1. Good riddance, CrossFire. I remember when the game was about to launch this one guy was super hyping it up to everyone in different subreddits as the next big thing. Would pick fights if you showed any kind of concern.

  2. You're probably thinking about this guy, and if you are, he's still going on and on about Crossfire almost like they're paying him to do so:

  3. He can not do that any more then cross fire x is going offline in May

  4. Yep! We're discussing how concerned we are for him

  5. I see, thanks and now I know what it's properly called.

  6. If you want to get rid of the stress you're putting on that section, get one of these:

  7. Lmao thank you for the update. It's sad to see such a beautiful game with a competitive scene that never got to blossom shut down. I wonder what the ravenous supporter

  8. I mean, I feel a little bit bad for calling him out like this, but then when I see posts where people are asking for help with things like MW2 not launching, and he posts

  9. Why not just use 4*15 rounds per mission, if this is your limit?

  10. Because it's too easy to ignore that. I like a lot of the consequences that come with the game forcibly limiting things. Like for instance, I use the "Always Injure" setting when shot, because I want myself to be totally aware of the fact that if I get caught, I'm in for a rough time, so I better plan and observe carefully.

  11. On Xbox though? As far as I know, no one has managed to pirate console games on this generation, not like how it was on the 360.

  12. Wait, so 45k is too much for you to justify for a normal car so instead you decided on 70k for a car that has a documented history of poor build quality, lack of features and terrible service support?

  13. Read his post more carefully. He didn't spend 70k on the Tesla.

  14. Most of the markers in the game don't show up until you get close to them.

  15. Well ignoring the terrible performance on old gen consoles, Cyberpunk was actually good, maybe it wasn't the greatest game of all time that everyone was expecting, but it was definitely good. I don't like this circlejerk that Cyberpunk was terrible or something.

  16. i just find that tape never hold up and i just recently got a standing desk and dont want the tape to be pulled all the time

  17. The key is to use gel based double sided tape, not the cheap scotch tape stuff.

  18. I also organised my bathroom items after she left. I’m planning on buying a wardrobe, (getting ride of the drawl I have now.) and a vanity for my room. And a bigger bed that’s actually comfortable. I’m low-key nervous to have the ikea assemblers be in my room. Since I’m self conscious about the flat I live in. But me and my dad tried building furniture before and failed.💀

  19. The most important thing you should do before doing anything else is sit down in your chair/bed, and just enjoy your surroundings. Take pleasure in how nice everything looks, how fresh and organized everything is, and how much clearer your head is.

  20. Well I can download the entire collection (12 files) from the NZB file using Newslazer, nzbget fails them all.

  21. This...really shouldn't have "fixed" your issue. Glad it seems to be working now, but I don't think you've solved the root cause here.

  22. Ever since the PS2, sixaxis/DUALSHOCK 3/4 and the xbox series remotes... ARE pressure sensitive, back in the PS2 days it worked on the left hand buttons too.

  23. The Xbox controller does not have analog/pressure sensitive buttons. The bumpers, ABXY, and D-Pad are either pressed or not pressed.

  24. Cable combs are such a phenomenal cable management tool. Well done, used to great effect here.

  25. You seem to be pretty confident and secure about your post, so I hope you're not going to get offended by what I have to say. Remember, you wrote this. When you write stuff like this, expect feedback.

  26. where did you get the font from can't find it on AUR

  27. Product Sans is not a free font (so you're unlikely to find it on the AUR), but you can find it by Googling for it. Many unofficial places host it.

  28. Yes! I just want to hangout and listen to background music and not progress the story. Sit under a tree and watch the lake and school. Sit in the library and read all the books like it's elder scrolls haha.

  29. The soundtrack in the game is oddly one of the things i'm looking forward to the most. It's incredibly atmospheric and the little bits that I've heard stay true to the movie series soundtrack as well.

  30. This would make for a pretty excellent student laptop with those specs. Great deal.

  31. I have been diagnosed with severe depression and ADHD and have been living (and working) with it for years now, so trust me when I say I know the stigma and ridicule and the "you just need to grow up" attitude from people who don't understand.

  32. If they wanted your opinions about how to improve things, they'd have been listening to you all along.

  33. This. Don't provide free business consulting to your old company's HR by providing them with an exit interview. You don't "owe it to your coworkers" or anything like that.

  34. My work uses Chrome as the primary browser. I use Chrome at home. So I just use the multiple profile feature and only ever use my personal profile for anything personal. I also will only ever use Web Apps instead of native apps (like Telegram, Discord, and personal Slack).

  35. I've gotta say, the Ravenclaw tower looked positively stunning in the game. I love all the light that comes into it.

  36. Don't advertise your paid services here if you're not going to disclose what you're doing.

  37. Short, to the point, with all relevant information, and most important of all: Correct.

  38. Winch and drag, you'll be surprised how far you can drag that thing without attaching to a saddle :)

  39. It’s a DLC bundle for Hitman 3, so now you can play the entirety of Hitman 1 and 2 in three. It’s extremely confusing, but currently on sale on steam, not sure if it is on Xbox, at not a horrible price for the amount of content you get

  40. ...but you've been able to play all of Hitman 1 and 2 inside of Hitman 3 for quite some time now?

  41. Okay, that was pretty fucking hilarious.

  42. Thank you for feedback! I will try to look for another alternatives of Avenir and improve my list

  43. Avenir is a tough font to find a good comparison to, to be fair!

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