1. Men created this game and they can just as easily end it. Don't get too comfortable playing

  2. You act like women have never lost any games they themselves made either

  3. Based off observation of both the Christian and secular community there seems to a lot of emphasis on the latter

  4. I don't see that in my groups, nor do I partake if I'm not already in a good headspace. After a stressful day, sure. After a day where I've been down or an event that has upset me, absolutely not.

  5. The problem with using alcohol to alleviate stress is that we can always find reasons to be stressed, which can lead to a slippery slope where alcohol becomes a crutch

  6. I agree that men need to stop putting women on pedestals, they're no better than us, they're our equals. However, I disagree about the paying for OFs. Men have been paying women for sex since the dawn of civilization, that's never going to change.

  7. I never said that would change however it's important to be aware how it contributes to the pedestal thing

  8. I actually know quite a bit about the Roman Empire, which is why I’m confused. The Empire’s decline didn’t start with Nero. Or porn.

  9. depraved tendencies by Roman leaders are a big reason why mismanagement occurred which led to their downfall. Nothing controversial there

  10. I think you need to revisit the decline of the Empire. There was a lot more to it than that. Anyway, I’m off to workout. Cheerio.

  11. I think you need to revisit reading comprehension because I never said that was all it was

  12. it is likely a person using chatgpt, however yeah it is becoming quite an annoyance, you can recognise it easily by the factual, lawyer like style of writing though, no one writes like that on reddit.

  13. I've never encountered one on Reddit before, I kind of just assumed they were autistic or something

  14. I don’t need to change your view I just need to invalidate it. How do you think you know what’s what, when your too scared to even type out the word porn.

  15. You think the word porn will trigger people? You think taking the o out somehow made them unable to read the word porn? You made so many leaps of logic I can’t track it.

  16. Calm down dude I'm only doing what i was told in the past by ppl on this sub

  17. Thank you very much. I before I ever will speak about it, I will think about a way without including her in it.

  18. You can include her in it while still being respectful. It's not black & white, just try to be as fair as possible while preserving the integrity of your experiences

  19. Porn makes you soft, your game improves after so many days you’ll realize you are more interested in the face and eye contact. All my friends were mind blown how well I could pick women up. I was doing no fap that’s why. I didn’t need them that’s why.

  20. Lol OP is going down on his girl like “OoOoOoOo I get to suck her tiny dick” “hehehehehehehe” “no one will ever know I love tiny dicks especially if I post about anonymously”

  21. Why's that the conclusion you came to? Asexual erasure much

  22. Well it takes two to tango (ie. egg) so if anything I'd get bisexual

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