1. I wonder if Warrick talked to his son at a young age: "Here's a ball. Now start learning how to shoot this thing. I don't know how - talk to your mother. Or Uncle Andrew - he's pretty good at it."

  2. Honestly if that was the story I'd totally believe it, Josh is the evolution of an Andrew Gaze type (goes without saying with worse shooting of course).

  3. He's talked about being coached by a bunch of elite Melbourne players as he grew up, and how he's taken after both his mum and dad in different aspects of his play, so even if it didn't happen exactly like that I wouldn't be surprised if there was a similar conversation in the Giddey household.

  4. We'll know he's reached his final form when he plays out the last year of two of his career as a defending playmaker with Melbourne United.

  5. He waited til he was out of the NBA and then rather than being flat out racist just does the dog whistling once he came back here to Australia. Not as bad as some owners in the NBA, sure, but still the kind of stuff that plays to its audience.

  6. They should seriously just bring in a couple of players from each conference as the coaches. Let them be chosen by the other players with no media/fan/coaches input.

  7. A vet from the captain's team would be awesome, only because we'd get Coach Jingles this year.

  8. Basically this. If you’re gonna call it one way, be consistent.

  9. I get the "let the players play" thing and no-one wants non-stop whistles but if anything you should make the call rather than not on a final play like that - you can at least review it then, can't review a no-call.

  10. I think this moment and jeff's rant guarantees a rule change in the next year or two to fix it

  11. If they don't want reviews all game even just give the coach one more review if you get it right. Can keep it in your back pocket for times like this.

  12. Gotta remember that most actors and actresses were drama nerds who happened to have rich/powerful parents. It is funny seeing how most scenes where people need to look athletic fundamentally do not. It’s why you gotta respect people like Woody Harrelson looking like someone that actually played basketball in White Men Can’t Jump.

  13. Funnily enough Woody did play basketball growing up though - it was Wesley who they really had to train up to make his game look legit.

  14. With Pippen and other hallf of famers and the GOAT coach. Without even one of them he couldn't get out of the first round of the playoffs

  15. Agree. Seeing Pippen win all those titles in Portland and Houston really drove home his value.

  16. Bulls drafting Pippen and hiring Jackson maje MJ win.

  17. Totally maje him win. Which is why I pointed out all of Pippen's titles after he left the Bulls, did you miss that?

  18. Its crazy because the better lebron is perceived the better their dynasty looks. They didn't just beat Jeff teague and Delly

  19. Thank you for saying this. When I see people trying to discredit their favourite team's/player's rivals as trash I always think "you dumb fuckers are making it look like your guy is only winning because he's beating scrubs. Talk up your opponent and make your guy look like a demigod!"

  20. It's crazy but he's like accelerating towards it instead of passing it while declining... Makes zero sense

  21. He's the San Antonio Spurs of players. I remember for years the Spurs were always "on their last legs" only to amazingly win another title. LeBron is on another level to that (which was already mildly insane).

  22. You think they hate him here, allow me to introduce you to the YouTube comment section where a common Lebron all time ranking is him being 6th-9th.

  23. YouTube - the only place where the consensus number one and two players in NBA history are somewhere ranked between 6-9 (nice) depending on who you're a fan of. Nuanced thought ceases to exist.

  24. And you've just convinced me to blind buy the Blu-ray coming out Tuesday.

  25. While this thread is mainly about how it's got Die Hard elements, there's a massive nod to Home Alone as well that you're going to love.

  26. He is a career 28% 3 point shooter (exluding seasons with shortened 3 point line) and had the worst performance in the 3 point contest in nba history (5/30)

  27. He also set a NBA Finals three-point shooting record with six in a half. And a NBA Finals record for assists per game in his first trip there. And those were meant to be the two weaker parts of his game. He'd be fine.

  28. Also while I've got you here, you didn't reply to Jordan setting an NBA Finals record for assists! Must have slipped your king6james23 mind, all good :)

  29. Just had a funny mental image of MJ speaking like Barry White while in private.

  30. The Michael Jackson version of Dave Chappelle's Lil Jon skit.

  31. To take your time doing it so you don't spend time making VC so you have to buy VC. If you ever have questions about "why is this in this game" the answer is always to make you buy more VC.

  32. I'm not a conservative but can't you see the irony here. Talk about painting with a wide brush.

  33. Key word "alleged". I'm not familiar with this guy's allegations outside of a few passing glances of headlines so I won't comment on the validity of the accusations. I have stated my opinion and reasoning behind my stance earlier but as all things, its never black and white. Generally, we should have high standards of due diligence before passing down any punishment for an alleged crime IMO. In saying that, should a political leader voluntary step aside during an investigation? Probably yes, but that's their prerogative.

  34. I feel very seen - a friend of mine used to do ballet and one day his mum said I've got "ballerina legs" which I first thought was her being funny/snarky, but she said it's the highest compliment.

  35. Yo who’s the actual oldest dude on here. I’ll start Im 22. No way anyone older than that

  36. This might be the biggest one ever tho, complete 180 in style and skill, not just getting better over time or taking on a new/smaller role

  37. Kind of reminds me of another Bucks center, Andrew Bogut came into the league billed as a do-it-all offensive player and became an elite defensive weapon for the Warriors.

  38. It makes it a lot slower to farm VC...

  39. Oh there are fashion shows to come my friend... it gets pretty bad.

  40. Most likely the reaction will be about how he is being unfairly targeted and that it is all proof of some conspiracy.

  41. Yep, about how "the matrix" has made up these charges because he was empowering men (that's what his fanboys are going with on twitter right now).

  42. He’s a perfect player for the Warriors system. He has 4 years of college ball (one of Kerr’s favorite qualities because it means the player spent his college years getting his bball fundamentals down), has experience with and is very good in an offensive system that relies on lots of screens and cutting because of his time at UVA (they ran a heavy screening and cutting offense), and is a cerebral player, just reads the game really really well. Oh and he’s a pass first player, which is like the cherry on top for Kerr.

  43. Seems like he's the perfect injury insurance player to have.

  44. so what kind of story do you want?

  45. You're definitely on the right track. The main thing they need to take out of the story is the "people saying you're trash" storylines - everyone dominates MyCareer, the drama should be from something like you're playing so good that there's trade rumours around you going to a glamour team/teaming up with another superstar or something like that.

  46. Saying something is cap means you're saying the person is lying, so he's saying it's that insane level of capping :)

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