1. Nothing showcases that DC flag more than playing in Maryland and moving to Virginia

  2. So... are there GOAT arguments from sumo where people online make arguments like 'so and so had better stats but he was going up against part timers'? Because I feel like that'd absolutely be a thing.

  3. Jason Castro was shockingly bad (.384 OPS). Niko Goodrum was worse (.318 OPS) in far fewer games. And Yuli has been the worst regular starter (.640 OPS).

  4. Odorizzi or Ozuna for the Braves, probably Odorizzi because I don't even want to see him pitch again for the Braves, at least Ozuna is a decent bench bat.

  5. Will Smith has been solid since coming over (2.66 ERA). Cant say I hate the trade.

  6. Pretty shocking that he can have a 159 OPS+ & only be worth 5.0 WAR. Looks like he is getting dinged on dWAR quite a bit this year relative to most.

  7. He’s actually putting up more fWAR on a rate basis this year than he did in 2016 (7.56 WAR/162 vs. 6.8). He still trails 2017’s 7.94 WAR/162 on a rate basis. But Fangraphs has him rated better defensively this year than either of those years.

  8. Some of these coaches (Frost, Pruitt etc) you can look back and see why they got hired. Frost was a no-brainer hire.

  9. This is the dumbest football related saga since Mayfield didn’t shake Sherman’s hand

  10. Astros reporter Julia Morales is married to Matt Clark. They met when he was in the minors and she was doing a story on his dad or something.

  11. Yordan has a 187 wRC+. For reference, that’s better than any MVP Trout year.

  12. It’s better than every Trout season except for being a hair under the 36 games of 2021 (189), and the 140 games of 2018 (188).

  13. Really makes ya think on what could have been if Yordan didn’t have his hand injury. I’m glad that he seems back to normal now, hitting Dong after Dong.

  14. He hit 26 home runs in 74 games before his July IL stint. Then 5 home runs in his next 40 games dealing with that hand soreness. And then he’s hit 6 homers in his last 7 games.

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