1. Not to the same extent man, look up what goes into makin one of them batteries

  2. Do you know how much resources it takes to make the machinery for traditional combustion engines also?

  3. Kupp averaged 872 yards/season prior to this. This past season was almost 2.5x as productive for him as normal.

  4. Well one season he did tear his ACL so those numbers will be skewed. I don’t think anyone thinks he recreates those numbers unless they are 7. However, it’s clear him and Stafford have a great connection. Enjoy your season man don’t stay angry on

  5. Bro averages 1000 yards and it doesn’t back it up. Guess Kupp gets better with age 💅

  6. In case you actually believed this from Peter Schrager. Remember he was the same that hyped Jarrett Stidham to the moon 2 off-seasons ago.

  7. I think most people who have watched Mac Jones can agree he is much better than Stidham

  8. Just don’t be lazy. Stop procrastinating and yank your baby before it has a living heartbeat.

  9. How many pregnant women have you interacted with? Most women don’t know for over a month unless they are religiously checking

  10. I swore a few days ago everywhere said 9 weeks but all I can find is 12 weeks now. Big techs out to get me.

  11. Isn’t the point of using tools to remove the fetus so the mom doesn’t risk bleeding out if these used the pill?

  12. I don’t think everyone’s experiences and expectations map universally. I’m happy you enjoy having so many kids, but I genuinely don’t want to increase the burden on the planet while giving up my lifestyle. Enjoy

  13. I was in Ft. Laudy a month or so ago, met him at a beer garden and man was he blasted at 11:30 AM.

  14. Legit considering starting fantasy next year just so I can draft him and Antonio Gibson

  15. Imo this is a great testament to the nonsense that is "ha ha short qb can't see over the OL". Like I'd rather have a guy who charts like Kyler than Stafford. Get me those deep passes out of the hash more than the center of the field.

  16. I don't have kids, nor do I give a shit what you put into movies I will never ever watch to begin with.

  17. If you look at about 0:10, you can see Brady just has his hands at his hips standing still. He doesn't even try to look like he's interested in tackling.

  18. It has nothing to do with immaturity, it deals with your type of humor. Not everybody is ultra woke and feels the need to use jokes as an opportunity to propagate their stances or show how morally righteous they are.

  19. If you’re work in a large corporate environment you shouldn’t be asking your COO if he is gay even if the pretense is supposed to be a joke

  20. Pre Stafford Goff was a hot topic, and truthfully, Stafford for a good portion of the season

  21. Just wait until you find out that farming animals by the billions won't save animals in the wild. We breed those animals into existence.

  22. Well, that's two more players to no longer root for. Falcons making me really consider just giving up on the NFL altogether.

  23. The timeline on all this stuff is exhausting, but I genuinely don’t remember the general consensus during the early findings of all of this. Truthfully, I don’t remember what the general sentiments were at that point

  24. I find it hilarious that the panthers want to “look into” Baker the person while they were well into the Deshaun sweepstakes. Guess they didn’t look into Watson the person too much.

  25. Draymond is mad annoying sometimes, lol. Always on about the "haters", beefing with computer simulations and algorithms.

  26. Cause y’all on here wanna tear down players performances rather than talk about the game plans Iunno

  27. Well I guess I was making a general statement, but obviously the software engineers need to tune up how they weigh certain parts of their algorithms

  28. It’s not even 12 hours into the off-season my lawd!!! 😂

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