2022 Hungarian Grand Prix - Free Practice 3 Results

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  1. I'm still waiting on Piastri getting home from the beach (or whatever he's doing) and checking his phone lmao

  2. Isn’t it just squad members that see your pings?

  3. Did you eat differently while you were sick? Could your eczema be related to your dietary habits?

  4. That was scary indeed. I read somewhere that they are to change the pit entry for '22, anybody has some more info on that?

  5. Not anymore. Used to daydream about moving to Australia, then New Zealand, then Switzerland, but I realised that even if I had the skills necessary to built a new life overseas, I could never physically leave my family and friends here.

  6. Spending some time in a country from where i cannot use F1TV Pro, I could only watch the Youtube highlights unfortunately.

  7. Sainz didnt box for inters so the difference between sainz and perez was only about 3 seconds before sainz pitted. Sainz had a slow outlap because the track wasn't dry enough for the hards.

  8. The height is perfect; to make it more visually pleasing you could might want to align the bottom of the screen with the top of the window sill.

  9. probably do need to address it somehow.. from reading about the layout before the race besides a lack of runoff area to even create runoff space a second concern is the overpass.

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