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  1. Thanks. As far as I can tell, it is not bad. But I have no idea.

  2. I recently went to Oaxaca, MX during Christmas and came back to see Holy Moli had replaced Port City Java, so I decided to give it a try. The mole's were delicious and matched the authentic Mexican version incredibly well, and the condiment and topping quality and variety is way better than the likes of Chipotle, Barbarities, etc, so Holy Moli became my spot. It's also open late night, if you want an alternative to a soggy bagel.

  3. Indeed. Serving authentic or original tasting is risky in the US, especially in south cackylacky where it is not much appreciated. partially why the popular and overpriced taco places like Willy, Duck, and Automatic do well. Instead Go try out places like Mixtepec,and Las Meras Tortas.

  4. Technically it is a pointer, like what a teacher would use on a chalk board. Traditionally it was carried by NCOs and used for instructing junior Marines. Carrying it signified the role as a mentor, leader, and instructor. It was a special item that was unofficially accepted.

  5. Surf City. But like all summer destinations.. it is a ghost town in the winter.

  6. I played competitively for several years. Am now playing pickle ball, much easier on the knees. dm me, come on out, I have a paddle for you and need a drill/skills partner. RB skills are a big advantage in PB.

  7. Early flight… good luck finding an Uber/Lyft before 530am

  8. Location, but specifically the Parking sucks. Area is sketchy.

  9. I live in the Monaghan area... I would disagree. We feel comfortable walking all around here.

  10. I don’t disagree that the area is safe, I said it is sketchy. The question asked was what keeps someone from coming/returning, and not how I personally feel about it. The area does not exactly look welcoming for a typical family. Compare it to Greenville’s hockey or baseball facilities and tell me I’m wrong.

  11. USMC is not SF, but hard basic training and resulting attitude of Marines promotes itself. Civilians see the Army as being affiliated to the National Guard (even if it is not). Army uniforms look frumpy. Marine uniforms are great looking, and Marines care about how they look in them. fitness level is much better.

  12. Zhumir Aquardiente to make canelazo, Ecuadors favorite spiced hot drink

  13. Knock out your college classes. This sort of freedom won’t last forever.

  14. What is the online service that is #3? What is the xx% commission and what do you get for it?

  15. There are several generic websites that offer this. After more research, there are hidden fee’s for what an agent would already do, such as adding pictures. I used one several years back to sell my home FSBO and it was worth it. Not worth it for a rental.

  16. Got it. Trying to find additional sites to post a property where i'm having trouble finding a new tenant.

  17. Luxury home= real estate agents, but Zillow still produces some leads.

  18. The QT on Mauldin and S Pleasantburg. Buy yourself a 12 pack, offer a beer for story to anyone wearing a backpack. I promise it will be an experience.

  19. I did do this at a desert community a few years ago.

  20. Remove certain US centric words and this could be news in most developing countries. It is right up there with world leaders hiring family, handing out lucrative contracts to friends, and pretending that it is all normal behavior for politicians.

  21. Yep, thanks for pointing out they are cheaper than the other private schools, and bilingual.

  22. Not the right fit for everyone, but total fluency in a foreign language/culture is hard to compete against.

  23. Nobody looks at it. But to answer, They’ll give you a blank copy on the flight, so don’t sweat it.

  24. What is your units status, deploying soon, non deploying unit, entry level school..?

  25. Would you go into business with a partner that wouldn’t share their background with you? Hell Nope. guess what, that’s exactly what this relationship is.


  27. Zillow has turned into Craigslist or marketplace as far as how many bs responses you get. Do: clearly Advertise min credit score, min income required, what pets are/not allowed. Do: require them to fill out a tenant application and pay a fee (Zillow’s is like $29). Do not: entertain a showing or negotiation of terms until they fill out the application and can verbally confirm income. Do not: send a lengthy response to turn them down. Just say, “it has been rented, thank you for your interest”

  28. How do you avoid having a bunch of people waste their application fees? I have generally tried to put all of the requirements up-front and have only one applicant at a time in order to not have people paying app fees. It’s not that efficient. I figured if people lost an app fee they would be way more prone to try and complain. It also means that I simply pick the first qualified applicant.

  29. I have two standard responses prepared. One is when I am still considering applications, the other is when I am not (as in I have a qualified family that is very interested). I send a free debt/income ratio worksheet either way to help them determine if they will/will not be wasting their time applying. It really does weed out many. The very qualified (4-5x rent) usually don’t bother and just skip that option.

  30. Esperanza's market on S. Pleasantburg has frozen passion fruit, as well as many other tropical pulp.

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