1. I wouldn't risk it personally, but I'm pretty reserved about buying clothes online. I guess if you like enough of the designs you might get, then go for it!


  3. It might be alright if it were two small handaxes. Still difficult, but at least somewhat practical.

  4. Huh, I didn't know that could be a constant thing for people

  5. Yeah I've been dealing with it for over a decade now. It mostly stays in my fingertips and lips, but I have to lotion my hands every day and use a hella lot of chapstick

  6. It is lol. Thankfully my case of it isn't very severe so the most I have to deal with is splitting lips when I open my mouth too wide. Most of the time I can just drink smoothies for a couple weeks until they're under control

  7. You’re welcome. The show is actually coming to Disney+ on October 19th

  8. I'll make sure to watch it then, for old time's sake. Thanks for letting me know!

  9. Folk religion, not cult. Neighbouring people had similar stories which implies an original ancestor mythology that diverged, so Folk religion not Cult, (Maybe cult later on as that would explain the evolution from normal folk religion to more "Axial age" type religion but that'll need more elaboration and something that would have come up only after the origination of the stories).

  10. I don't know what half of that means but have an upvote anyways

  11. And a nice one too. I just went the fake alias route and added 007 when I haven't watched a single James bond film.

  12. At least you still chose your name. I signed up back when reddit gave you random ones by default. Didn't bother changing it because I thought you could change it later. Oops

  13. The more popular a meme gets, the less attached to it's original meaning it becomes. Plus it makes more sense this way from a visual point of view

  14. Idk about you, but I didn't find either of those in my first playthrough, nor would I have guessed it was weak to those. I had a stick, a club, and a leaf, and broke them all before dying and running away

  15. From personal experience, it's hard to land tricks with these wheels, they bounce too much

  16. I really like it, but this gives Samurai Jack or Kubo and the Two Strings vibes, not HB

  17. Same here. My justification is more armor protection when aiming down the sight

  18. Exactly! ODST for the left, Scout for the right for just a little extra tankiness

  19. Depends on the game/core: Reach/MK.V [B]/Rakshasa definitely but MK.VII, Halo 4, Halo 3 no, because I don't think there's the right kind of shoulders to justify it.

  20. Agreed, we need more chunky armor for the new cores. The small ones are all so similar they almost don't matter

  21. THIS ^ ( the funny part is that i actually commented it saying things like ": Who cares of it" and they downvoted my comment)

  22. I saw that a couple hours ago! Idk why that got downvoted tbh

  23. Aw, I kinda like it though. Viv makes some good background character designs, and with the main story going on, it's hard to stop & look at them. Plus, I want to see more of this giant "Goetia family" that keeps getting mentioned. If everyone is making precautionary heirs, and with all the noble titles, who knows how many members their are! Cmon, we need like a family tree, or giant full on reunion episode.

  24. Oh I agree, I think these posts are really interesting and the designs are great. But let's be real, spamming these once every few hours is pretty low-effort, which is what this post is about. I feel that it would be better to have one mega-post with pictures of all the background characters in a certain scene, and can discuss them all at once

  25. They definitely did not seal it, because just look at it. It looks like it was made by a 6 year old.

  26. It doesn't look sealed, but the carving is excellent. This is a

  27. This seems more like a reference to actual demonology than Helluva Boss

  28. Yeah, I know, but considering a few people here seemed to know about Ars Goetia demons I thought there might be someone here who knows, especially since the symbols in the summoning circles are similar. Plus, I wasn't sure where else to look for answers at the time, though someone pointed out

  29. The pegging scene with M 'n' M was fun but felt a little out of place. Would have been better at the end of the episode imo

  30. Yup. On the other hand it would be be a legit use of IA to have some kind of automated frame interpolation to smooth out some scenes without much effort from animators.

  31. I recommend watching noodle's video on why high framerates aren't always better. One of the sections is specifically about drawn animation, like here

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