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  1. What are those tortilla looking things in the bottom middle?

  2. I couldn't find an English translation for the name, but it's a type of bread called rieska. It can be made from potatoes, but the one I bought is made from barley.

  3. The only reason I can think of, is that maybe the line "what about the men executing orders" in Wehrmacht could be seen as promoting the "clean wehrmacht"-myth, but even if you believe that to be so, it is way too little to be called nazis or war mongers over.

  4. I'm kind of embarrassed to admit, but the earliest male character that made me "feel things", was David Hasselhoff's character from the 2004 Spongebob movie

  5. Footage of my snow-camo Finland-themed Imperial Guard army desperately trying to hold the line against my friend's Farsight Enclaves army. (I am losing horribly)

  6. Rush. 2112 was way more interesting than anything my child-self had heard before.

  7. The farmers of the Rat Empire are the clear elite in their craft I see

  8. I didn't know they made a cover of Burn in Hell! I need to check it out

  9. Nonii, viimeinkin meidän aika jutuskella. Mites on teillä päivä lähteny käyntiin?

  10. I have a soft spot for Light in the black. I understand why people don't talk about it much, I just wish I would hear someone mention in at least once or twice.

  11. Smack bar is such a great name for an Ork snack bar!

  12. Rökitettiinkö Keltanen Valtio niin pahasti viimisessä loppusodassa, ettei niillä ole enää kanttia taistella?

  13. Asun solukämpässä, jossa molemmat kämppikset on vaihto-opiskelijoita, toinen Nepalista, toinen tais olla Pakistanista, mut hän on muuttanu jo pois. Juteltiin saunomisesta yks ilta, ja kumpikin kommentoi kuinka saunominen muistuttaa kotimaasta, ihan vaan kun oli sen verran kuuma.

  14. Rush has always been the number 1 band for me

  15. Exactly! I only pay SOME of you to be gay, NOT ALL OF YOU!

  16. I have a guard army I loosely based off the Finnish defence forces. 33. arktinen jääkäripataljoona, led by Ylil. Parviainen, with assistance from Lord Commissar Ivanov, the only non-Finn in the group.

  17. Oh no please don't I have way too much to lose help me

  18. In high school a friend of a friend actually tried to convince me that Hitler was a communist. I knew he was wrong, but I just found the whole conversation exhausting. I don't know if he still thinks that way, I really hope not.

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