not that exciting without the fanfare. This is yet another instance where something that would have been so easy to implement was just removed due to what goes beyond laziness and into active contempt for their players.

  8. Honestly as a shiny hunter this is the most frustrating thing in the game and that's saying something

  9. Would you prefer to go back to having to go into tall grass and encounter one by one? This has got to be a step up from that.

  10. I like the way bdsp did it, that was kinda fun, but in other games i use masudo method, and i will say i like this game's breeding mechanic, it's going to make shiny breeding soooooo easy

  11. How much are you going up? You could always go very slowly by taking 12.5 mg for a week then add to that until you get to your desired dosage.

  12. Does it actually make a difference? I always take mine the moment I wake up so I don't forget

  13. have both nostrils pierced and used to have gauges but took them out ages ago. it's supposed to be a star but i think the swelling is causing it to be swallowed up lmfao

  14. Be mindful about swelling - do you know what size post they put in? If it’s too small, it’ll sink in. I had to excise a 4mm CZ clawed gem from a clients ear once. It’s not a fun experience.

  15. I have no idea the size of the post but it seems not super tight just good enough. I hope that's not me.....

  16. I live in OKC. So glad we have a house with a storm shelter. It’s crazy more people don’t have them around here.

  17. Yeah we don't have one and most people I know don't either. It's wild out here lmfao

  18. Depends where, rural vs city. A meteorologist once said on air (I think it was the big El Reno tornado) for anyone in the path as it came to okc to leave if you can’t get to underground shelter. It caused a massive traffic jam on a major interstate that could have endangered a lot of people, but I think the tornado shifted and ended up not hitting that interstate where it jammed up.

  19. Lol I remember that, I forgot who the meteorologist was. That was the El Reno tornado right?

  20. Oklahoma but when ever Texarkana and Paris tx get bet bad weather we people in broken bow Oklahoma get it to

  21. Hey I've lived in Oklahoma for close to 30 years. I've been through what you're going through dozens of times. I hope you're okay.

  22. Due to the cases we work on (homicides mainly) we do not allow felons or people with bad backgrounds to be employed with us. But other places such as mortuaries and such do tend to hire people as long as they can handle it.

  23. Yeah, we had contracts with mortuaries. But they also picked up bodies to and from medical centers as well? Like they would also take them to the medical examiners?

  24. I worked as a whole-body center recovery technician and I met so many transporters. My favorite was a felon guy who was like 56. Super raunchy but hilarious. Miss him. I've noticed a lot of the transporters were either SUPER OLD or felons. Is this true for the people you work with as well?

  25. oh my god when my mother gave me her beetle all my friends said it smelt like crayons

  26. My parents gave me my mother's VW beetle in i think 2009, then she bought another VW beetles red w/ a convertable top lmfao. That beetle was my first car and got totaled by a teenager hitting it while it was parked in the street........ her car was totaled too lmfao she tried to do a hit and run but she ended up breaking down in the street

  27. Can I ask what kind of battery you got for it? I did some googling before buying mine and picked up what I thought was right, but it doesn't charge from the base at all so only lights up on mains power.

  28. I actually haven't put a battery in as I don't have rechargeable ones right now.. you might need to get a wall plug-in for the battery to charge, it probably can't charge through the base unfortunately

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