1. Quick sellouts mean nothing unless we know how many were sold and how that compares to a normal launch

  2. It doesn't matter whose shoe it is. They could have had anybody and it would have sold out.

  3. I was told by various users on here that his shoes wouldn’t sell out anymore but go off I guess.

  4. Has this been really a part of your life--that someone else's shoes are going to sell out or not?

  5. “We punished Draymond by giving Poole a max. What more do you want?!”

  6. Draymond gets treated differently by everyone. Gets away with things nobody gets away with.

  7. You mean Kobe who won 3 rings vs ja who hasn't done shit yet? I'd say Ja is worse because one is an accusation. The other is repeated video proof on multiple instances.

  8. Those 3 don’t really space the floor and Draymond is the only playmaker and Lopez can space the floor so yeah kinda has to be like that

  9. Lakers still win in 6 even against the fully healthy Grizzlies

  10. Dawg the lakers literally almost lost game 4 Lebron had to hit the luckiest lay up of his life to prevent a game 7 in Memphis

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