1. Well, tbh, I thought it was implied all this time that they were banging/a couple, so I was very confused at that line. Now that I know I was wrong, I think she really did mean it as she only has familial feelings for him because she said it was weird to kiss him. It doesn't feel weird to kiss someone you are into. It definitely feels weird to kiss your brother.

  2. But she also said it wasn’t a bad kiss, definitely seems like both of them enjoyed it afterwards.

  3. They’ve renewed it for season 4 and Kripke says he wants to do 5. I’m sure if he talks to the executives and explains that he wants one final season to wrap things up, they’ll go for it. Plus it’s one of Amazon Prime’s best performing shows, I’m sure whatever he wants, he’ll get 💀

  4. Yeah, you're right - so much in Frenchie's past... All of that shaped him in some ways very differently from other people.

  5. Maybe it’s just my deluded Kimchie shipper brain talking right now but I wouldn’t give up hope on a romantic relationship just yet. Karen Fukuhara has been saying that their relationship is extremely complicated and can’t be defined by traditional labels like “boyfriend/girlfriend”. I feel like she means that those labels aren’t enough to describe their relationship, they’re more than than that and their relationship is more than that. She’s also described their relationship as, among other things, romantic so I’m sure they’re keeping that door open. If they really intended for them not to have a romantic relationship, why show the kiss at all (and their happy reactions to it as well)? Also, I recently read a TVInsider interview with Tomer and the title was “Why Frenchie and Kimiko is a Couple Worth Rooting For”. We just gotta keep rooting!

  6. At first I thought they might hook up before she took the V again and could still “feel”. I love that their relationship is undefinable. I think we will get the romance, it’s just a slow burn. She’s more concerned about protecting him than anything else. I noticed in the scenes with Little Nina that he only called out for Kimiko. Maybe they will take the next step when both are supes.

  7. I don’t mind a slow burn, I was expecting that anyway with these two. I’m more concerned at how the writers are just dangling the possibility of a romantic relationship only to pull it back up. If they’re gonna do a slow burn, be consistent about it and stand your ground.

  8. Idk, if I truly saw somebody as a brother-like figure in my life, I wouldn’t be having fantasies of being in a romantic musical number with them. I also wouldn’t be having thoughts of kissing them and much less acting on them.

  9. To be fair your romantic partner is (hopefully) your found family, it’s not one or the other. And being romantic partners usually comes with other layers to it like being best friends, each other’s protectors, etc. Still I get why some people aren’t for it, a man and a woman definitely don’t have to be romantic just because they’re close.

  10. Saw someone else mention this, they used Peter Quill and Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy as an example. At first, they were a part of each other’s found family but later on, they built on the feelings they had for each other. Having that deep connection with someone can make them an even better partner imo

  11. I'm very confused about where Kimiko and Frenchie stand after her note to him in episode 7. She's saying that their kiss wasn't bad but that they're "more than that" (a couple presumably) at this point. Normally, the mere mention of "you're like family" would signal MASSIVE family zone flags for me but her saying "more than that" is throwing me off. She didn't say she regretted their kiss, just that it felt weird. Part of me is thinking that she did just family zone him but the other part of me is thinking that perhaps this is the show's way of leaving their relationship ambiguous? They will continue to be together and treat each other as life partners (taking each other into consideration when making decisions, maybe co-habiting, etc) but we'll never see them do anything explicit like making out or having sex. I definitely think they do have some sort of romantic relationship since the kiss obviously came from some sort of feelings between the two and they both seemed happy afterward; however, I could see the writers twisting their relationship into a familial type of love.

  12. You can see that all his other replies are only about a sentence long AT MOST, maybe he’s just a dry texter but idk. Reminds me of what I did once when I was trying to let someone I used to like off easy right before ghosting them. I was trying to get them uninterested/annoyed with me so they’d stop texting😅

  13. TBH - until a couple of days ago I was sure

  14. I’m holding onto your prediction for Frenchie for dear life right now 🥹

  15. Right. But I don't think she kills Frenchie.

  16. God I hope so, I just want them to live through this season 😭

  17. Seeing Frenchie & Kumiko dancing together in the musical segment was wholesome af and didn't seem out of place at all. I'm surprised at how well done it was

  18. I’m just surprised she actually kissed him, nice contrast to the last time they kissed 😂

  19. Yeesh i thought he was talking about a feminist. I'm not up to date on my slang

  20. I thought the same thing 💀, whatever floats your boat Billy

  21. I hate musicals with a passion. I get more Kimiko and Frenchie scenes but at what cost? 😩

  22. Neuman wanting his daughter to be strong and safe makes me thing that the compound-V is gonna have terrible effects on her daughter or at least, giving her some awful/terrible/detrimental/useless power.

  23. It may not be right now but I feel like later on, her daughter is going to resent her mom for injecting her. After she was injected and in pain, the camera panned to a happy drawing of her and Victoria. Maybe it’s nothing but idk seemed to suggest something to me

  24. Man, I hate how Frenchie proposed the idea of running away together. That's signing the death wish right there when it comes to characters futures. Hopefully I'm wrong became I'll Lamplighter myself if they die.

  25. Actually, Kimiko was the one who proposed the idea but I agree. I can see either or both of them getting seriously injured by the end of this season.

  26. I think so because they had that call between her and Hughie where he essentially tells her to grit her teeth and bear it for the sake of the mission. I’m sure she knows he cares about her/is concerned but it still must sting to essentially be told “The mission is more important than your feelings”. Then you have her ex-boyfriend who outright told her he was putting himself in a toxic environment to look out for her and support her even after she told him to leave. It sets the stage for an emotional affair between the two, whether they realize it or not.

  27. I think Frenchie's obsession with her initially was uncomfortable. She lacked agency in their relationship. However, I disagree that she did not develop mentally into adulthood. There is no evidence that she didn't. Him trying to kiss her in season 2 was messed up but I think that it just shows his terrible relationship with sex and intimacy. At the moment I don't think they can be in a romantic relationship. I would not mind if it developed that way later, but I mostly don't care. I disagree that the actors do not have chemistry though. Their chemistry is the only reason that people ship them, they are almost selling their relationship on their performances alone.

  28. Tomer and Karen’s chemistry is off the charts, even off screen. They seem like really good friends which makes it easier to sell the romantic aspect of their character’s relationship

  29. That time he tried to go further didn’t end up well.

  30. To be fair, Frenchie was high as fuck and his timing could’ve been better. She was mourning her dead brother and seeing him be labeled as a violent terrorist so I’m sure making out with her friend wasn’t the first thing on her mind. I can’t remember exactly what they said but someone else on the sub broke down the interaction very well in a comment.

  31. he looks like he got a lil' thicker this season / put a little weight on and uh...it's working for him

  32. I just wish they let Tomer keep his hair cause when I saw him with it for the first time, Lord have mercy 😩

  33. I feel it in my bones that Frenchie is gonna die or at least be seriously injured by the end of this season. The conversation he had with Kimiko about leaving together and how Butcher manipulated him into calling Little Nina are giving me major red flags 😭

  34. Hell yea! Let’s revive this sun just in time for the rest of season 3

  35. I hope we get to see more of Frenchie and Kimiko, preferably together. I love their dynamic

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