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  1. What video are you watching? They literally say "no weight" at 22:36 in the video. The second he stops responding they flip him on his side and start life-saving efforts. The one cop has partial weight on the guys right arm but not on his back. They are also asking him to stop fighting them which is keeping them from sitting him up.

  2. Grow the f up. When I was a LEO, we acted like grown damn men. Not like these whipper snappers and their stupid wives nowadays

  3. I work 911 and the amount of people who call 911 as they are being arrested is hilarious. They will ask for police and when you figure out where they are it's always just a moment of "are what did the one in front of you say?" "That I'm gonna be arrested!" "Ok... what do you thinks going to happen if I send more..?"

  4. Its almost like people dont trust the police and want a real authority figure. Tough to understand?

  5. Maybe for spot pricing or developing high level pricing trends. In contract pricing, I see a lot of challenges. Outside of contract pricing, things like do you want to be a preferred supplier and alternatives (immediate and longer term market shifts) matter. Also things like stage of product development and market adoption impact pricing. Short term ML makes sense, long term lots of variables make it tough

  6. Entry level supply chain roles are becoming more about data science than supply chain knowledge. Financial analysis and modeling experience tends to translate well. Ive found business understanding and ability to think like a seasoned business leader to be the best indicator of long term success

  7. I understand why you are focused on choosing the best model but I worry your focus may be a little misdirected in what it takes to really stand out in your role. Everyone (particularly more senior roles) recognizes forecasts will be wrong. You can spend all day coming up with an amazing data science/AI model, but you need to know its going to be wrong and what being wrong costs the org. The more important questions I’d focus on are:

  8. The blowers daughter by Damien Rice

  9. Thats low in the Atlanta market. $75k is what Id expect for a competitive role

  10. I come from a finance background and it has vastly helped my career. Business leaders care about $$ and if you cant read a P&L and communicate how a decision could impact rev/cost/working capital etc, youll never make it into a senior role

  11. No ones mentioned it so Ill chime in. SC leaders are typically really good around understanding range of outcomes, highlighting key drivers, assessing financial impacts, and using all this information to take profitable risk mitigation steps. Elements of risk optimization could be around data (demand/supply accuracy and inventory levels as they relate), contract clauses limiting upside/downside risk, sourcing/supply strategy, even informing product mix. In orgs Ive worked for, SC execs are often as vital as the business GMs/presidents and viewed more as peers. In a lot of ways supply chain is the connecting mechanism that keeps the org running

  12. Smoked my first pork butt on the Kamado Joe Jr. Smoked at 250 for about 11 hours until 203 internal. Let it rest for 30 min and pulled. Absolutely delicious

  13. Maybe I have the attention span of a fruit fly, but where has Zeke been this whole game?

  14. Id test the market to determine what your alternatives are if they decide against a decent raise. Simultaneously, Id try to quantify the incremental value you create vs your current companies next best alternative. IE if they let you go and promoted someone on your team, how much $ would they lose. Between these 2 data points, you should have ample leverage for a significant pay bump. Honestly, sounds like you should be making $100k+

  15. Witnesses and 911 callers are famously clear in their communications, and always make sure to confirm whether or not the suspects are armed before calling the police.

  16. Weve only been able to shave off 1 second over the last 100 years with modern nutrition, training, shoes, etc. I get 1 second is a lot of time in a 100m but thats still pretty amazing.

  17. Did she not have the safety on her gun? Ive never shot a taser but have to imagine a taser safety and gun safety are different.

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