Foal had close call - The dummy foal phenomenon.

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  1. This is an arcade game mode. You can choose advanced, it is more realistic, but more difficult.:)

  2. You can keep it arcade style and still communicate a sense of weight. I can't put my finger on the specifics it but when you smash stuff it just doesn't convey you are a steam roller going at race car speeds and there is a sort of satisfaction that a sense of weight would convey.

  3. Yes, I understand you. We're still working on it! Thanks for the comment!

  4. Thanks, my comment is the kind you get because I see potential.

  5. it's not malicious, it's careless / hypocritical.

  6. His fans need to chill, they are making it sound like he murdered a bunch of kittens. Also don't buy a $250 backpack if you can't afford to lose it.

  7. When you're paying that much for a product, I think a 1-year warranty is reasonable to ask for.

  8. I think it is a reasonable ask but they are going on as if he was suddenly Hitler.

  9. Ok but hypothetically, if I put my finger in my ass, even tho they are both part of me, isn’t my finger in my ass?

  10. What if you are an ass, are you an ass within an ass? Like asshole inception?

  11. Yep, until music and sound effects are added, movies are just expensive adult cosplay.

  12. Yeah they haven't CGIed in Batgirl's superpowers yet.

  13. He also did the character design for Phantom 2040. You can totally tell, because most of the characters look like they're right out of Aeon Flux.

  14. I don't understand why people keep trying with the Phantom. I know he even predates Batman by 3 years and thematically to my understanding he is basically a cross between Batman and Black Panther as even thought he is a white dude he was African but the title is inherited from his rich family.

  15. For it to be the reset button we would need to kill it first before resuscitating it.

  16. There is real professional psychology and there is also speculative bullshit being pulled out of someone's ass don't confuse the two. I am sure true professionals look at this article with disdain.

  17. Because they own candy crush and its franchised games.

  18. It's exactly the games I think of when I think Activision-Blizzard, crap I have no interest in playing.

  19. What is up with reposting videos without sound to Reddit? Why can't we just link the original YouTube video and give the creator credit and views plus have sound and not suffer through video recompression, I really don't get it.

  20. Moon knight and Ms Marvel highlights their entire problem - everything has to be multicultural even if that means it's garbage content (Ms Marvel and they're hyping the shit out of it).

  21. Ms Marvel clearly isn't for me and that is fine, young girls can have super hero shows too.

  22. Pizza landed upside down, now he has to eat it himself, that’s the rule that I just made up.

  23. It's funny you think that that many pizzas would be stacked like that getting cold for no reason.

  24. Who said there was no reason to stack them? Delivery seems to me like the reason to stack them. When I have ordered many pizzas they were always delivered stacked.

  25. Outside of a heat retaining bag? They sit under the salamander until transferred to bags.

  26. This is an idiotic take. Yes, one player had a huge advantage over the others because he was more experienced/practiced at it. So what? That's like saying having a prize at the French open is unfair because Nadal wins it every year.

  27. Look at his previous comment this guy isn't okay so go easy on him.

  28. And you lost half (or more) of your potential audience for the sake of portraying an outlandish sociopolitical perspective in your comment.

  29. I... do not understand the physics here. That gap looks about an inch or two 😳

  30. Correct remember that cat ears have no bone and are rather flat when their mouth is shut.

  31. Somewhere in that statement is some profound fortune cookie shit, something about listening more and talking less. The pieces are all there but some assembly required.

  32. Remember when Warner Brothers released the DC movie 'Steel' ? How on earth could this possibly be worse?

  33. And this folks is why I’ll never go sky diving. 😂

  34. Correction teach your kids situational awareness, I can't go grocery shopping without running into adults that have none in the aisles.

  35. Get your girl to agree to name a son Mark and right after you come in her say that is going to leave a Mark.

  36. Are we talking about the notorious hacker 4Chan? Also how often do you hear of what you described actually happening you silly goose.

  37. Yup, every late-night or 24-hour place near me switched hours about 2 years ago (for COVID reasons). So many folks have not realized that or think they'll go back any day now.

  38. As someone with serious sleep issues that lives random hours I really miss having 24 Walmarts, especially since I always somehow seem to be awake at night.

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