1. Elite Dangerous for me, so... I guess a ton of just traveling through empty space until I hit a colony

  2. Better hope you don't need to do any engineering or you might get ganked by sweaty pirates.

  3. If I take off an arm, I take off the opposite leg. It seems to prevent them from doing anything after that.

  4. Any time I'm asked to be stealthy. I typically hate Stealth Missions a lot, but I'm pretty good at killing people with a compound bow. Who'd have thought?

  5. Your choice. Either way there is a community there for MP if you ever want to play it. It only requires four people to get a game going

  6. Like I said earlier I would be happy to join I just don’t have the actual game haha

  7. I doubt the Borg would want anything to do with Pakleds. They aren't very smart, so the information the Borg can gather from assimilation wouldn't be worth it. Since the Pakleds steal tech from other cultures and races there is a pretty low chance they would have any technological distinctiveness the Borg would find useful that they didn't already possess.

  8. Video Ouija. Either that or Hypno Germs. Both are equally stupid and hilarious and I love them. Endlessly quotable and supremely enjoyable.

  9. Of course I remember him. Lol I mained the dude the second he came out. He's so fun.

  10. Also Nicole has a similar enough face to Jennifer Lawrence that she'd be perfect for the role.

  11. 3 possible builds. I wish it was that we could build all 3 at the same time.

  12. Smash Ultimate is 90% Mental and 10% game skill. I just play to get better and have fun. As long as I'm improving and having fun, I'm Golden. The biggest Hang Up good players have is having fun. If they aren't enjoying the game, it will ruin the mental focus they need to succeed.

  13. Haven’t played against hero enough to really have an opinion but he seems aight, and Pokémon trainer is fine. Also I’m replacing pyra/mythra with kazuya

  14. I play an almost entirely RNG centric Hero, so after a few matches you'd have a strong opinion. DM me for friend code, and I'll play when I'm available next.

  15. The gateway constantly gets higher. It's around 10.8 million last time I got a character in.

  16. Hardcore is between zealot and survivalist. Probably need to play zealot first bud.

  17. Survivalist is definitely not much of a step down from Hardcore. My first playthrough was on Survivalist and when I made the jump to Hardcore the only real difference was that I needed to not die between saves. That was easy enough to manage.

  18. Really the major difference in Survival vs Zealot is slightly more enemy damage and less ammo from drops.

  19. Yeah the coffin dropper is the one I'm thinking of as well. I can easily make it to chapter 7 before using my first save. Then I force myself to get to chapter 11 before saving again. It's easily doable and I'd rather save a Zealot run for the Hand Cannon. All around not a very difficult prospect. Then again when I Platinum Trophy for Dead Space 1 my last two trophies were Impossible run and Only Plasma Cutter. I'd played through like 3 times already so by the time I did that run it was easy. I've played through DS2 like 12 times by now. My only issue with hardcore and using my final save before the machine is that sometimes I'm low on ammo and running past isn't always an option in those 5 rooms you mentioned. When I do my next Hardcore run, I'm doing it on PC so it should mainly come down to how good I've gotten with MnK after only like 2 years of PC gaming.

  20. He's actually part of the background in this scene. That's why he didn't get a new model for that scene.

  21. The Wall Guardian when only using the Plasma Cutter. I bought DS1 on PC a while back and even with a controller that shit was atrocious. And I'm a Dead Space Veteran.

  22. The DS PC port has a mouse fix that makes it playable but yeah had to roll controller for my playthrough.

  23. Yes. The other day I was in the Lego aisle of Walmart looking to see what they have. They had the 3in 1 Creator Castle for $99. They also had the 3 in 1 Creator Viking Longboat with Midgard Serpent for $120.

  24. Same. The outbreaks absolutely happened. Even IF Isaac was the perpetrator of everything after Aegis 7 and the Ishimura there is zero chance he was able to kill millions solo.

  25. Even 100. How many people could work in the psych ward? It’s not all that big maybe 20 padded rooms. Call it 40 people? Doors everywhere that lock. Maybe 1-2 if he can get out of the straight jacket

  26. In DS1, all I ever used was the plasma cutter. Ammo was always plentiful and it was super OP after a few upgrades.

  27. You should. It will be pretty easy if you have played it that many times.

  28. In my play through I found the force gun on hardcore very hand because sometimes I’d get cornered and one shot from the force gun would help me out a lot especially maxed out cause it can either kill them or dismember them.

  29. I honestly typically stick with the Plasma Cutter, Seeker Rifle, and Contact Beam for Hardcore. I almost never use the contact beam. But it is helpful when you fully upgrade it due to the added stasis effect on the secondary fire.

  30. Little did he know... I quit the game in one timelime because of that lamp.

  31. How beginner are we talking? I main PT and have been playing since launch. Had a bit of a character crisis for awhile but for the most part have played PT. I would say that it's a good beginner character since it has a low skill floor but a fairly high skill ceiling. You also have 3 different characters to work with. It will take a lot of work to master (I still haven't) but it seemed to be a good starting spot for me. You get a decent feel for different archetypes like rushdown, zoner, and heavy as well. So that's my vote. Also it's just a super fun character that just so happens to be a top tier.

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