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  1. Not satisfying at all. All that plastic, especially with sanding it as its creating nano plastics. I can't wait to see resin/epoxy stuff go out of style its a disgustingly terrible trend.

  2. This hits very close to home. My situation differs greatly from the author's, but it was similar in that I lost my child.

  3. The pain you must’ve felt. I’m so sorry that you had to deal without the support you needed. I can’t imagine the depths of that experience. That just really fucking sucks.

  4. I did my marathon training over a long period. You'll get some injuries/ilpnesses or have weeks ehere you're too busy, so that'll take up a few.

  5. Thanks for the reply! I think your approach is pretty logical. The questions I'd have is when I'd put the strength training time? During those easier weeks?

  6. I’m still on the iPhone 7 and it still works!

  7. Lol my iphone 10 has a busted screen with white lines that run through it. My family member upgraded to a iphone 13 and gave me their iphone 7 which was practically brand new. Only upgraded due to a bad battery. It took me less than an hour to replace it and now I wonder if I’ll ever leave it as its much easier to repair.

  8. I dont care if it's common practice boiling any animal alive is cruel.

  9. Thats why restaurants use steamers. More humane prevents all the water from being wasted.

  10. I saw a video of some pos doing this to a live dog. One of the myriad reasons I feel like I do about humans.

  11. Learned a lot about myself in the time it took to watch that.

  12. If you’re talking about Reddit”s terrible video player. If its not loading on homepage click the sub or user who posted it and watch it from there.

  13. I get the joke but it’s a lazy one. You ask ‘what’s not illegal but gets their attention,’ and you answer ‘getting their attention,’ I mean fuck, did it take a half a brain cell to work this one up? It’s as fucking stupid as asking ‘what’s not illegal but gets you ten dollars,’ and answering ‘going to the bank and withdrawing ten dollars.’ Fucking retarded.

  14. I know how fucking ridiculous is this? Why the hell would someone answer with such an obvious answer. Dumbasses these day getting straight to the point. I hate them, FUCKKK.

  15. Being a black gay transgender 19 year old female waving at the cop in Japanese style.

  16. Honestly this whole debacle has me wanting to switch back to Android after having iPhones for the last ~10 years. Then I can get a PC too and ditch this failing MacBook forever!

  17. Honestly fuck the apple ecosystem. I got looped in knowing that once you are in its hard to get out. Fuck iphones, airpods, macs and the whole business model of focusing on creating a monopoly over the app store, part replacement and forcing third parties to comply.

  18. Right because there totally wouldn’t be someone behind her that might hit her when she brakes.

  19. A good point. “Good driving is predictable.” Without a signal one can’t just assume someone would be merging until they do.

  20. If you can’t predict that this guy is merging… you need to work on your environmental awareness or get off the road. The SUV was a dick, these guys are common road hazards, they weave between lanes and you can see em doing it from a mile behind you, when they come riding your tail, guess what? They’re gonna pass you after they change lanes on the wrong side for passing. It’s very predictable, no signal necessary. The SUV was in the wrong, but this lady demonstrated the importance of defensive driving. She got mad, hit the gas, and now has an accident with evidence that she contributed to the collision.

  21. Mate not all things are predictable especially when you have to be focusing on multiple factors at once. I don’t disagree that Environmental awareness is crucial to safe driving. With those who dgaf they’ll do whatever they damn please and the only warning you get is the action as it happens.

  22. Basically it's when someone presents an argument, and then instead of saying their core argument is wrong, you argue that the conclusion is good.

  23. Fascinating. I’ve never thought of utilizing that form of argument. I’ve always been quick to argue on what type of logical fallacies they are using instead. My question is whether impact turning (2.) is a way to describe the importance of proper critical thinking. Instead of needing to call out the fallacy directly (1.) where one’s logic has failed.

  24. So I think you're on the right track. Basically, your first argument (1) method addresses the argument itself by countering the "vaccines cause autism" argument directly. You say it's a logical fallacy, which it is, but the argument itself is based on a logical fallacy, not the other way around. The fallacy lives in the idea that a certain study drew a link between autism and vaccines which in this case is up for debate. One person might claim that this study shows significant enough evidence for it to be true, and the other person may say that the study is fallacious and therefore is not true. That would be argument method 1.

  25. Very interesting and informative. Thank you for your reply.

  26. The creator of the meme. When investigated by "Not_MI5" it came out what their real name was. One person said:

  27. Honestly I am completely lost. Can you explain it to me like a 5 y/o. Is the joke just about the name “beefy cabbage?”

  28. The account being interesting? Check the comments on that account. And this account was just randomly linked by accident and unintentionally stumbled upon comedy gold.

  29. Oh okay thank you for the explanation! Really appreciate it, I’ll have to check the comments if the account is still up.

  30. Okay but their source is Austin Evans. This is the same idiot who thought using a thermal gun a reflective heat vent was a good way to determine that the first remodel was cooling less.

  31. Yes using a “is this the same guy who..” trying to discredit him based off a heat measurement. Which is only one small part of energy output which is not even the “energy saving” part of the argument.

  32. Lol the most boomer sounding person ever

  33. My little brother played flag football when he was maybe around 4. Each kid got a chance to play every position. It was finally his turn to be the quarterback, he gets handed the ball & runs in the complete opposite direction all the way to the other end zone.

  34. I did this too 🤣 I was in flag football, had a raiders jersey to be exact. Everyone was screaming so I turned back for 5 steps they were still screaming so I turned back around. Lol

  35. With the down escalator working next to it it looks like the broken one is moving. It's trippy

  36. What a dumb fucking comment. Wtf are you talking about

  37. What's it called when you say something blatantly wrong to get negative karma?

  38. Nah I generally enjoy everything a little bit of a time. I get stressed that one will notice I’m not eating much of someone’s dish (Thanksgiving, Xmas, potluck etc.) Though I do save the best for last I often give myself equal within reason portions of each. I usually do a cycle of eating them all at steps (123.123.123) or slowing down a portion if theres only a little (1212312123) My therapist thinks I have OCD so that too but thats has nothing to do with this.

  39. I vote we take that gesture back from those dipshits. Make OK Mean OK again.

  40. Seriously, I dont it just as a way to pose. Every time thinking how stupid it is that it’s considered a hate symbol. I’m tired of the stupid far right’s association with a fucking display of fingers that was originally used to be something kids do.

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