We’re Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult, costars of the upcoming film RENFIELD, here to answer all your questions about bugs, bad bosses, and everything in between. AMA!

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  1. Watch your prices soar high as a crow

  2. Mario is bastard. Why Luigi hate?

  3. Nothing hotter then when my wife tells me to fuck her with my girl dick 😆

  4. He's acting like a real McAsshole

  5. Time capsule time capsule butt butt butt time capsule time capsule

  6. Please tell me that Nicholas Cage was talking about himself in the 3rd person

  7. The old timey photos made them look a lot bigger

  8. This isn't Target you can't get away with that shit at Wal-Mart

  9. Weird I bought a Super Soaker for that price too

  10. If that makes me gay then I am queerer than a 3 dollar bill

  11. Putin to double news broadcasts in response

  12. You have to know the secret password

  13. I devoured my previous lover after we consummated our relationship

  14. Imma get a pet in before the end

  15. John Saxon would have been an interesting choice for Sonny

  16. Bold move from a group with traditionally very flammable houses

  17. People act like superheroes are these RPG characters or Pokémon where one can easily beat the other because of some arbitrary number or rank or something. “Oh Turnipman is such and such level of power, so they can easily beat Captain Dicksucker”.

  18. No one beats Capt. Dicksucker ok. Capt Dicksucker beats himself

  19. TV's Michael Gray!!!! Mikey Mike

  20. Matilda making me smile all these years later

  21. I'm in this post and i don't like it XD

  22. The Dark Tower movie. It like watching a 2 1/2 hour trainwreck/murder.

  23. "The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed"

  24. weird they used to throw candy when i was a kid

  25. That might be one of the single greatest exchanges in the entire series

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