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  1. Funny, that is exactly what all the gun guys who understand the firearm used have been saying since day one.

  2. It's also worth looking into an aftermarket ball to go in it.

  3. if the majority of the team doesn't want to play with you, do you really want to play with them?

  4. I've been using Logitech trackballs since they started making them. zero problems, just upgrades because newer ones have better features.

  5. HIV can still be spread through vaginal sex. There's actually been a recent spike in HIV cases among heterosexuals.

  6. Yes it can, and the odds according to the CDC, are 1/2500 exposures (ie sex with an infected person), ie trivial.

  7. Take your argument up with the CDC, they have more expertise in this matter than a Reddit rando such as yourself who is clearly desperate to ignore the facts.

  8. It's an easy mistake to make, sausage roll thief - kiddie fiddler, who hasn't confused the two at one stage or another?

  9. Can't make the team look bad worse.

  10. In all honesty, I don't think you can do anything that would make that team look worse.

  11. Then you are already in position, just roll over to your partners side and do the deed.

  12. I don't get their thinking, if I'm in a game and the majority of the team don't want me there, it's better for all involved that I find another group to play with.

  13. A stupid law (before it was amended), but she leaves out the 3rd option, go interstate and get it done.

  14. Right then they could have resisted and maybe they'll be a hundred million killed but idea complete civil war on the street. Instead we have the US where it's everyday and they shoot out at the okay corral with only the bad guys and only one side has gun.. yeah let's turn everybody and make it a regular event at schools. Better yet why don't we just dedicate the state of Wyoming or North Dakota for the event and the scenery is picturesque

  15. Cool, so just line up and make your way into the cattle cars in an orderly fashion...

  16. Well that's coming to us soon enough, the storming of the capital and the close coup that almost just happened on January 6th, what the fuck who could ever believe it could have happened here. But once the GOP television gets fully installed and has all the power, they can declare martial law. Oh it won't take much any stupid excuse will do and then, they'll be loading the box cars all in the name of freedom ironically freedom yes, keep the streets clean and the noise of the dissension quiet. Yeah just like 1933 that's the way it happened, martial law and then Dachau opened in the fall everybody waving their flags. Yeah clean up the streets

  17. Storming the capitol. sure, the Capitol Police opened the doors and walked them in. How is the tinfoil hat going?

  18. They have. China has been cartographing the ocean floors for a few decades now.

  19. Great, that will allow them to find the ocean floor. submarines are a different matter.

  20. That sanctioned some AU exports over it. AU asked for an independent investigation into the origins, not specifically to investigate any particular theory

  21. I suspect that number is based on some idiotic assumptions.

  22. I don't see the fridge, the TV is too low and there are unnecessary cushions on the chair.

  23. Last year I broke my leg (compound fracture of the tib and fib) 30 min ambulance ride, with a stop for an ambulance that had better drugs to meet us on the way.

  24. "Accept" is a strong word... This citizen doesn't like or understand it either.

  25. Americans get to vote, as a nation you accept this being done to you.

  26. The reason Elon pays less percentage tax v a wage earner is that he is investing money - ie he puts in a large chunk of money to build a business (employing many) and if the business fails (say Boeing make a better rocket than SpaceX), he can lose every cent of his investment, so the risk requires incentive.

  27. Actually pays more than any other tax bracket as he’s in the highest income tax bracket.

  28. Not on his investments, which is where most of his money (actually potential money) comes from.

  29. Westerners try not to fantasise about China collapsing challenge (IMPOSSIBLE DIFFICULTY)

  30. Yeah. the real estate market is going great. major manufacturers aren't pulling out and the ratio of available workers to looming pensioners is absolutely sustainable...

  31. Sounds like a job for a competent government. We'll have to see how it pans out over the coming years.

  32. If China had one, it wouldn't help. it's like suggesting that a competent relief pilot can land a 737 after the incompetent one managed to tear the wings off.

  33. We absolutely can. What we can't survive is going cold turkey. We need time to build the renewable energy facilities the politicians have been blocking for years.

  34. Tell me about your renewable power set up and a rough guide as to what it cost you, plus the limitations it has.

  35. Good luck building it. the lawsuits alone make it prohibitive most places.

  36. Remove the subsidies and then we will see just how cheap it is.

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