1. The 1st one was an aoi solo or atleast I think so?

  2. Idk why but I have a special attachment to Popplio

  3. Well it was noelle now keqing and slightly gonna shift to klee in the future

  4. Mine was Carbink, I managed to catch it. This was ultra moon

  5. A Higurashi collab would be interesting to see. I’d honestly also really like a BanG Dream collaboration as well. Since they’ve added songs from both series it’s at least a tad bit probable. Also both events as mixed collabsb

  6. Yes I would like to see a BanG Dream Collab

  7. the girl your probably talking about is from the new group at jp server

  8. Airi Amano, shes also the barlady in Cafe Vinyl

  9. We just got her in the En server though I was going for michiru so sadly no Airi

  10. The first time I ever saw this card I thought Mana was holding a bottle of something, but now I just wanna know why she’s holding a knife…

  11. Popplio I just adore the shiny popplio line

  12. Each pokemon to understand the power thats inside

  13. The fact it's tagged as news makes me laugh

  14. I didn't really know what to flair it as but I'm glad it made u laugh

  15. Mines is Nagisa, I'm the 13th meanwhile she's the 15th. That was when I was due to be born on Nagisas birthday

  16. Lyrical Lily or Photon Maiden though I think my range would be suited for Happy ara or Pkey mermaid just isn't my style

  17. I haven't really joined a team yet, I just came here bc I watch MandJtv and thought this sub was cool

  18. Hi I'm new here u can just call me pòke or phoebs

  19. I looked up something along the lines of qnime rhythm game on the play store and saw the cover and thought wow pretty cool and I play BanG Dream. Them I watched the anime

  20. "It's ok to be stupid as long as you believe in people"

  21. Name: Amagiri or Pokerampa but people call me Poke

  22. That's very Godly 2 4 stars and a 1st anniversary

  23. Sleeping beauty by Lyrical lily or Princess advent

  24. It's been long since I Play Sleeping Beauty

  25. So close I struggle with expert but I've fc hard

  26. I'm apart of the Genshin fandom and I sorta agree though I think either is bi

  27. I mean I’m apart if the fandom an I know there is proof which is why a see all these character as Bi

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