1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! You could serve bacon wrapped dates on them at a party. :)

  2. You are an incredible story teller and writer. I hope your career or hobby involves creative writing--this was so easy to read and the comparison at the end was the chef's kiss. Rock on!

  3. How good is your insurance for the ER?

  4. You have no idea how depressing this reply is. I’m so sorry you need to worry about that stuff. Your country is a bit fucked.

  5. Indeed it is. Should I hike today? No there are rattlesnakes and the anti-venom costs $20,000. Should I ride a bike? Too expensive if I break a bone.

  6. Good luck! Looks like some really nice pieces in the kiln.

  7. If you need to be gone 7 hours at a time several days a week, it would be best to not get a puppy.

  8. Their tails and hind ends are perfect!! Poof poof!

  9. Leave it to ai to make the little ones ugly as sin.

  10. Seriously pom puppies are the cutest thing ever. Mother Nature 1. AI 0.

  11. Rocky Mtn National Park (CO) is one of the most amazing and magical parks ever! Make sure to drive up Old Fall River Road which is a dirt one-way road all the way to the top. It opens in July. Hike to Sky Pond. Hike Mt Audubon.

  12. I waited over a year for a cream sable and ended up with an orange. My 2nd one is cream sable. Personality, good breeders, and good health were more important than color for me.

  13. 100% agree that good conditions/health/temperament all comes before coat. Thank you for your input! a year and a half is crazy! 😵‍💫

  14. I am best friends now with my dogs' breeder. And have helped deliver puppies. The litters can be quite small. Single pups a lot of times that make it. It's not like labs who have 8-10 pups.

  15. Not safe. Something could catch on fire from the open flame. Someone could accidentally touch the brick and suffer a major burn.

  16. One of mine is almost 2 years old and very, very chill. I call him my stoner dog.

  17. I was thinking remote control "electric fence" type upgrade. ZZZZt. ZzzzzT.

  18. I tapped out when I read one cup of water. No proper espresso is a full cup of water. More like 1/4 cup.

  19. My landlord runs a cactus nursery, he a theory that some species pull up a bunch of water when it gets cold as it dramatically increases their mass and thus makes it harder for them to take freeze damage. But they can topple over when they do especially with soft wet ground. When one fell over earlier this winter he trimmed it back set I back up and cut some wood as supports until it stabilizes or dies

  20. That makes a lot of sense!! Very cool

  21. Let's get to brass tacks here. It's the pooping. In Boulder Creek. In plain view.

  22. I don't understand why camp buckets aren't a thing here. Even if it's in public it would be contained.

  23. Someone high on meth or fentanyl who has to poo-poo is not looking for a filthy bucket to do it in.

  24. Yes- sorry- offline for a few days. It's 3340'

  25. The one in the back center with no branches kinda looks like its flipping you off compared to the other ones

  26. The fun is to create stories about them. Sometimes you will see two hugging each other.

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