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  1. All the comments making excuses for bad drivers. The train is on a track, it didn't come out of nowhere.

  2. Money and free will is what most of this comes down to. I'm not trying to minimize folks realities or how they feel or what they've been through but ultimately that's how I see it. There's not enough money to support everyone and you can't force people into care or supportive housing, even if it was available.

  3. If his goal is to be ostracized, vilified and overthrown.... Then yes, sure he should do that.

  4. You mean the one that used to have at Waterloo Town Square? No. I don't see it on the calendar.

  5. Isn't this all done by the liberals? The conservatives have no power and we aren't anywhere near an election.

  6. The narrative is that because Pierre was elected the government is scared and wants to appease the right. It's a false narrative but both Conservatives and Liberals do it equally. It's called politicking.

  7. A common sense post in a delusional thread. Finally.

  8. There are a lot of posts here. So I haven't read them all and please forgive me if this has already been said.

  9. My first thought when I heard about this was that it must be family. And I also wonder if it has something to do with any sort of inheritance. People do horrible things for money. But my theory is that it was motivated by greed, and perhaps this grandmother was still quite spry, and was going to live for at least another 10 years.

  10. This is my first thought as well. That it was family, that it was about money. It's a sad reality sometimes what people can do. That poor woman. I really feel for the family left behind too.

  11. Translation: the business took a hit and the kids are in court so Daddy is afraid of getting sued and/or losing his shirt.

  12. Sadly, not. I have a "friend" who refuses to stop dining here and still worships the place. He says it hasn't gotten even a slight bit less busy after that happened. This place is kept in business mostly by regulars and hotel guests and it doesn't seem to have changed the mind of any of them.

  13. That's not entirely true. I know somebody that was in there not long ago and it was basically dead. So I'm not sure if your friend is correct. And I think if business was that great they wouldn't be selling.

  14. About time. Kevin Falcon campaigned with Andrew Scheer in 2019. The party has not been liberal for a long time and a name change was in order to get that stink off them from the feds

  15. I don't know enough about BC politics which is why I'm going to ask this... Where did the Liberals go?the voters. Are there still holdovers within the BC Liberals or did their votes end up going NDP and green? Or are they basically a coalition like the PCs. And reform in relation to the CPC?

  16. I have a lot of respect for NDP out west. The members tend to be a lot more reasonable on certain issues. That's not to say all are. And that's not saying every elected official is. But there is a distinction between federal and provincial. Which stands to reason why the folks in Saskatchewan would want to limit their contact with the federal party under Singh.

  17. Full-on private is not the way to go. For obvious reasons. But some people have a real rosy view of public health care in Canada. I think it's more based on how they want it to be vs how it is in reality. Oh, and we have private health care in Canada, in Ontario. Most people just don't see it. Urgent Cares and other walk-in clinics (apart from those linked to hospitals) for example.... very much privately operated. There are other examples too. But UC's are the ones that most of us encounter.

  18. I appreciate the strongly worded statement from Pierre. Good for him. However, it's a shame that it took them attacking his family and his wife personally for him to clue into the lunacy of this crowd.

  19. It's not gimmicky. It's progressive in the mathematical, economic sense.

  20. Hey, we took $10,000 from you this year, but we know it's really tough so we're going to give you $250 back. This is an example of how our government is working for you.

  21. If you were very poor or very rich then they did not take $10000 from you, so that’s what makes it progressive in the economic sense. Poor people get back a bigger part of what they spent and rich people get back a minuscule amount.

  22. It's an arbitrary number. My point is about the level of taxation in general.

  23. You need to learn how to read! It clearly has a label "SATIRE"

  24. I read The flair and I watched the video. I know what it is. It's low quality. Getting all giddy because somebody has strung together random clips seems odd to me.

  25. oh so it was you that reported the post! Get a sense of humor man!

  26. And don't blame me for having the post reported. Read the rules, man.

  27. I keep seeing the incest update referenced both in game and on the sub. Is it actually a thing?

  28. And the abortion debate will never be settled because there are people who believe that abortion is right or wrong no matter what and they will not accept anything else.

  29. And I am perfectly accepting of a carbon tax provided that we actually put s*** back into the environment. But nobody's talking about doing that. The idea that a carbon tax reduces carbon is ridiculous. Companies just find other ways to pass the cost on to the consumer who get doubly screwed.

  30. I'm just going to tackle one issue listed here. I wish people would stop talking about more stringent background checks. Owning a firearm in Canada is really freaking hard. The hoops that one has to jump through are already stringent enough. Saying that it needs to be increased is crazy. I'm not advocating to decrease the regulations already in place. But I think again that it's ridiculous to talk about increasing them

  31. Bloody bush you forgot about the Iraqis who died over gop bullshit

  32. I didn't forget anything. My comment wasn't intended to itemize the issues between presidents and why they are good or bad. I was strictly talking about the GOP as a political party.

  33. I think Canada needs to open things up. But I'll go a little protectionist here or big government if you will and say that any acquisition offers by China or Chinese controlled companies should be blocked automatically.

  34. I know that this may not be a popular opinion right now, but I think that the UCP will regret not keeping Jason around.

  35. No we wont. Kenney is a fucking disgrace.

  36. The question is if she runs for president whether she takes more support from Republicans or from Democrats. If she takes from Republicans and the Democrats win, that might actually be a gift for the GOP come 2028 because it will allow them to rebuild without Trump.

  37. I was thinking more about a third party or Independent run like Ross Perot

  38. I wonder if this may be the beginning of the end for Trump within the GOP. The question now is whether he gives up on that party and starts his own third party. Sadly, for the state of US politics, and given where the Democrats and Republicans are today... That party may just be viable.

  39. The mark of a great leader is listening to people that went before and learning from their mistakes and how they did things right.

  40. I would agree with you. But I think it's unfortunate that the leadership campaign got as bad as it did.

  41. I know I'm a bit late in responding to this but I felt I had to. I would agree with you under normal circumstances. But many people who supported Pierre were pretty nasty when it came to anybody who didn't share their views or opinions. And Pierre didn't exactly rise above that himself.

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