1. Rap music hasn't resembled poetry since the 80's, so you're way behind on the times there. But even if rap still did sound like poetry, how does that not make it music.

  2. I can give a ton of a examples but first couple that come to mind that resemble conventional poetry are Andre 3000, Common, Nas, 2Pac, Mos Def, De La Soul, Q Tip. Even in more recent years we have Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$$, Earl Sweatshirt, J Cole, JID. And these are just artists that I listen to but I seriously can go all day. The point is, rap is based in meaningful text that is clever in rhyming, word play, punch lines, etc. To say the genre doesn’t have poetry at all poetry since the 80s is just incorrect

  3. Bench marks in hip hop? In which reality, Certainly not this one, he’s good but he’s just good.

  4. Alright was literally the anthem for BLM rallies for years, he won the Pulitzer Prize for his writing, he has time and time again won critical acclaim for his work, even artists like snoop, Dr Dre and Eminem have publicly said he one of the best rappers alive right now and have “pasted the touch” to him. People call some of his albums masterpieces for a reason. I still don’t understand why you think he isn’t worth the hype. TPAB and GKMC are modern classics, both top 10 rap albums in the last 10 years, so yea bench marks for contemporary rap as of recent. Im waiting for any POVs you have lmao

  5. I have never read such a meat riding paragraph in my life, take a rest

  6. The fact that I can’t enjoy an artist’s music without “dick riding” is hilarious, you must be really fun to hangout with haha. Also that you can’t comment with anything meaningful means you don’t know what tf you’re talking about. Sit down kid

  7. I’m getting the same issue. Servers might be down according to the server report but Riot hasn’t said anything

  8. Idk if many people agree with me but I think Elden ring is an absolute masterpiece but it can’t be replayed. You play and explore so much and the world is so big that you just can’t be bothered to explore again and again. The open world was really fantastic but it took something away from the souls experience

  9. For me, knowing the early farm spots and where to get the fun/ OP weapons made my second play through very enjoyable. It was less of the discovery and more about trying different builds and killing bosses.

  10. I know, we’re kind of expecting him to be chipped when we take him to the vet tomorrow. He was relatively clean when we found him

  11. I made some comments with updates. But the vet didn’t find a chip and commented that it’s pretty common in the area for people to leave their unwanted pets in dumpsters :/ We also reached out to some local shelters to see if anyone is looking for him. But he’s a happy and healthy ~3.5 month old boy!

  12. Right? Why would I need to send money back to a CashApp "agent" in order to be verified as a bussiness account. And the app does not have a reciving limit, so I don't understand why that step would be necessary in the first place

  13. Hey, I want to clarify that this email wasn't sent by Cash App. We're working hard to mitigate these types of external phishing scams – to help us, please forward this email to “

  14. What happned to the Kenny Beats and Isaiah Rashad cave episode. It was supposed to air on Friday, but I can't find anything about it. He also deleted his Instagram post. Does anyone know what happened?

  15. Vince Staples did a similar thing with Flume and Kučka on Like a Version; they performed My Boo. it's really good. Denzel Curry and the jazz quartet BADBADNOTGOOD released a live ep as well, such a sick combo.

  16. Hah no way! I was wondering else if anyone else from trc was on here. Thanks!

  17. No gonna lie, I also got kinda excited when I recognized the the yellow and pink v4s. Awesome gym!

  18. I'm not sure you know what lyricist means

  19. How exactly does it feel though? I imagine it feels like your eye is more open than usual but I've never had that done before

  20. It's more so that you're super sensitive to light and everything is blurry. Just generally uncomfortable.

  21. Can confirm, went to the central park show with both this September. Twas dope.

  22. That was honestly top 5 concerts for me. Who from Lawrence came out for Vulf?

  23. Were you able to purchase anything? It's not processing my the shipping...

  24. Is it telling you your shipping address isn't valid? I emailed them, they haven't responded yet

  25. I just started getting in grime and I wanted to know if there are any artists that are worth checking out. I already listened to Skepta, Lady Leshurr, Novelist and Leikeli47

  26. Is the site down for everyone right now?

  27. Its not coming up for me, I think they sold out for the NY show

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