1. I went with the foundation. 15ml is a good size (looking at the full size on their page this sample is worth $11) and actually available in a very fair shade with cool undertones so I'm much more optimistic about it matching me than some of the foundations Ipsy's had (where the fairest color is way too warm for my pasty pink-toned self).

  2. I have the same skin tone. You have convinced me to get this as an add on, if available. I’m tired of all the warm tones I can’t use.

  3. I ultimately skipped this month but the Saturday Skin sleep mask is amazing!! Especially for combination/oily skin

  4. I chose the mask because it seemed like the only item I’d actually use. I have combination skin, so I’m excited to hear that it works well for my skin type! If I like something enough I’ll go for a full size version.

  5. Same here. I’m fair but can’t find any swatches online. Holding off for now!

  6. If you haven’t tried that hair masque from Gloss Moderne before- it is soo good! It really got my frizzy hair together. Plus it smells like cognac which I was here for.

  7. Do you know if it is color safe?

  8. That I don’t know! I don’t see it mentioned on the packaging or website 😕

  9. No worries! I appreciate your response. 😊

  10. My nmom once said "if you're gonna treat your girlfriend the way you treat me, she's gonna leave you." Meanwhile my girlfriend and I have such a loving, respectful and caring relationship.

  11. This is my Nmom’s FAVORITE line! “If you treat (boyfriend, friends, colleagues, insert anyone else who exists in my life) then they will leave you.” Or, “You’re always going to be alone if you treat others like you treat me.”

  12. Got the text at 1:01 but it sold out before I could finish paying. Oh well!

  13. GB bag twins! I chose the eyeshadow palette. I’m pretty happy with this month’s results!

  14. went with that bellapierre purple quad. i do love me some purples and i also love mini palettes more than i like super big ones that take up more space than is necessary.

  15. Same here! It’s described as cool toned which makes me happy.

  16. I use the living proof as a detangler daily and it’s fantastic at that without weighing your hair down. I spray it on my brush. It also def conditions well. I have to use a super harsh shampoo for my scalp and it keeps my hair nice.

  17. I agree! That spray is my HG. I hope it will show up in shopper or a sale.

  18. Ipsy picks: 💧 Tatcha The Water Cream (10ml) 👁 Pyt Beauty eyeshadow quad 👄 Fieldtrip Hydrating Lip Mask (2.8g) 🖤 Seraphine Cosmetics Luna Liner (full size! 2g)

  19. Can confirm the Luna liner is waterproof! It’s one of the easiest liquid liners I’ve ever used. I like it better than the Pat McGrath liquid liner.

  20. I got this a couple months ago! I have thick hair and I like the way the waves look. The only downside for me is the size; it’s on the larger size and can be hard to handle on shorter hair

  21. I agree. I have shoulder length hair, therefore, I have had trouble with the tool because it is a bit large. It is well made though!

  22. my dad would always say hes signing me up for boarding school when i misbehaved. but thats cause he was a narcissist

  23. My Ndad often threatened to send me to a nearby military academy. It was a very strict, private boarding school.

  24. UnitedHealth doesn't pay well and they micromanage nurses.

  25. Can confirm! Worked there for nearly two years. I’ve never been micromanaged to that degree before nor since. Our bathroom breaks were recorded by time. It was labeled, “unscheduled events.”

  26. Lol remind me who said basic Caucasian sex?? 😂

  27. I do, and I have. I've gotten so many replacements, it's outpaced my regular supply to the degree where sensors and transmitters have expired. So I'm getting replacements for replacements now.

  28. I’m with you on this one. I have had issues with every other sensor that I use. I’ve had readings that were over 100+ different than my finger stick, both low and high.

  29. I am fairly lean. My endocrinologist said several of her patients have been having similar issues with Dexcom sensors.

  30. Ok, technically it cost me $4.15 w/ handling and tax.

  31. I got mine a couple days ago. I was pleased with my $4.14 purchase!

  32. I want to try the living proof and I’m kinda curious about the scalp serum

  33. The Living Proof spray is one of my HG hair products. I hope it’s in add ons!

  34. Where can I find CIATÉ LONDON Metallic Eyeshadow in Plum Up online…I chose candle but I want to buy the eyeshadow myself 😭

  35. I chose the eyeshadow but not yet sure if I’m going to skip. I wasn’t able to find it online. Maybe a new color or a shade specifically made for Ipsy?

  36. It's also strange to me how one could have a diabetic child and be that profoundly ignorant of the disease.

  37. The inverse of this happened to me multiple times today! Dexcom was 47 but my finger stick was 157. An hour later Dexcom was LOW but my finger stick was 197. This discrepancy lasted most of the day so I started a new sensor. The faulty one was only 5 days old.

  38. Thank you! I've seen the July's one several times on Mercari and it is really cute, but as you say it doesn't seem from material that can last some time.

  39. I have nail clippers, emery boards, etc in this bag. It’s held up nicely as I have toted it around in work bags, weekend trips, or anywhere I might have been in need of nail tools. It’s still pretty and iridescent!

  40. My first bag was March 2018 which makes 55 bags. 😳 I’ve parted with very few of them! My sister told me about Ipsy and showed me the December 2014 bag with contents while visiting my parents for Christmas. She gave me a cute, tiny bottle of nail polish from it. She hasn’t hung in there like I have!

  41. OK, just to make sure I get it... They move the month they will bill you for your annual renewal forward one month for each gbx you get?

  42. Can confirm the above comment applies to GB as well.

  43. If you only have GB and pay for annual, yes

  44. Yep! That’s how it worked for me with the annual subscription and GBX.

  45. Idk if you know anything about LPS but they’re basically Siamese + tabby. (So like a tabby but with the partial albino gene from Siamese that cause the pointed coat pattern… which is why the look like they do…). So they’re still basically ”mutts”, but very pretty mutts, lol. They’re honestly the BEST cats tho… like more chilled out Siamese. I had no experience with them until we got our girl

  46. My boyfriend has a male LPS. He’s vocal just like Siamese cats! Very skittish yet super affectionate when he realizes who you are upon entering the house.

  47. If I had a bypass and then some schmuck gave me that it would probably push me over the edge. Cute isn’t a substitute for a well managed competent staff.

  48. I couldn’t agree more! I am 2 years out from MI and CABGx4 at age 40. Long term Type 1 diabetes and bad genetics were the reasons. I did everything instructed in/outpatient. I had pain and memory loss but was very grateful and gracious to the amazing staff caring for me. I returned to work 6 weeks post-op (desk job in research at the time). This card would have gone directly into the trash!

  49. I would happily pay extra for this!

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