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  1. I just got this a few days ago as well next to the floor is lava it's just requires tons of luck and you cam tell this was made with the old ult in mind

  2. I thought bugs was going to pull down his pants the way he was grabbing him πŸ’€πŸ’€

  3. I kind of grown used to it and I don't really mind at this point and it would be really double standards if you were to be against gay solider and for lesbian tracer

  4. God I wish I was a girl. but I’m just a dude who loves Yuri. (If I was a girl tho 100%)

  5. Note here I went like 40+ games waiting for illos to pop up and a finally did except I wasn't able to show the first kill (excuse my death I was popping off that I got it)

  6. Bro I'm still waiting for this to come and it's been over 4 months already 😭

  7. I pre-ordered it in eknightmedia and it said may 31st for me

  8. How is one talking about how he named his dog fucking reinhardt that's sick af

  9. Honestly this is better than the dick girl manga okaybuddybaka has been spamming lately

  10. who was casting this game? I don't recognize the voices

  11. The woman is vikkikitty she's most known to be a smash bros announcer I was quite suprised to see her here not sure about the guy

  12. Oh hell naw you got the eye doctors glasses display case πŸ’€πŸ’€ /j

  13. My question post got removed because it didn't have enough words which is really counterintuitive with adhd

  14. How do you get lobbies like this I just got a raging reinhardt complaining how I'm not healing him (I was with him the whole time) πŸ’€

  15. You're not gonna finish the first in that time, I'm sorry

  16. Oh ik but after ow2 I'll probably tone down on ow and focus on yakuza anyways

  17. I like what I played so far its just I been grinding ow for cosmetics before ow closes

  18. Me with the exact settings except chun li there is another

  19. Reminder: he's the guy that provided them with equipment for when they lost their equipment

  20. Reminder: He is also someone who will gladly dox a person from his YT comments for poking holes in his statements.

  21. Oh I didn't know that my bad honestly I only knew that part

  22. For me I'm just grinding as many coins for cosmetics and achievements as I can before ow ends

  23. She's even being played in OVERWATCH league at the moment. She's quite good.

  24. Really? I just saw the early game yesterday with doge and he did nothingπŸ˜₯


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