1. zerk is annoying but he’s nowhere near swift level.

  2. I never said he was swift level, but he is broken along with like 80% of the cast.

  3. zerker at least has to work. swift just throws shit out.

  4. Lol does he have to work? Agree to disagree. The game is broken altogether honestly.

  5. I haven’t played P4A/U story in years tbh, but I could have sworn it had multiple paths. Also Persona has the a lot of lore behind it with it taking place after P4 Vanilla.

  6. QOL: let us be able to go into training mode while waiting for an opponent in player match

  7. QOL: let us be able to go into training mode while waiting for an opponent in player match

  8. Well there’s a huge patch coming on Friday that changes the utility of the shield.

  9. It doesn't seem too bad to me. It's in the low hundreds at any given moment. It got a bit of a boost recently with evo sales. It has more than double the players DNF duel has for perspective.

  10. On PlayStation. I find players fine, you won’t have a problem.

  11. PC has a lot of issues, such as high CPU load rendering it unplayable for some, freezes/crashes when ranked queue matches are found (yes, you can "fix" this by auto-accepting matches, but not everyone knows this), Keyboards disconnecting randomly.

  12. I agree about the awakening. There’s no defense options, so I feel VERY robbed when I’m 90% health and they are 15% and they literally 1 touch me due to their super because IT DOES NO SCALE.

  13. I said the same for working out. I think it is just considered uneventful so they don’t record it

  14. Honestly they probably did it on purpose. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  15. It wouldn’t hurt for the game to implement crossplay sometime, considering it’s also being released on Xbox One and Xbox Series. It has the makings.

  16. game is so much fun. This and multiversus are my go to multiplayer games right now. Both quality f2p games

  17. My thoughts: so glad Chazz is gone but I wish Bella wasn’t too, she really grew on me this episode and I was excited to see her explore her connection with Joel. JUSTICE FOR CHANSE!!! Jared and Kat pissed me off but Kat leaving with him was cute. Really would have been happy seeing Courtney and Chad leave, nothing I dislike strongly about either of them but would have liked the other storylines better. I need to see Phoebe gone!! I hate that she’s probably gonna pounce on Joel even more now that Bella’s gone. She is so hypocritical and was nothing but shitty to her “best friend” in the villa.

  18. At least Tyler had someone that was actually into him.

  19. Can someone explain why people keep asking for Goku and Naruto? I keep scouring wikipedia but they seem to be in no way related to Warner Bros.

  20. Tony (the director) said they are open and willing to have non Warner bros characters in the game.

  21. This is easily the best First Look in the entire season. I'm itching to watch this episode.

  22. I’m happy for Bella honestly. Now someone hook up Chanse

  23. Bailey from season 3. She came in third place on the season coupled with Jeremy but he dumped her a week after the finale to go pursue something with Florita again.

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