1. yeah right wing people just love their victim card - starting a world war and killion millions is "something we shouldn't feel guilty about anymore" but remembering the bombing that resulted from this and claiming that it was "out of proportions" and the people of that city were the real victims of the war is totally fine

  2. Every game after Senegal is final worth for us, France Spain then Brazil, I’m sad to say it’s not coming home 😭

  3. Spain are out mate. If we come through against France (not a sure thing by any means), we will face Portugal, which is a 50/50 matchup, or Morocco, who I would expect us to beat, maybe a 60/40 chance or a bit better. If we somehow get through to the final then we have a real chance, but I will never be confident, I've seen too many heroic failures before. But it could happen.

  4. Our neighborhood (north of Dallas) is about to get one and the neighbors are all having a collective fit about it. Having driven in both the northeast and Europe, I just roll my eyes at them. It's a roundabout, not rocket science. You yield when entering, you drive in a circle until you get to the exit you want to take, you use your blinker to let everyone else you're taking that exit, you go on your merry way. How is that difficult?

  5. Genuine question. I thought Americans called them traffic circles, and the word roundabout was Bri'ish. Am I imagining that?

  6. I think you replied to the wrong comment?

  7. Their descendants are still in NC and they’re mostly white looking but some carry the Bunker surname and you can see hints of Thai features

  8. Speaking of the surname, I just read the Wikipedia page for these two in Thai, and if turns out they were born with the names In and Jan, and no surname. They are always called 'In-Jan' not 'In and Jan' in Thailand to this day. Even their names are connected, which is pretty cool.

  9. yep. when i first read the post i went wait... those arent the names they're known for in my country

  10. I guess I’m stupid. I spent my moms money like there was no tomorrow lol. She thought she was getting hacked🤣

  11. So we know you're a thief and probably a racist to get permabanned for a single report.

  12. LPT for you Randy: when trying to get a punishment reversed, the way to go is not "I don't see what's wrong, it's only X". The way to do it is "I understand what I did wrong, and I won't do it again."

  13. Also we haven't beaten them yet so it's pointless crying about hypothetical outrage. And even if their squad is still class they are missing 3 vital and very experienced players. It 100% matters, regardless of the shit takes in here.

  14. Messi has a terrible record of dragging Argentina to trophies. He finally got one Copa America at his sixth attempt.

  15. USA in truth have been better save for those 2 goals. If they had proper finishing this absolutely would be a game but clearly they are going out here

  16. I feel like I've been watching a different game from all the commenters on here. USA had most of the play, both teams had two good chances, but the Netherlands were more clinical.

  17. Realistically speaking no single country in Asia could be considered "Liberal" by Western standards.

  18. Thailand is liberal in many ways, apart from the strict laws against insulting the monarchy. Freedom of religion, sexual and gender identity is better than in many western countries. Weed is legal. Immigration is accepted.

  19. I'm not exactly sure how freedom of religion, sexual and gender identity is any better in Thailand than in many western countries. It's not like lady boys are universally loved here and whilst Bangkok did just have a Pride parade it was the first in 16 years.

  20. Thailand certainly has more freedom of religion than the USA or France. And if you can't see that sexual and gender non conforming people are more accepted in Thailand than most western countries then I don't know what to say.

  21. And if your partner doesn't want to discuss a specific toy or specific masturbation activities? Your partner should be entitled to some privacy.

  22. Everyone has the right to set boundaries in a relationship. But you should do it by communicating with your partner, not by hiding things and blaming the person who wants to be open.

  23. This game actually needs the anti air rockets from CoC.

  24. Too hard to balance. If you make it four elixir, it has to be MUCH better Vs air cards than Tesla. That makes it broken against air decks, and totally useless against non air decks.

  25. Been playing this game since day one off and on and it's what they do with every new card

  26. Ever see Mind Your Language? That shit is hilariously funny! If your like Fawlty Towers, you'll love Mind Your Language.

  27. I found mind your language unwatchable. The racist humour isn't funny. I would go with Dad's army, porridge, and till death do us part.

  28. I’m pretty sure most people rather would draw US than England, yeah lol

  29. Fair play to the USA, they were the better team for most of the second half. Neither team was great, but if anyone deserved a win it was the Yanks.

  30. Fair play to the USA, they were the better team for most of the second half. Neither team was great, but if anyone deserved a win it was the Yanks.

  31. They were the better team for most of the first half as well. England were outplayed

  32. First half was pretty even IMO, USA might have just shaded it. But over the ninety minutes they were the better team for sure.

  33. "So Wayne, apart from Hitler, who was your hero growing up? Oliver Kahn maybe? how about Jorge Campos?"

  34. This is slander! Hennessey has never heard of Hitler! (Although he is VERY interested in learning more about nazism)

  35. Wait, is he the dude who did a Nazi salute but got off because people basically realised he was too thick and ignorant to have meant it?

  36. Gn absolutely does not work with 3.0. Mm or monk are maybe more viable as champions but just play knight for best results. Xbow in the back if you cant break through and fire ball cycle when you can't jf rhey have no spells of their own.

  37. BBC punditry at its worst. I think Williams was talking about the welsh team not being used to the climate. Like its mid 20's and Sunny. Might be warmer than Wales but it's hardly like playing on the moon

  38. The commentators in my feed said it was 32-33 degrees. It makes Iran's high-energy display even more impressive if true. They looked like one of the fittest teams in the tournament, credit to their training and preparation.

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