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  1. Exactly! I only pay SOME of you to be gay, NOT ALL OF YOU!

  2. I have a guard army I loosely based off the Finnish defence forces. 33. arktinen jääkäripataljoona, led by Ylil. Parviainen, with assistance from Lord Commissar Ivanov, the only non-Finn in the group.

  3. Oh no please don't I have way too much to lose help me

  4. In high school a friend of a friend actually tried to convince me that Hitler was a communist. I knew he was wrong, but I just found the whole conversation exhausting. I don't know if he still thinks that way, I really hope not.

  5. Gay drunk and horny? Holy shit same! Happy wappu my dear friend!

  6. I've already gone through enough identity crises in the last few years, I don't want to experience too much gender^tm right now

  7. Let Finland eat Sweden before I eat it myself!

  8. Check out Love Child by Accept. German 80s heavy metal about a man struggling with his sexuality. Great stuff, their music can also be occasionally very homo erotic (see also Aiming High)

  9. I'm currently studyin it in university, and It's fun to see the memes make more and more sense as my studies progress.

  10. I may have severe problems. What is certain, I am not a goldeen.

  11. Alternatively: Finland, if Jesus had one less arm than Suomineito

  12. Regardless of who is getting the best head, The Man of War is going to brag about it the hardest.

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