1. Depends on the person, but when I switched to 50mg they were still horrible side effects but they were different. This might be due to the fact that the dose isn't suiting me so well, so don't let it scare you too much. I was mostly experiencing anxiety (couldn't attend school for that period), irritation, that weird gopro footage like vision thing (if that makes sense), horrible attention span and I overall just felt terrible and completely out of touch. I hope you'll do better than me. :(

  2. Wow, i'm very sorry to hear that. How long were you on the 50 mg? Did you stop or go back down? I was on 50mg for many many years and never experienced anything like that. Hopefully things are better for you now?

  3. I really appreciate your concern! :) I'm much better now, but am considering changing the dose. I've been on 50mg since April. It's just kinda tough getting around to do it, the healthcare system in my country is pretty clogged at the moment and it's really hard to access my psychiatrist.

  4. Of course! I'm very glad to hear that! Are you planning on going up or down? But yeah, I feel that.. everything is so clogged up right now it almost seems pointless but I hope you're able to get an appointment soon. If you ever want to talk I'm here!

  5. I was on it for close to 10 years. 50 mg. Tapering was easy as long as i took it slowly. Unfortunately, I'm just now back on it again. Was good for 6 months.. Got covid and it broke something inside of me and caused me to go back on it. Sucks, but it is what it is..

  6. Same with COVID. I was good on 50mg. Got COVID and my depression and anxiety came back. I had to increase my dose.

  7. Sooo weird how that happened. I've heard from several people that this is the case as well. Wonder what causes it?

  8. Ok! They suggest taking it in the morning to see if that helps. I still am having a bit of insomnia with it, I'll sleep from like 11:30pm-3:30am before I wake up and really can't get back to sleep. And I take my pill at 7:30am.

  9. Felt better and didn’t like the long term side effects like low libido and weight gain

  10. I'm on day four and while not better I surely feel like I'm improving. It takes time. When I first started it was hell, my anxiety got even worse.

  11. I know, It's just so miserable. I am also on day 4 and I feel terrible still, doesn't help I got no sleep last night either unfortunately.

  12. I went to work yesterday (day 3) it was horrible. Took today and tomorrow off, I didn’t feel safe driving with on this thing

  13. Still anxious especially in the morning, but not as bad as the third day.

  14. that's good to know, I feel okay myself though I didn't end up going to work today as I had gotten no sleep again. I hope things get better for you!

  15. Propofol.. shits nuts, they gave it to me when I got my second set of wisdom teeth out. Talking bout Pokémon with the tech. "Just give it a a minute and youll wake up and wont remember a thing." then fuckin OUT. Woke up to them cleaning up I'm like we done already? Yup we're good.

  16. when i got all my wisdom teeth out i asked my parents if i did anything crazy and they said no you just stared and mumbled sometimes so goes that for funny moments

  17. I feel bad for Oklahoma, and yet agree.

  18. the only way i could ever consider doing this (which i wouldn't) is if I washed my face between every reapplication. this just feels dirty to look at

  19. i have 19 tarantulas and a scorpion so i get it, but i also think it's kind of fun to get scared shitless when they suddenly pop out behind a tree or whatever and chase me.

  20. Hi guys, I was just wondering what I can put in an 18 x 12 inch vivarium? It has housed my Hognose Snake for the last year but he will be getting an upgrade this weekend. I would like to house something that will happily live in it for life. Many thanks in advance

  21. A tarantula? If you're into that but they'd need to be at least a juvi or adult or else you'd probably lose a sling in there lol. Tarantulas can live happily in smaller enclosures as well.

  22. Have you tried a high moisture feeder like a couple wax worms or a hornworm? Sometimes that can help get things moving. Impacted geckos are typically lethargic and lack an appetite. Is it possible he's pooping in a new or hard to reach spot?

  23. I have not I don't have any atm but I will def get some! and I checked everywhere else in his enclosure and I didn't see anything, it's so weird and I don't understand how this even happened or why it's happening

  24. edit: I should say I feed him dubia, meal worms, super worms, anything I have really

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