1. I've been to a buffet (Bellagio) post covid a few months ago and wouldn't recommend it. The policies are pretty much gone and they are doing minor cleaning and disinfecting. Stuff is spaced out and there is less and lower quality. But you are still paying the same if not a higher price.

  2. I feel like this thing isn’t getting enough attention. It’s literally going to be one the most technically advanced buildings in the world. The shit they’re going to be able to do there will be mind-blowing.

  3. I feel like there's so many other things happening in Vegas people are just overlooking it. Once it is open people will realize how amazing it is when they go to their first event there.

  4. So I have written several growers and asked for swag because the dispensary told me they can't sell it in ohio, but the manufacturer can send you shit for free. Klutch did this, BR, and Willie's Reserve. So why when its Certified is it against "state regulation"? 🤔

  5. Because it costs them money. As if they aren't making enough.

  6. Hasbro should really extend their licence out to someone to make a Monopoly themed hotel.

  7. This actually would be a great idea. Restaurants and shops could be named after spots on the board.

  8. Horror-core should be a new genre of it isn't

  9. Regular carts last me 3-4 days but the live has last me about 10 days now.

  10. I feel like I smother my boyfriend with my cuddling sometimes because I’m extremely affectionate 😬

  11. I feel the same way. I never know where the line for affection is My ex asked me if I was a dog because I never left him alone. Of course he meant it in a derogatory way and that's now why he is an ex...

  12. I second all of these. Triple chocolate chip is my indica GOAT. Didn’t care for the taste of northern lights but the effects were stellar.

  13. Triple Chocolate chip is my #1. Triangle mints is another that I forgot to mention. Klutch had a nice sale and I found the White truffle and triangle mints to be similar.

  14. On that note; I usually stay away from Cresco products however the White Truffle I got of theirs was crazy good. It was good enough to have me go back to the dispensary I utilize the next day (75 mile round trip) to pick up a oz

  15. Klutch has a white truffle now in cartridge and pods.

  16. Now scream in their vicinity for days 😂

  17. There is an interesting book about the navy divers in pearl habour: decent into darkness, if i recall correctly

  18. BVB didn't show to my date and I still wore their shirt. Most of us dgaf how you look or probably think it looks cool.

  19. Coming here to say what else has been said about kids. Constant noise from kids instead of what you normally hear in other budget hotels. You won't be spending much time in the room but if you are a light sleeper I'd pass.

  20. This matches my house color scheme so well

  21. Detroit would be perfect with the large factories, lake, and stadiums. If they could somehow incorporate the Canadian border into it so we can see how/if the country lines still exist.

  22. Metal doesn't need to be broken down into sub genres

  23. It just came out but I love the story that MIWs video for Masterpiece tells.

  24. Masterpiece made me cry when Chris started to cry. You can feel the emotion.

  25. Didn't watch it yet as I'm not a huge fan of the visuals in MIW's branding. The song is fucking incredible though. However, I 'am' a bit of a Breaking Benjamin fan, so...

  26. I'm a fan of Breaking Benjamin as well. So it makes sense I'd like the song. I can vividly remember the first time I heard Diary of Jane. I started to listen to similar bands after that and now I'm here.

  27. I'm sure our faces are the same as the people on the ground when they saw this come in for a landing.

  28. "You're mine motherfucker" as you punch them in the face

  29. Gonna be a real exciting egg hunt if this keeps up 😂

  30. Oh I see. I don't live near I-71 so I didn't know. On the interstates around me (70, 75, 675, US 35), I noticed that enforcement is quite sparse after dark, compared to the day time.

  31. They are increasing their aerial patrols in NE Ohio so it's been interesting seeing a whole line of people pulled over at random sections of the highway.

  32. I use IA even if I know the person's room number so they'll hopefully stop doing that

  33. That IA definitely gets their attention when they are watching the tracking.

  34. Ahh.... I see! Fuel prices are high, so my guy decided to fly on fumes!

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