1. Ok sure u guys nerfed Eve again, at least give her the charged 1st like she has on league

  2. Omg this is AWESOME well done. Is this 3d print or handmade and if so, what materials did u use?

  3. this is hand sculpted using Monster Clay Hard Grade

  4. You gotta wait till next rank reset, I started it late too and now playing it is nothing but waisting wr percentage on your main champ

  5. Why start from golems and not red buff? You can just kill red buff, raptors, wolves and blue buff and then fight for crab

  6. It depends on which lane u choose to gank

  7. One of the annoying parts is how u can match up with emerald/diamond on ur team while enemy team are all gm+

  8. When people doesn't rooted in my trap because it's 0,0000001 pixel away from them

  9. Oh sorry blocking down the whole lane w 5 traps isn't good enough for u?

  10. As an ex Adc main, pls dont roam before turret plates r gone (if u do, at least dont get back empty handed) here's whats gonna happen even if your adc plays supersafe:

  11. At this point I'm happy when my support doesn't farm the lane and feed, which happens all the.time this season.

  12. Pft, so much for that. I have literally done it and he does good, idk why I am getting down voted. He still works. Have you tried it?

  13. Earlier this season, I matched up with a bunch of top Jax players who believed their main still got it tho sadly it didn't and all those were lost games. Yesterday I watched a teammate Jax invading enemy jg and take ages to clear the brown frogy guy at lvl 11. No I haven't touched it myself.

  14. Big brown frog suits better lmao

  15. because of her “pick to lose” stigma, Kayle is actually perfoming well from the data wildstats.gg has gathered. the learning curve is steep and so players who don’t invest the time to learn her and her matchups are useless.

  16. I didn't know about her wr. Its just unlucky me then, everytime I match up with those "high elo" kayles, they couldn't resist losing even tho I babysitt them the whole game, give them first blood and sht, doesn't matter I never had the chance to see her/the player preform well in my games

  17. My oldman once said, "Teemo troll pick, no matter what". I understand now 😔

  18. Literally just drag the attack button and it will lock onto the dragon then you can spam all your stuff.

  19. I'd very much like to answer u with some dots from

  20. Dude if you can’t manual lock the dragon (takes .5 seconds) and you are constantly getting outsmited then you’re just bad. The UI in the game is borderline clustered, we don’t need a new button just get good man. No one else has the button you’re wanting and they seem to do just fine.

  21. Funny, it seems if for example reddit gives an improvement update that could make ur experience a bit easier, you're too cool to use the update therefore everyone else that could use suck. Nobody's "bad" bc they point to an improvable thing. Its just your poor attitude to think like that

  22. I only vote mid bc of how op midlaner champs got lately, a first time Akali player could manege to get a penta even if falls behind

  23. U mean "What could have been..?"

  24. Lmao thats why every game that I decide to go some otherlane I spam asking them in picking phase "u want me to jg? U sure u can do it? Do you accept the consequences?"

  25. I swear if people knew how to build, the game would be much easier

  26. Jinx can never beat Vi in a fair 1v1, Jinx vs Caitlyn is more like it

  27. Bro its the hardest lane u gotta calculate hundreds of stuff in a matter of seconds, for me thats what makes it so fun to play but sometimes I get exhausted so I go adc to chill.

  28. if you havent played pc you cant really say you want a pc league gamemode cuz it wouldnt work in wild rift. just go play pc league

  29. Thats the thing, I don't have a pc :)

  30. then you really dont know what its like.. pc league is hell on earth

  31. That's why I don't even dream about joining it. I just thought a limited game mode would be cool but seems like most doesn't agree with me so

  32. U see its ur type of people trying ur best not to be told, no one is trying to order u do whatever the hell u want Jesus Christ. Everyone who are in this comment section trying to prove their points to improve their playstyle, to try and learn. You just trying to not be told what to do, then dont, keep ur head in the dirt. The guy up there made his point very clear and u didn't even try to explain urself by logic u just keep whining. What u say is like ur opponent for example has a Dr.Mundo and u chose not to take antiheal bc no one has the right to tell u what to do, then be my guest. Good luck with ur rank ups.

  33. Calling the choice of a player who WANTS to use heal "really stupid, troll" is the definition into trying to make people to play like you.

  34. Congratulations Abraham, you're freed everyone pick what they want. What's foolish is that u pick something that u know it'll provide less than the other spells but u do it anyway same as the items, although no one called them "stupid, troll" as u said. I see u are the one who's unable to know how a debate works bc if u did, u would've try and prove ur point by logic. If u accept heal as an adc then tell us why, maybe we learned one thing or two.

  35. Nah, Guns for hire worthier opponent against What could have been (I love goodbye too)

  36. I'll give u something to hate even more: MIDLANERS WITH HEAL

  37. When people pick Lee, I pick Khazix.

  38. Bruh thats the thing, I do know what they want and what they do, thats why mostly I get to have a better start than them but then, my bot with no ward keeps giving them free opportunities and ruin everything I worked for. Its funny how the enemy team always smart enough to fill the map with pink ward when I pick eve (which I respect that). But my team doesn't use regular wards to prevent easy ganks.

  39. Lemme uninstall this sht real quick...

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