1. I wonder what a poo pebble would be worth these days

  2. Flairing NSFW this ancient piece of art is... priceless. The "David" era is upon us

  3. In Bosnia and Herzegovina v Serbia and Montenegro [2007] the ICJ held that the Srebrenica massacre was a genocide.

  4. Srebrnica was in Bosnia in 1995, I was asking about the 1999 Kosovo conflict. Also, the perpetrators of Srebrnica were Bosnian Serb forces.

  5. So you do know, you're just sealioning about it being called genocide...

  6. Meni ovo izgleda samo kao stari put/plato od kaldrme. Vidis da je u ravni puta skoro. Ne leze rimske nekropole 10 cm ispod povrsine.

  7. Да да, ово конретно на слици највероватније није, али нисам хтео да компликујем наслов

  8. This is most likely mid 70's because eof wtc1 not having the giant antenna on it, it got its antenna in 78 not in the 80s

  9. The battle in 1389 happened in Kosova, it is historic for Serbs because they suffered massive losses against the Ottomans who controlled most of the Balkans at that time, but it doesn’t mean that Serbs were the inhabitants of the land. If Albanians only became the majority in the last 80-90 Years, where did all the Serbs go? I never heard of any mass migration or mass murder of Serbs where they were cleared from the land, but there are numerous historical accounts of Albanian lands being taken over by Serbs and mass murder and migration happening.

  10. At no point in history did the French consider German French, or the German consider French German (yes even during the Carolingian Empire).

  11. You can even see a tag in the bottom left. Which, I dont think Grafiti is inherently bad, but that one should probably not be on a national library.

  12. This is Belgrade, anything without a fence will get tagged. Even the Parliament building gets tagged occasionally.

  13. Does the name of the village mean “the one that will never be given away”?

  14. Your description… gritty, on the streets, etc… sounds like “Kids”.

  15. I guess Sweden finally took over Trøndelag and Nordland.

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