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  1. Cucumber companies after inventing your mom

  2. Take 4 parts nitric acid and 4 parts sulfuric acid. Put in an ice bath to keep temperature below 20 Co . Slowly add 1 part glycerine and mix. Pour mixture into cold water and the highly explosive nitroglycerin will sink tot he bottom.

  3. Jesse. Why does that anime girl have a cock?

  4. someone inform the tech department we don't want dynamic glitz, ads, animations, or other javascript heavy fluff in our webpages. and to learn to paginate data as needed.

  5. uBlock Origin is a good extension for that.

  6. That mf applied so many filters she got the advancement “how did we get here”

  7. Where’s the disappointed face when he realizes it only prints, piece of shit, single shot derringers and not an assault rifle?

  8. Actually, it is possible. More complicated guns require some metal parts. Like a pipe for the barrel

  9. "Huh what? Was I sleepwalking last night, sis?"

  10. The washing machine is downstairs so it doesnt sound that much when you sleep. We put laundry in it and it is clean in the morning

  11. As i said. Feel free to edit and repost this

  12. Wtf how even old is your sister? I thought only 40 yo women did that.

  13. I have a jailbroken iphone and a customized android (not a rom). I would say that the customized android just works and is not just glitching out.

  14. I like that android is open source. I customized mine to look like iOS. On iOS. You can only get apps from the appstore which really limits what you can do. You can jailbreak it however, but its very complicated. I have one phone running customized android (not a custom rom) and a jailbroken iPhone. In my opinion, i like how android just gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with and that it is open source. iOS has many backdoors and the “privacy” is an illusion.

  15. I would like white bread with ham and spicy cheese. Then i would like lettuce, garlic and tomato. Then i would like mayo with salt and pepper. And also, cookies!

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