1. What my sister did back in 2 when she found a friend she played a lot with: made a PB when her friend was online, then inked a bunch of messages so they could find a way to connect.

  2. I had the privilege to visit just a few months before the great Takashi Amano passed away. It was a very moving experience. I really wish I could visit again.

  3. Wow I'm so disappointed. Never heard of the guy so when I read "the great Takashi Amano", I thought you were referring to a somehow legendary Amano shrimp. I was instantly curious beyond belief and had all these crazy and grande ideas about how a shrimp became so famous. Is it huge, like 5-10x larger than a normal Amano? Has it outlived it's life expectancy beyond belief? Is it a unique one of a kind color? Does it have some wild origin story? I fkn love shrimp, I was pumped to discover the story of this Amano. After several variations of searches similar to "legendary amano shrimp named Takashi in aquarium" I figured it out. Goddammit. That was a rollercoaster. I thought you saw this mystical shrimp right before it's death.

  4. I’m so sorry for the confusion, but your post absolutely killed me. 😂 I’ll name my next Amano shrimp “The Great Takashi” after this post.

  5. This makes my Canadian heart so happy. ☺️

  6. Rin’s route in Katawa Shoujo and Kiika’s route in Gore Screaming Show made me really uncomfortable for how close they hit home. I could really relate to both girls’ experiences.

  7. Congratulations! It’s always fun to see new babies.

  8. The little “hiyeee~eeh~” after the distorted screaming absolutely killed me.

  9. He has such a wise smile… if he’s anything like my newts, though, he only has a single brain cell.

  10. S-Surely they won’t just leave us hanging, right? Right…? 🥲

  11. Wow that is a gorgeous honey gourami! Do you have more than one in there? What do you feed it besides the spinach?

  12. Yeah all my fish go nuts for bug bites too. I feed them flake food and bug bites as a staple and they definitely prefer the bug bites.

  13. I’ve been there twice and love it! This video makes me want to go back again

  14. It’s not necessary to read it, but you’ll gain a better understanding of some characters and events (especially if you go on to read KnS 2 later).

  15. There are some mentions here and there that hint to the bigger picture, I believe, but the actual torture scenes themselves usually don’t have anything important from what I can remember.

  16. Occasionally, if I’m painting my nails, eating, etc. and can’t use my hands.

  17. She’s a Spanish ribbed newt (Pleurodeles Waltl)!

  18. Do you have a care sheet/website that you like the most for newts? I used to keep them in the 90s and are interested in it again. I imagine the knowledge is much better now, though.

  19. Honestly, they're a lot less demanding than some of the fish and shrimp I've kept. They're hardy if you have the basics down (like cycling a tank, keeping basic low-tech plants alive, water changes, etc.)

  20. Spanish ribbed newt (Pleurodeles waltl)!

  21. I want to make an edit of this with a laser charging up and firing a mighty beam from their maw!

  22. I read the first two parts last month on catch-up on JNC and liked it. I definitely want to continue the series once I have some extra cash.

  23. They’re definitely scheming something!

  24. Lynne and VA-11 Hall-A come to mind.

  25. Thanks for sharing! I’m more into painting figures than modeling them, so I’m grateful to people like you who create awesome figures.

  26. Chili rasboras, ember tetras, celestial Pearl danios, or endler’s live bearers would be a good choice! I have 3 males in a 10 gallon (no females because I don’t want babies) and they don’t bother the shrimp at all. They’re really colourful and energetic too!

  27. Thank you!! It seems like endler’s livebearers (males only) might be the best match for my water conditions. I like fish that are not shy about exploring the tank. I saw some at my local aquarium store and they’re really pretty.

  28. Yes, mine aren’t shy at all! They’ve very active and tend to chase each other around all day or pick around for food.

  29. Thanks for making this! I’ve been kind of blindly going through it now and whew, it’s been a journey so far. I’m super squeamish, so I have the gore filter on for pictures, but some scenes/endings are still intense. Really been enjoying it so far though, and I’m excited to get to Yuka’s route eventually!

  30. I have fond memories of watching the OP of this over and over again on YouTube when I was younger. I love the hell out of Akio Watanabe’s designs. It would be awesome to see this translated eventually, but I don’t think it’s especially popular.

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