1. nato pumping resources into ukraine is keeping the war ticking.

  2. NATO pumping weapons in Ukraine allows Ukrainians defend their home and stall and push out Russians. It saves lifes. Russians are the ones prolonging war by staying in Ukraine. The moment Russians collectively realise to respect country's borders and move out, is the moment this war will be over.

  3. Looked like a fun ride for a minute

  4. Tbh, as civilian, in a sense it would be fun if it weren't in a combat zone, dangerous because crew tries to get rid of you and tank being heavy monstrosity which could remove limbs or fingers with ease if you just put it in the wrong place. Remove those dangers and it's definitely fun.

  5. I was waiting for one of those guys to get pulled into the ring between the chassis and turret. That'd be a very not fun way to go.

  6. Nicolas Moran(The Chieftain) had a story about auto closing compartment and that he had not moved his hands away from closing doors. Thankfully someone had implemented a feature that if there is resistance it doesn't close forcefully and just stops it and he still has his hand.

  7. I’m not certain wearing more revealing clothes leads to a higher chance of getting raped. It sounds logical, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. Loads of people get sexually assaulted while wearing normal clothes. And I don’t think people should wear less revealing clothes to reduce their chances of getting assaulted.

  8. It's not about that. Argument is that they insist on being afraid and so, yet actions show opposite. The least thing you would expect that if you're concerned about something that you would take actions to prevent that.

  9. You can mention that USA destroyed 90% percent of Mariupol.

  10. That's not gonna work, they are aware of Azov Nazi stuffs. However you can go in weird ways. Like saying that US forcefully relocates Iraqis into the US for genocidal purposes (Something Russians have done in Ukraine). Or share images of "Ukrainian Nazis" which are in reality Wagner patches. Or NATO troops massacred Serbs in Srebrenica. Upload photos of HIMARS destroyed made from video games

  11. Okay then. Take video of Patrick Lancaster's interrogations and frame it if it's actual American interrogator who is ridiculing POWs...

  12. Talk about work/life balance and flexible work schedule, which adapts to workers needs.

  13. That says a lot. A man's life or health is not valued. Man exists to fund the woman. I bet government would give empty promise of money in the case of husband's death and all of these women would be sending their husbands in droves.

  14. I mean, can't someone organise funding. Go to abandoned town. Resolve few issues using money to atleast temporarily make that town/village tolerable for a living standards. Take hundred or few hundred participants and try experiment of two years to try that true communism.

  15. As usual. More CCP propoganda. Sensible comments downvoted, delusional upvoted here.

  16. You failed your Canadian test. No apology has been found.

  17. Ukrainian and Russian arent similar at all. It would be like Portuguese and Spanish. Infact, Ukrainian and Russian are more dissimilar than Spanish and Portuguese since Ukr. And Russ. Share 60% of their vocabulary but Spanish and Port. Share 90% vocabulary. There are some similarities but you wouldnt ever confuse one for the other as a native speaker. More likely explanation is just that most people in Ukraine speak Russian and thats how this whole situation happened.

  18. From what I have seen is that majority of soldiers are from Eastern parts, hence even during a firefights they communicate in Russian. Still usage of a language doesn't indicate loyalty to the country. Most people are loyal to their home and families. Hence Russian speaking Ukrainians are loyal to Ukraine.

  19. They have to blame someone, anyone other than themselves. That won't do.

  20. But it's such a childish way to go about. Instead admitting that you have agency and you can change things. Instead of taking responsibility and accountability into your own hands to steer things in your preferred outcomes, you just simply choose someone to blame and go on without change.

  21. Of course I count Iraq. Most of US's wars past WW2 were just as pointless as the Russian invasions.

  22. Atleast Americans had decency not to do warcrimes in a thousands, commit genocide, loot and steal from homes washing machines, kidnap children, rape defenseles, artilerise nuclear plants or threaten world with nuclear armageddon.

  23. The Americans did some nasty stuff in Vietnam. Altgough it definetely pales in comparison to threatening a nuclear plant.

  24. She's going to unleash a lot of rejections and not even bother confirming recipients on a basis to whom it may concern it seems.

  25. Russians lie. They lie a lot. You can't trust a word they say.

  26. 3/4 of that stuff in my opinion should be provided by the military itself, not bought by soldier. Only reiterates how awful situation in Russia actually is.

  27. Russians have made many mistakes and gave up a lot of freedoms. Once again, I'm not taking away responsibility.

  28. They are fleeing conscription and protest in Europe support to Ukraine and attack Ukrainian refugees. In Georgia they are hanging Russian flags and speak Russian narratives. Those fleeing are pro-kremlin and imperialistic in nature.

  29. Those, who protest in Europe, are mostly citizens or at least have had residence permits for years. Ironically, strongest vatkins don't live in Russia. Kremlin also pays different organizations, working with Russian diaspora and recruiting agents exactly for that.

  30. Dude... I talked with a few Russians who left Russia recently. I heard what others talked about their encounters with Russians who fled recently. Stories sound pretty similar.

  31. I pray the mothers in Russia see this & end this atrocity.

  32. You should look into Volodimir Zolkin's interviews with POWs and calls to their family members. Many of those family members are delusional.

  33. How is Ukraine going to be able to handle this many people surrendering as soon as they get a chance?

  34. Germans offered help I heard. To safekeep POWs due to Ukrainians being overwhelmed by POWs surrendering on mass.

  35. To be very honest this is the point. What often gets overlooked is that the T72 was made to be smaller but faster than most other tanks. It isn't quite the MBT like what the rest of the world makes.

  36. Yep. Tank design driven by doctrine. Just looking at vehicles and not seeing how they are used in conjunction with other branches of the military as combined arms force, doesn't indicate whether thing is good or bad.

  37. Doesn't China get most of their military hardware from Russia? I guess the turbo option wasn't made available to them.

  38. Russians use German engines, French targeting and optical equipment. That's why when sanctions hit, they no longer can produce any tanks.

  39. Obviously the school shooting will be blamed on Ukraine or the opposition. It was possibly even organized with that in mind.

  40. Tbh, school shootings of adults shooting up children do happen occasionally in Russia. Similar cases were happening even before the war. Usually by various nutcases.

  41. Its an idea from Lenin that says that because Social Democrats and some flavors of Fascism are both Corporatists, social democracy is actually just fascism in disguise.

  42. What would Lenin say about green movement. Using bicycles, production and consumption of renewable energy. Reducing, reusing and recycling. And protesting big oil and coal companies, yet promoting green companies. Would our dear comrade Lenin consider that a communist ally or the enemy?

  43. Liberalism, social democracy, new conservatism, green movement and others... How they are always grouped together and called fascism is beyond me by these individuals...

  44. Soon there will be war support call centers. With annoying elevator music and prerecorded messages to direct to a correct division. What development?

  45. Boomeriu nesamones, fu kaip netvaru, apsai siais laikais naudojami.

  46. Jo. Turėtų turėti kokį catchy pavadinimą, kaip In&Out. Pirma nurodyti ar tai vienos nakties santykis ar reguliarūs fling ar gal pastovus partneris, jeigu pirma kartą renginys vyksta tai kaip dar susipažino we kaip priėjo prie noro santykiaut. Rinkti statistiką iš smartwatch kada pradėta, kokios pozicijos bandytos. Po akto įvertinti pozicijų patogumą, partnerio vertinimą penkiabalėje skalėje, o po mėnesio santykių reguliarių parašyti blog'ą kaip įvertintų partnerį.

  47. Satellites and stuff is cool, but they require land based devices for communications. Without those devices I can't see how this is going to work out.

  48. I know what now? putin is running low on ww1 rifles he will arm them with muskets instead?

  49. Screw rifles and ammo. How that million of soldiers are going to be fed(daily), provided water(daily) and provided clothing for an upcoming winter. I feel that this decision will be colossal cluster fuck for Russians, because I doubt they will be able to scale their logistics, when they struggle with current logistical support...

  50. Plus, won’t any incoming transports become immediate HIMARS targets? Imagine the panic among the troops once word of THAT starts getting back.

  51. I am no expert, but moving targets don't seem to be what Himars rockets are for. Bases for storage, commanding stations and baracks seem to be his primary prey.

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