1. Start feeding her nutrients. I also grow in FFOF and usually start with 1/4 nutrients around week 3.

  2. Good to hear from another Fox Farms user! I also use most of the Dirty Dozen nutrients and Ocean Forest soil and grow autoflowers. Great grow!

  3. Only thing I don’t like about it is the lack of cal / mag! Other than that pretty easy and very good!

  4. Yeah, I use the Botincare CalMag (or whatever the name of the company is).

  5. My dog chews the leaves on one plant just about every grow. Now I just put a plant in the front of my tent knowing full well that she's going to chew one since she's my little fur buddy and I'd rather have her there by my side when spending time with the plants.

  6. I did the same thing and topped my second grow just to see what will happen. Mine bounced back pretty well and have 2 - 3 main colas now and are 6 weeks from sprout.

  7. Mine were 24 days from sprout when I topped them. They all turned out great so far.

  8. Looks great! Congrats on the harvest and hope it smokes great!

  9. You’ve got to give it a try! This might be some good old school stuff!

  10. These look great, especially for a first grow. Great job!

  11. What kind of tower fan do you have and how big is the base? I'm looking to upgrade and replace my 2 stationary ones.

  12. The base is about twice the diameter of the fan itself. It does take up quite a bit of space but it moves a lot of air. I bought it at Sam’s Club for $20 on clearance a couple months ago

  13. The Grandaddy Purple plants were the victim of my horrible newbie treatment but are MUCH better than grow #1, even as horrible as these 3 look. So far, my 6 White Widow plants are looking really good going in to flower. A couple plants were showing some deficiency but looking better now.

  14. I’m a new grower so this is just a guess. I’m going with a potassium deficiency since she appears to be pretty early in flower and you have a yellowing on the outside of the lower leaves.

  15. I think it might be overwatering that’s causing the drooping

  16. Go with LED lights to keep heat & electric usage down

  17. Since I’m learning and trying something different every grow, I decided to top these back in week 3. One plant is dragging a bit behind but that’s probably from my dog eating the leaves on that plant more than anything.

  18. Great grow! Cure some of it for a month and I bet it will be great. I'm still running purple kush I got from ILGM on a bulk deal. FFOF purple kush was my 2nd grow :)

  19. I got these Grandaddy Purple and White Widow seeds from ILGM during their 10 for 10 deals…

  20. No, this was my first run harvested 10 days ago. My 2nd run is 9 weeks and run #3 is just coming into flower. 2 small tents.

  21. They do look to be a bit droopy which most likely is overwatering since it’s the mistake most newer growers make. You need to know the dry weight of the container then don’t water until it gets that light again. That is what I’ve found works best for me as a new grower.

  22. Im currently using happyfrog on a bruce banner auto, and using fox farms trio + botanicare calmag plus. Couple weeks ago I added foxfarms microbrew

  23. I’ve found that adding CalMag every watering is a must if you use RO water and LED lights to keep from getting a deficiency

  24. I’m using Ocean Forest in a 3 gallon container. On my first grow I didn’t give any nutrients until week 5 and my plants had deficiencies.

  25. This is preflower. She’ll show you her little white hairs when she flips to flower.

  26. That's great advice honestly, I'm using the same soil, nutrients, and have an led light, so I suspect it's calmag. Super appreciated! Do you use all three nutrients? I feel like there's not enough time before flower for the big bloom (0-0.5-0.7) so i only used the grow big (6-4-4) and a bit of the tiger bloom (2-8-4) this time around.

  27. I didn’t use them all during my first grow and it didn’t work out well. Start feeding around week 3 using 1/4 of the nutrients. Week 4 go up to a 1/3. Then next week to a 1/2 but I’ve never went up beyond a half of that week’s dose.

  28. I’m a new grower as well with my 2nd and 3rd grows going in my tents now. I’m using Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil and the Fox Farms liquid trio. I made every mistake in the books on my first grow (which is nearly done drying now), I cut the mistakes in half on grow 2 with just some deficiency issues. Grow 3 is looking great in preflower.

  29. It’s just depressed that it’s not old enough to smoke.

  30. I use two different meters for both Ph and PPM each time I check my water. I use an average from both pens, if either is way off then I calibrate them both to be sure. It’s worked so far….

  31. I was actually thinking g the same thing. They just don’t look like 2 weeks is going t finish them.

  32. These granddaddy purple are grown in FFOF soil using the Fox Farms nutrients. I had some deficiency issues at the beginning of flower which had kept the buds a bit small.

  33. I’m a new grower, but am an avid reader of growing journals, etc. I’ve read on multiple sites that genetic variations, like plant height, is common with autoflowers because the genetics are relatively new when compared to photoperiods and the ability to clone.

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