1. Hi! I think I have a rough idea of what my type is, but I have a hard time seeing what is flattering and what’s not or when something looks nice I have 0 clue why and can’t replicate it :/

  2. This is your FG bestie, we’re in a fitting room and trying things on. So let’s start with I love love love your style and vibe and you’d look stunning in a potato sack!! Seriously, there are some silhouettes that are very fun to style because there’s nothing to camouflage. Me, I start with what I need to play down then work from there but YOU my dear, start with the lets play this up!

  3. Thanks so so much for taking the time to type such a nice and long comment! I will take the stuff you said into consideration:) makes a lot of sense how you describe why stuff works and why not!

  4. I really like how 2 and 6 look! And I don’t think you look bottom heavy in any of these :) But I prefer the longer pants over the shorter one and the ones that follow your body I a streamlined way over the ones that do their own thing (5)

  5. Could be a sign of an URI! Take him to the vet to get it checked out! A fe of my mice had URIs over the years and they all recovered with help from the vet :)

  6. Oh interesting, what’s drawing you to it??

  7. I prefer the light green and I think 2 gives off a sleek boldness without looking harsh or over the top! I also think 4 could be really stunning :)

  8. I see it!! Do you think it would still work with more of a medium brown town hair? Might dye it before the wedding 😬

  9. Is the painting behind a layer of glass?

  10. I don’t think it was… I visited just yesterday and do not remember a oder of glass. I took close up pictures of the painting to admire the great texture of paint….

  11. This doesn’t look terrible at all ☺️ I like the silhouette! Maybe something similar without the ruffle details?

  12. Yeah, that must be quite difficult, especially if you have a bit waist and hip difference! I never struggle with length, I’m 5’6 but have like a 28-30 inseam, my legs are smol 😂 if it wasn’t for my stupidly high waist I could wear kids trousers because of my leg length 😂 I envy tall peoples legs so much!!

  13. Looking at your post history it seems your 5’3ish?? (Please correct if I’m wrong!) but for smaller ladies that’s definitely a normal/longer measurement!! But I’m like 2-3 inches taller and the commenter I’ve talking to was 5’10, so you have the same legs as is but are inches shorter, you love your long leg life gurl, we will envy you from over here!! X

  14. Ye I’m quite short and I also don’t have. 28‘ inseam 😭 but I always justify those being too long for me because „that’s for people with long legs“ 🫠

  15. Same 😭 wasted all my primos on weapon banner to get the 4* sword he uses in the trailer 🥲

  16. Oh fair enough,I just find it pretty shapeless and feel like I’m wearing a Hogwarts Cape haha. It’s a nice coat, but it feels like it’s wearing me instead of the opposite. I might be focused on different things tho and not being 100% objective

  17. Imo it’s ok for some things to wear the person 🙈 I think finding a nice coat that is functional and good looking is super hard! And this one doesn’t look terrible at all imo! Yeah I notice the coat first, but it’s still a nice coat so is it really that bad? At least that’s how I personally do I….

  18. Yes I think skinny/thin people very often get typed as D/DC/FG just because they look „narrow“ 😅

  19. I‘m not 100% sure I am DC but this would look pretty bad on me… it looks very unconstructed and like a DC might just get lost/hidden in the fabric?

  20. Fuck them… why do people think it is ok to comment on stuff you have zero control over? And commenting on a child’s body in a specialized way is even more fucked up.

  21. Did you see a vet? This might be sue to mites/other parasites/skin condition or an ear infection or it could be an behavioral issue or allergies to food/bedding.

  22. More bedding, another bigger wheel in case he doesn’t like the saucer or the wheel (my chunky girl would not run on plastic wheels), maybe some climbing toys? A dog box? A female African Soft für Rat as a companion? Homemade foraging toys out of cardboard/toilet paper rolls? A hammock if you want to spoil him even more ☺️☺️

  23. Probably heavily depends on where you live! In my country they are usually sold by breeders on eBay etc but I heard that in the us they are popular as feeders and thus sold at pet stores?

  24. From my experience you really need to let them sit through every stage a lot longer and go a lot slower with introducing new toys. Speaking multiple days-weeks per stage and toys after weeks-months. All depending on how the mice behave, but imo the slower the better for the group.

  25. I have a very similar pair and I think they work nice :) I took them in at the waist so they fit nice there and are straight leg/not baggy

  26. I think she could be a SC? I really like thermoplastic with a bit of structure to them and 7 somewhat looks off?

  27. Omg💀😭 Also…about people blatantly lying about seeing EXACTLY what David describes…how about that innocent post assigning anime characters (to every ID) getting shredded because OP dared to make one for WIDE, STRONG, BULKY SNs as well? So silly to assume that (any) delicate anime character could ever be SN, as SN is of course just (say it with me!) WIDE, STRONG, BULKY whether you like it or not😛

  28. Did you ever read what people post under „type me“ pictures of someone who they think looks attractive? If the person posting is like „hi I think I am SN“

  29. Honestly I'm so lost when it comes to width (or any kibbe term for that matter but let's stay at width) some people say it's the fabric pulling outwards, but this is gonna happen to most people that have wider shoulders than the rest of them BUT wide shoulders doesn't necessarily mean that it's kibbe width. I wish DK was a bit more clear about his descriptions because people make their own interpretation and although I appreciate that, we don't know if it's accurate.

  30. Omg Same 😭 width is so confusing to me! On some verified celebrities I think I can spot it easily but on others or on people irl no chance

  31. I see her pop up on my fyp so much… and I feel like she spreads a lot of weird info? She also offers to type other people on her website 🙃

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